A little fun in the Little house

If you have watched the Kingsland Virtual Assembly from 27th April you will have seen that last week I had a tropical desert island in my house.  This week my daughter and I transformed it into a backdrop inspired by a well known series of books and films.  Any guesses?

What books have you been reading while you have been at home?

2 thoughts on “A little fun in the Little house”

  1. Harry Potter?! Amazing artwork! Daniel has been enjoying Tom Gates and The Famous Five. Isla is reading Malory Towers. Calum’s favourite book at the moment is The Highway Rat.

  2. I have been reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman.
    It’s about a girl who found a hidden door in her new house…when she goes through at first she thinks it looks exactly like her own house, but she realises a picture on the wall that looks the same as the picture in her own house, but the boy has buttons for eyes and is holding an ice cream, but in her own house the boy has normal eyes and is blowing bubbles. She meets a cat that can talk, and realises she is in danger and needs to save her family.
    It’s my favourite book and I’ve read it before and I’m going to watch the film of it today too.

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