Review of Week 14/5/21

We have completed our Assessment Writing on Children Should  Be Paid Pocket Money to do Chores.   Some people found it tricky because they could not think of ideas.  We had to use alliteration, statistics and rhetorical questions to persuade.

In numeracy we have continued to work on decimals;  adding and subtracting mentally and using the standard written method.  Annabelle prefers the written method and Ben M and Jamie prefer the mental method.

Mea enjoyed the mindfulness colouring this week.  We did some breathing mindfulness activities as well.

In PE we played rounders and cricket.

We have planned our arguments for debates and two debates took place one on Electric Cars Are Better than Petrol Cars and Scientific Testing on Animals Should be Banned.

We looked at the the affects of smoking tobacco and cannabis this week.

Comment on what you have learned or what you have enjoyed.


20 thoughts on “Review of Week 14/5/21”

  1. I enjoyed the mindfulness colouring and breathing🧘‍♀️

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    Niamh |:)

  2. I enjoying some decimals 😀 very cool
    School fun!
    I enjoying the mindful colouring XD
    And we’ve just swapped tables 🙁

    Have nice Friday

    Bye ✌️

    Bye! ✌️

  3. This week I enjoyed p.e, decimals and I think the mindfulness colouring at the end of the day is a really nice way to calm down and refresh after a long day at school.

  4. I enjoyed the colouring because it was fun 🤩 . I also liked doing the written method in math📝

  5. I enjoyed planning for the debates but I’m really nervous to do it in front of the class😬😃

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