Primary 3 Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a restful Monday and are ready for some new activities this week.

Reminders for this week:

  • We have our class online check-in tomorrow on Teams at 10am.
  • Carmondean Primary School have registered with Get Set. This will allow families to get active together at home and log their activity to their school team. There will be chances to win weekly prizes, for teams to beat weekly goals and also share their activity to win amazing prizes like fitness trackers. Set out below are instructions as to how to register your activity.· Click on the following link· Click on the families tab· Click on Find school and enter the post code EH54 8PX. Carmondean should pop up and you should click on the name and press submit.

    · You will then see a list of teams by primary stage. The school team option is for the staff and their families to log their activity too so we are all taking part! Log your activity and we are all set!

  • Annual Council Survey on use of school meals accessed here: WLC Survey

Article of the week:

Article 28 – The Right to an Education.

Some of the activities include watching: Be a Mr Jenson for inspiration on what makes a good teacher. Can you think of words to describe what a really good teacher would be like?

Do the same as above, but this time, think of words to describe what a really good learner would be like.

Imagine you have been asked to create your ideal lesson timetable for a day or a week at home or in school. Plan it out and decide what you would include and what you would leave out. Make sure it will provide children with a really good quality education!

Watch The Right to Education and use it to write a poem about education and learning.

Go have a look at The Book of Hopes and read through some of the poems and short stories together. Choose one you like best and teach someone else about it and why it stood out to you.

Maths: Remember there are instruction videos in the Teams Files. Please ask if you need reminders for any of the work. We would be happy to make a resource to help, or even meet online to discuss problems.

Addition Carrying 10s and 100s

Reading: There is a new Word Boost story in the Literacy file in Teams for you to listen to. Your reading task for today is the read the first half of your reading book. New books can be accessed at Should you have any problems accessing your books, please let us know.

Level 6 – Don’t Press the Buttons

Level 7 (Blue Group) – The Empty Palace

Level 8 – The Sands of Akwa

Level 10 (Red Group) – Tom Thumb and the Football Team

Level 11 (Yellow Group) – Stinky Street

Today’s Number Talks:

2 x 16                                                 4 x 250

8 x 5                                                   4 x 6

8 x 10                                                 8 x 200

8 x 6                                                   8 x 50

8 x 16                                                 8 x 6

8 x 256

Challenge Sum

816 x 45

Keep working hard Primary 3, we are so proud of you,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 11 5 20

Happy Monday Primary 3! We hope you have had a fantastic weekend and you made the most of it. Did you celebrate VE day? If you did let us know how you celebrated, we’d love to get some photos up on the blog to show off! Thank you for all of your hard work it has been great to see all the work you have been sending us in, we couldn’t be prouder of all of you!

For today how about creating a space scene using paint, paper and potatoes. If you have any potatoes that you aren’t going to eat, cut the potatoes into a range of shapes (with adult help!) that are space themed and you can design a planet and some aliens that could live on your potato are planet. Here is a  short video to show you how to do this:

Here are today’s Number Talks:

4 x 11                                        10 x 15

4 x 9                                          12 x 25

4 x 21                                        14 x 54

13 x 42

Challenge Sum

547 x 65


Please read the second half of your books. For the list of books, please see Wednesday 6th May’s Blog post.

Problem Solving

Please visit Four Triangles problem to try this problem out. How many different shapes can you make by fitting the 4 triangles back together?

Spelling words for this week

Spelling Words Week Beginning Monday 11th May


Rights Respecting Schools

Article 14 – Freedom of Thought.

Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents to guide their child as they grow up.

Watch    Article 14 

Additional Tasks

Poppy gave us a great competition idea should you choose to take part. Visit  Design a Book Token to download the template, then draw your design idea and send it to

World Book Day Design a Book Token Competition,
Book Tokens Ltd,
6 Bell Yard,
London WC2A 2JR

If you’re unable to post your entry, you can email a scan or photo to with ‘World Book Day Design a Book Token Competition’ in the subject line. Please remember to attach both your entry and contact details (on the second page of the template).

Thank you for all your continued hard work and dedication,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning Primary 3 and welcome back! Please remember there is a class check-in at 1:30pm for anyone who is available to join. Have a think in advance of something you have been proud of learning during the time the schools have been closed.

Well done to everyone who found out Hubble’s birthday! You were right, it was on the 24th April and he is 30 this year! We hope the challenge is going well if you have decided to complete it.

Please can we take this moment to reiterate that although there are lots of activities given each day, as well as Education City and our continued home learning grid, the expectation is not for every single task to be completed and handed in. We are providing the work, and should it fit in with your home/working life, that’s a bonus. However, it is up to you what you believe is manageable for your situation. We are all new to this and you should do what works for you.

The main thing we would love to see completed each day is the establishment of a routine, and to ensure everyone in your household is safe, happy and well. If that happens, the learning will naturally happen from there anyway. Thank you all for your continued efforts, we really do appreciate how difficult this situation could be.


Thank you,

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith.

