Cave dwellers

During a Science afternoon we were shown a picture of a cave and then asked whether or not we could see in the dark. This was P1’s introduction to,”Concept Cartoons.”

At first the answers we came up with were not related to the questions e.g. someone thought there was a bear in the cave and someone else thought that there were monsters living in the cave.

We were asked more questions and asked to look closely at the picture. Eventually we realised that the girl with the torch could shine it into the cave and we could see in the dark. Then someone said  if all of the children in the picture shone their torches up to the ceiling then it could light up the whole cave.

Very good answers but, we decided to test it out in our own classroom. We turned our flying saucer into a cave and four of us sat in the dark while we were asked questions. At first we shone the torches we were given then we realised that if we sat in the dark for long enough then our eyes could see shapes.

Our final conclusion was  that we could not see clearly in the dark but, we eventually saw shadows in the dark as our eyes became accustomed to the darkness.

We had to ask lots of questions, discuss what we thought would happen with others and then change our answers as we tested out our theories. We had to think hard to come to our conclusion but, it was fun.

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