Subscribing to Blogs by e-mail: Feedburner stopping service

The help blog suggests a couple of third party services that allow you to provide your blog updated by email. One of these services, Feedburner will no  longer provide that service after July 2021 : Feedburner will stop providing e-mail subscriptions in July 2021

If you subscribe to the help blog by email you may like to switch to mailchimp, we have changed the link in our sidebar to use that service, or click   Subscribe to Glow Blogs News by email.


2 thoughts on “Subscribing to Blogs by e-mail: Feedburner stopping service”

  1. Hi John – trying to get my head around the withdrawal of Feedburner services. I think that Feedburner allows visitors to our blog page to sign up for email updates. Does mailchimp provide a similar service, and if so, can you tell me how I go about using it. We use dlvrit to feed our blog to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Many thanks – Kate Cameron

    1. Hi Kate,
      Mailchimp does. I am using it here now.
      you need to sign up for an account (free) and start a campaign using your blogs RSS feed. The RSS fewer is the url for the blog plus/feed.

      You can’t use the embed code, but you can use the link for example: is the one for this blog.

      I hope to write instructions for the process and will add that to the help.

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