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P3A enjoy Flat Stanley activities

For World Book day we completed activities based on the Flat Stanley books.

We made 3D Stanleys. They were flattened to make Flat Stanleys. We drew around them on square paper to find out their areas.  Some of us had flatter Stanleys than others.

We used the lovely new library to partner read with P5B. P5B brought some of their favourite books to share with us.

We wrote new Flat Stanley stories, made lists of the pros and cons of being flat and also created visitor’s guides to places Stanley has visited.

Everyone enjoyed themselves on this special day. 

P3A focused on improving

Mrs Dundas and P3A have been talking about what we are struggling with in school. Now we can put effort into improving in these areas.

Spelling, 3x, 4x, and 5x tables, division, listening and ERIC (Everyone Read In Class) were all areas some of use are working on.


P3A Great Start to the New Year

We have already been working hard in 2018.  This is what some of us had to say about this week.

I got better at the 2x table.    Kate

We learned how to play times table bingo.   Lucy

My 4x table got better. My body relearned how to stay awake all day.     Damian

We learned how our bodies feel when they are happy.    Ruby


P3A had special visitors today!

We earned a reward by collecting a whole bowl full of marbles.

We earn marbles for getting whole class compliments for walking through the corridors quietly, following instructions, and following the school rules.

We decided to have our teddies come to school for a day. They went to music with us, reviewed number bonds in maths, and even watched us play outside during break and lunch.

Mrs Dundas was surprised with how well behaved all the teddies were in class. Everyone had a lovely day.

P3A’s week

This week P3A decided to make a list of what they worked on in class. We think it’s a long list!

Faces for our character descriptions

Star numbers in maths

Favourite colour in French

Topmarks game on the computers

Christmas cards- eek!

Measured in centimetres

Textbook maths

Mild, hot and spicy maths challenges

Getting on the school blog

Audubon inspired Penguins by P3A

We looked at John Audubon’s wildlife paintings and tried to draw a penguin in his style.  We were inspired by his paintings.

We noticed that Emperor Penguins have a yellow bit on the neck.   They are majestic.  They have black on their faces. They have a curved beak.

Check this space for our finished drawings later in the month!

What we learned this week

I learned how to get on Topmarks on the computer.          Daisy

I learned how to switch the laptops on to use them.         Robyn

On Topmarks you can go on to cubes and number squares.     Damian

I learned more about a story in the Bible.         Ruby

I learned what P3 do at brunch.       Annabelle

We all learned how to exit the building quickly when the fire alarm goes off.               Emily and Kate


What have we learned this week? (P3A)

I learned how to draw a cartoon penguin, addition words and how to use a laptop.          Sam

I learned how to use the pad on the laptop.     Ethan

I learned words for addition that I worked on with Tomasz.       AJ

I learned that P3A are good listeners and work well on the computers.        Mrs Dundas

I learned how to say ‘sit down’ and ‘stand up’ in French.       Lucy