If it fits with your day, the work that can be completed today is below:

Today we are looking at perimeter of 2D shapes. Perimeter is the length of all the sides of a shape added together. There will be an instructional video put up on Teams in the Numeracy/ Maths folders to explain perimeter as well as a Shape section on Education City with activities and learning videos.

Choose your own challenge level for completing the perimeter task:







And your Number Talks for today:

4 x 5                                3 x 25

5 x 9                                4 x 25

5 x 19                              7 x 25

4 x 19                              12 x 25

17 x 25

Challenge Sum

23 x 463

Article of the week for RRS: Article 7 The right to a name and nationality.

Spelling words:

Spelling Words Week Beginning Monday 4th May

Reading: Read the first half of your new books. New books can be accessed at Should you have any problems accessing your books, please let us know. New book titles are below:

Miss Smith’s Class:

Yellow Group / Level  11 – Brer Rabbit’s Trick Bag

Red Group – Nelly the Monster Sitter

Blue Group – Tiger’s Discovery


Mr Woodward’s Class:

Level  11 – Brer Rabbit’s Trick Bag

Level 8 – The Secret Whirlpool

Level  6  – Blast Off


Activities related to this can be found in Teams, but also below for ease of access:

Yellow / Level 11 – Brer Rabbit’s Trick Bag

Comprehension: T/F – Read the following statements and compare them to what you have read in your book. Mark them either True, or False. If they are false, write what the truth should be.

  1. Brer Rabbit stands for ‘Better Rabbit’ .
  2. Brer Fox’s belly was red.
  3. Brer Rabbit had ears as dark and soft as cotton wool.
  4. Brer Rabbit had replaced Brer Terrapin with a hive of bees.
  5. Brer Fox was helped by Brer Wolf to trick Brer rabbit.
  6. Brer Rabbit still managed to fool Brer Fox during Brer Fox’s prank!

Red – Nelly The Monster Sitter

Comprehension: T/F Read the following statements and compare them to what you have read in your book. Mark them either True, or False. If they are false, write what the truth should be.

  1. The author is Kes Gray and the illustrator is Tony Ross.
  2. Nelly’s Dad told her that monsters never go out because they can never get a babysitter.
  3. Nelly knocked the door and a big green eye peeked out.
  4. When the first monsters arrived home, they had a big tub of ice-cream for Nelly.
  5. When the second monsters arrived home, they gave Nelly a big stick of purple candy floss.
  6. Nelly had to babysit twins.

Blue – Tiger’s Discovery

Comprehension: T/F Read the following statements and compare them to what you have read in your book. Mark them either True, or False. If they are false, write what the truth should be.

  1. Miss Jones is Tiger’s teacher
  2. Miss Jones has found something and she sounds happy.
  3. Tiger liked to see Miss Jones upset.
  4. Tiger turned his watch and he shrunk.
  5. Tiger had to hide behind the bin.
  6. Mrs Mills left the rubbish lying on the floor in the staff room.

Group 6 – Blast Off

Comprehension: T/F Read the following sentences as and compare them to what you have read in your book. Mark them either True, or False.

  1. The children were on a school trip at first and they shrank.
  2. The space ship was under a pile of rubbish.
  3. They met Six the robot.
  4. The space ship took off and everyone inside fell.
  5. Tiger felt sick when he saw Earth getting smaller.
  6. Seven couldn’t turn the systems off.

Primary 2 28.4.20

Bonjour la classe!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember you must try to complete one literacy task, one numeracy task and an across the curriculum task.

This week’s RRS article is Article 12: Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.

Are you able to complete some of the activities on the slide? If so make sure you keep what ever you have made or take a picture and post it on Learning Journals.

Some of the activities we think you could do is:

  • Write a creative story, a poem, a short play script or a piece of art using the title ‘Head My Voice’.
  • Have you ever thanked people at home who are good at listening to you? Design a card or picture, or write a letter to thank them for hearing your voice.
  • Design a poster for display about the importance of Article 12.

BBC Bitesize have been posting 3 lessons a day. Yesterday they did one on letter formations and alliteration. Why don’t you give it a go!

You can check this website every day to see if there is a lesson you would like to complete. They are brilliant and well resourced.

Also on your Across the Curricular grid, we said we would post a recipe for you to use to make EID biscuits. If you manage to make them please let us know how you get on.


We hope you have a lovely day and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 3 Thursday 24th April 2020

Bonjour and good morning to you all!

Today’s Maths task is based on different number systems, focusing on the Roman number system. The Roman number system is slightly different to ours in that they used capital letters to represent their numbers. The letters are  I, V, X, L, C, D and M. See if you can use this to complete the worksheet today. Click on this link to be taken straight to the pdf Roman-numerals

or here is a screenshot of the sheet if you do not have software to download. 

In the files and Literacy tab in teams, the new word boost screens have been uploaded. See whether your answers to the definitions task set in the assignments are correct!

