Primary 7 – Friday 2nd June


It has been another busy week in Primary 7 with many activities connected to transition to High School. In writing the children were writing an overview of their time in primary school. This brought back a lot of memories and many of these may be shared in the leavers assembly. 

We have started planning for the leavers assembly and the children have come up with ideas and songs that they would like to perform. We will be busy with this for the next few weeks. 

The children are continuing to add entries into Didbook. Please feel free to read these at home and help the children add to them if you wish. 

On Thursday Ms Mordaunt visited and the children were given their new first year timetables for high school. These indicate the children’s house, tutor group and practical group. The children will follow this on their transition week. When the children visit High School, the children should come to Carmondean on Monday 12th June and we will walk them up to the High School, but for the rest of the week the children will make their own way

My Life So Far was due to be handed in on Friday 2nd June. If your child is still to hand this in please ensure it is handed in on Monday 5th June. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – 05.05.17


A short but productive week in Primary 7.

In writing the children planned and created a leaflet/poster explaining what it is like to be a buddy. These are very informative and the children will present them to P6 soon.

The children evaluated making their fairy house with their P1 buddy. Everyone was able to come up with 2 stars and a wish for their fairy house.

The Prom Committee had their first meeting on Wednesday where they have started to organise the Prom. They will be speaking to their class next week to make decisions about the theme, food, music and any extras they want at the prom.

The children are continuing to work on Didbook. They finished their personal statement and have started writing about ‘Me’. Remember the children can access this at home so you can see what they have written.

The children going to France organised their groups for the theme park. We will be having a further discussion with them next week giving reminders about what to pack and do for their residential experience. Remember no electronic devices that are Wifi enabled are to be brought.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – 27/04/17


Hope you are all well.

The children have been working hard this week in primary 7 and we have started transition activities in preparation for the move to high school.

In health the children have been gaining further knowledge about the effects of puberty on their body. There were lots of questions which we have tried to answer but it may be beneficial for you to have a chat with your child at home to clarify any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

Our PE days are Monday (athletics) and Wednesday(circuits). It is important that the children have appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing for these days as I am sure you will agree we do not want the children to become injured if they are participating wearing inappropriate kit.

We have started work on Road Safety – this is particularly important for this age group as they are most at risk of being knocked down. The children investigated stopping distances, speed limits and how these have an effect on the drivers ability to react to situations. Many were shocked at how far it took a car to stop and this is why so many accidents occur. You may want to have a further discussion with your child about appropriate ways to cross the road.

Miss Lindsay worked with Primary 7 on Didbook. The children started their personal statement. They will be able to access this at home to work on it.

The children had a great time working with their P1 buddies on a challenge to build a house. We are not sure who enjoyed it most!

Your child’s My Life So Far project should be nearing completion. They will be working on it in school for the next few weeks. These are looking fantastic and we cannot wait to see the finished projects.


Spelling homework

Monday !st May and Thursday 4th May – Holiday

Tuesday 2nd May – AAL Metting 6pm