P6/7 Review of the Week 10.9.21

This week has been very busy.

We made an animation and created some optical illusions ysong photos.

We have been looking at the art work of Pablo Picasso and started our own self-portrait in the style of cubism. We will post pictures of the display when we are finished.

We have been learning to round large numbers in maths.

We have continued to learn about 2D shapes. We have learned about different types of triangles and their properties.

We researched facts about Ellie Simmonds and wrote a whole class description text based on her life.

We conitnued to read our class novel and designed a new friend to help support Bradley, the main character.

Please comment below to tell us one thing you have really enjoyed this week and one thing you want to work on next week?

Mrs Smith

5 thoughts on “P6/7 Review of the Week 10.9.21”

  1. I enjoyed listening to the story and doing the activities because it is really exiting and is super fun and I look forward for next week

  2. I really enjoyed doing cubism because it’s so fun not having to make things look realist.

    I would like to work on more friction! It’s so cool learning about friction because it all makes sense!

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