Primary 2 – Monday 8 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How was your weekend? Unfortunately the weather was not as nice as it has been but we hope you still managed to have fun! Comment below and let us know what you got up to.

We have attached this week’s Learning Grids and any resources you may need to complete them. We were really impressed with last week’s work, particularly the work on Rainforests. There were some amazing drawings of the different layers of a Rainforest.

Today is National Best Friends Day! We are sure you are missing your friends from school and it is hard being apart. Have you managed to keep in touch at all? Why not write a recipe for a good best friend. If you could make your very own best friend what values would you include? Is trust and honesty important to you? Or fun and respect? Or maybe all four and more! We would love to see your ‘recipes’.

As the roads are becoming busier again it may be worthwhile considering road safety and what we can do to keep ourselves safe if we are out and about. Click on the link below and discuss with an adult the safe and unsafe places to cross.

Enjoy your day!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Across the curric 08.06.20

01.06.20 – Onomatopeia Matching

Rex and Mufasa – 08.06.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba – 08.06.20

Primary 3 30.5.17

Primary 3 are going to be creating their very own dream play park out of junk! The children will work in small groups and use their prior knowledge and imagination to construct a park and the play equipment. The children will have to design their parks on paper, identifying what equipment they want to have and what materials they will require to complete the challenge. They will then work together to create their park and finally present their model to the class. We are looking forward to what master pieces are going to be constructed over the next couple of days!

If you have any recycling/junk at home, please send it in with your child. Thank you!

We are coming to the end of our division topic and the children have worked really well. We will still encourage the children to practise their times tables at home because they have been so helpful in allowing us to solve division questions and problems.

In Health we have been doing quite a bit of work on Road Safety. The children were able to discuss and clearly state the Green Cross Code and this week we will be discussing the importance of being SEEN while walking on footpaths and crossing the roads.

P.E will continue to be the same days until the end of term:

P3R- Monday and Tuesday

P3S- Tuesday and Wednesday

Homework: Spelling/ Reading/ Maths


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 7 – 27/04/17


Hope you are all well.

The children have been working hard this week in primary 7 and we have started transition activities in preparation for the move to high school.

In health the children have been gaining further knowledge about the effects of puberty on their body. There were lots of questions which we have tried to answer but it may be beneficial for you to have a chat with your child at home to clarify any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

Our PE days are Monday (athletics) and Wednesday(circuits). It is important that the children have appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing for these days as I am sure you will agree we do not want the children to become injured if they are participating wearing inappropriate kit.

We have started work on Road Safety – this is particularly important for this age group as they are most at risk of being knocked down. The children investigated stopping distances, speed limits and how these have an effect on the drivers ability to react to situations. Many were shocked at how far it took a car to stop and this is why so many accidents occur. You may want to have a further discussion with your child about appropriate ways to cross the road.

Miss Lindsay worked with Primary 7 on Didbook. The children started their personal statement. They will be able to access this at home to work on it.

The children had a great time working with their P1 buddies on a challenge to build a house. We are not sure who enjoyed it most!

Your child’s My Life So Far project should be nearing completion. They will be working on it in school for the next few weeks. These are looking fantastic and we cannot wait to see the finished projects.


Spelling homework

Monday !st May and Thursday 4th May – Holiday

Tuesday 2nd May – AAL Metting 6pm