Night and Day


Our topic from now until Christmas is Night and Day.  We have been looking at the Sun, the Earth and the Moon to understand why we have day and night.

Some of the many interesting questions that we would like to find the answer to are:-

Damian – What really is the size of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth?

Isla – Why does the Moon turn into different shapes?

Fraser – How hot is the Sun?

Vinny – How was the Earth made?

Millie – How does the Moon move?

Jack – How do the clouds move?

Ruby – Why is the moon so rocky?

Flo – The Earth is in space so are we in space or not?

Today we have already discovered that the Sun is very, very, very  big.  In fact you could fit 1,300,000 Earths inside the Sun!

The Moon is quite small and is only about one quarter the size of Earth.


We will let you know the answers to our other questions as soon as we find out!


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