Starry Night

With the help of Mrs Finnie, our Art Teacher, we studied the Art work of Vincent Van Gogh.

We looked very closely at the style he painted in. There were lots of swirls and it looked like the trees and clouds were actually moving in his paintings.

So, we decided to try out his style for ourselves and transfer our learning into our own works of Art.

Here are a few examples of our beautiful, ” Starry Night” paintings.


To create the night time effect we used plush purples and midnight blues. Then came the swaying Cypress trees and luminous white twinkling stars to create quite a contrast with the dark  night sky.

What do you think we will create for our day time pictures ? Can you guess ?

5 thoughts on “Starry Night”

  1. I think that we should draw pictures of the sun and maybe sheep for daytime. We probably would use yellow and orange paints.

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