We have also uploaded a little lesson video on multiplication with carrying numbers. If you would like more of these, please let us know. Equally, if you found these helpful, or otherwise let us know so we can learn from this going forward. If they were a success, we may look to doing this and uploading more for more curriculum areas. Check out yesterday’s blog post and also your class Maths file on Teams for the videos.

Number Talks

2 x 50                                                                     3 x 50


4 x 50                                                                     50 x 50


8 x 50                                                                     53 x 50

53 x 48

Challenge Sum

84 x 352

Reading: Answer these True or False questions in full sentences. When you have completed these, make up at least 3 of your own for someone at home to try and find.

The Frog Prince

  1. The girl wanted a ball made of diamonds for her birthday.
  2. The girl lost her ball in a pond.
  3. The frog made the girl promise to give him the crown.
  4. The frog got the girl’s ball back.
  5. The girl did not say thank you to the frog.

Attack of the Buzzles

  1. The micro-friends were in an alien forest.
  2. The hid the ship by covering it in leaves.
  3. The loud rumbling sound was two giant crystal balls rolling by.
  4. Buzzles are only dangerous in swarms.
  5. Nok’s home was very far away.

Attack of the Centipede

  1. Tiger and Cat went to get a drink at the café.
  2. Compost helps plants to grow.
  3. Ant’s watch was working perfectly.
  4. Sydney is a giant Canadian centipede.
  5. Centipedes are carnivores.

Eric’s Talking Ears

  1. Eric’s Dad explained the stuff belonged to an old safari park guide.
  2. In Giraffe talk, two twitches and a waggle of both ears means your water hole has dried up.
  3. Eric’s Dad told him to throw the stuff away but Eric took the box home with him.
  4. Eric started using his ears to talk to 2 adult Elephants.
  5. The gazelles were confident and unafraid.

Clever Monkey

  1. Mr Otterbank, who was the head keeper, lost his big bunch of keys.
  2. The monkeys gave Mr Otterbank his keys back straight away.
  3. Sandy didn’t know what a fridge was.
  4. Dad said it sounded like a real old jumble sale.
  5. The monkeys had to break up into groups to see more of outside Monkey Land faster.

Did you do anything to mark World Earth Day yesterday? If so, let us know about it. Also, let us know if you have tried any of the Rights Respecting Schools Activities and don’t forget to share what you have done!

I have loved seeing all of the space work and science projects happening in P3S.

Have a lovely day and remember we are here to help,

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

Primary 4, 5.4.16

What an interesting week we have had with lots and lots going on!

We had two V.I.Ps in our classroom and two V.I.Is… We will begin with the V.I.Ps. After we sent our letters out to the community, we had three responses to our letters, one from PC McMahon who will be visiting us in the next couple of weeks and Mrs Vance and Mr Cowan, parents of children in our class. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you both for coming in to chat to us and tell us more about the part you play in your communities. We found it fascinating and asked lots of questions. Both visits led to fantastic discussions afterwards with the children too. We did some research on John Newland (after a few google searches for his correct name) and found out a little more about his part in the Bathgate community and their Galaday. We are looking forward to finding out more about free pool too! It was very good of you both to give up your free time and we thank you.

Also, today I received an e-mail from Livingston F.C in response to the letters sent to them. The children do not know this yet but they are going to try to send a player for a meet and greet with the class, as well as someone who can explain a little more about what they do in our community. We shall see if any of the children read the blog and mention it tomorrow!

Now for the V.I.Is…(Very Important Insects) we have been lucky enough to acquire 35 worms and 5 caterpillars to help us study mini-beasts for our topic. We have set up a worm farm at the back of the classroom and have been watching them wriggle their way down into the soil.  The caterpillars have been very lazy so far, at times we have had to check whether they are still alive, but all 5 are doing well and have grown so much over just 4 days. We are excited to see what they will look like as butterflies.

100_8632 100_8634

Next week we are off Monday and Tuesday, and on Friday we have our Day for Change. Children will be fundraising for UNICEF on this day and are looking forward to not having to get ready for school. They tell me they are going to roll out of bed and come in wearing their pyjamas they slept in!

We have a talent show at the end of the school year being organised by the house captains. We will be holding a contest in the classroom very soon to decide who goes through to the final, so be thinking about a talent you can showcase if you wish to take part! Watch out for reminders in diaries to find out when this will be.

We have also been working on the acting and songs for our school show with lots of practice dates in the diary. Costume letters will also be coming out soon so please look for these in bags. If there are any problems with any aspect of the costume required, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help out.


Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd – holiday

Wednesday 4th – return to school

Friday – Day for change. Bring any spare change you wish as a donation to UNICEF and come to school in your pyjamas.


Reading due Friday 6th May:

  • Red Chapters 5 and 6
  • Blue p.33-45
  • Green p.28-40

Please begin collecting appropriate junk for our mini-beast challenge. Children have chosen a mini-beast to do a class talk on (information to follow) and in class are being asked to create a mini-beast from junk with movable parts. Any junk for this would be greatly appreciated.