Review of the week 28.5.21

Science Experiment 

We investigated How Heat Can Change the State of Water;  the ice (solid) turned into liquid water and then evaporated (gas).  Watch Adam’s time lapse video above.

Vinny and Adam received an exciting letter from Jeff Kinney, the author who wrote the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid.  The boys wrote a letter to this author many years ago and just received a reply this week all the way from New York, USA.  Vinny read the letter out to the class.

For Health and Wellbeing this week we have been thinking about Consent and we enjoyed this song Boss of My Body.

We worked on antonyms (opposites) and synonyms (same) and had some fun thinking of different words.

We wrote two Procedure Texts – How To Treat a Bee Sting and How To Send an Email and followed the set structure.

We have continued to ‘Get Active’ and on the days that we do not have PE walking a mile.

In numeracy, we are still working  with decimals and we are now working with hundredths.  The standard written method of division has been a little tricky.

In PE we played non-stop rounders.

Leave a comment if you would like to say what you enjoyed or learned this week.





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