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Glow Blogs December 2016 Release

A small release with a few features added:

  • Fix the JetPack contact form where maps stopped working
  • New Embed UCAS Widget
  • New Captcha Plugin on Public Blogs, a Captcha system has been added for non-logged on users on public blogs, this should cut down on spam.
  • New Yammer for comments, you can now switch to using Yammer instead of the built in comments. Commenters need a Yammer account, example: Yammer Comments – Yammer Comments

Yammer Embed

To embed a Glow O365 yammer feed in a Glow Blog you just need to paste in the url to the feed.

Visit the Glow Yammer Group you want to embed, copy the URL from the Address bar and paste it into the post or page editor. Visitors will only see the feed if they are logged into Yammer, if they are not logged in they will see a link to do so.


Here is a Gif showing how I embedded the feed above Click to see full-sized: