September 2021

Carmondean Primary are delighted to announce we have achieved gold standard in the Rights Respecting Schools Award.

In March the children showcased the work we have been doing the last 3 years to ensure that Rights are embedded in the life of the school and help guide children and adults in the choices they make. The assessors had been so impressed with the children and their knowledge of Rights and how important they are.

In June we then heard the good news that we had achieved the Gold level award.

We had a grand unveiling of the banner on Monday 6th September 2021. It is next to the main entrance so everyone who visits can see what we have achieved!

We are very proud of this award!

Primary 3 11 5 20

Happy Monday Primary 3! We hope you have had a fantastic weekend and you made the most of it. Did you celebrate VE day? If you did let us know how you celebrated, we’d love to get some photos up on the blog to show off! Thank you for all of your hard work it has been great to see all the work you have been sending us in, we couldn’t be prouder of all of you!

For today how about creating a space scene using paint, paper and potatoes. If you have any potatoes that you aren’t going to eat, cut the potatoes into a range of shapes (with adult help!) that are space themed and you can design a planet and some aliens that could live on your potato are planet. Here is a  short video to show you how to do this:

Here are today’s Number Talks:

4 x 11                                        10 x 15

4 x 9                                          12 x 25

4 x 21                                        14 x 54

13 x 42

Challenge Sum

547 x 65


Please read the second half of your books. For the list of books, please see Wednesday 6th May’s Blog post.

Problem Solving

Please visit Four Triangles problem to try this problem out. How many different shapes can you make by fitting the 4 triangles back together?

Spelling words for this week

Spelling Words Week Beginning Monday 11th May


Rights Respecting Schools

Article 14 – Freedom of Thought.

Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents to guide their child as they grow up.

Watch    Article 14 

Additional Tasks

Poppy gave us a great competition idea should you choose to take part. Visit  Design a Book Token to download the template, then draw your design idea and send it to

World Book Day Design a Book Token Competition,
Book Tokens Ltd,
6 Bell Yard,
London WC2A 2JR

If you’re unable to post your entry, you can email a scan or photo to with ‘World Book Day Design a Book Token Competition’ in the subject line. Please remember to attach both your entry and contact details (on the second page of the template).

Thank you for all your continued hard work and dedication,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward