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One Planet Picnic

Dalbeattie Primary has just held its One Planet Picnic, an initiative encouraged by Eco Schools Scotland to build awareness of locally sourced food items in order to help with working towards sustainability and reduction of our carbon footprint. For our ‘One Planet Picnic’ we not only created our own home baking using home grown produce but we encouraged the children to bring in their own morning snacks, which were locally sourced, to tell their classmates about at morning breaktime at ‘Snack  and Chat’ time. We are very grateful for everyone at home for supporting this event so well. We were amazed by the amount of snacks children brought which had been locally sourced in some way. There was everything from home grown apples and carrot sticks to items baked locally together with local cheese and pate. There were some wonderful ideas of things to bring in. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Eco Schools Group had been busy, along with Mrs Houston from the High School’s Hospitality Department, baking individuals carrot muffins using home grown vegetables. The cakes were delivered to the classrooms later on the same day for our pupils to enjoy,  following on perfectly from Mrs Duncan’s Harvest Assembly earlier in the day. Primary 6 also had a go at baking bread using some of their own home grown wheat.


Eco Schools News Round Up Term 1

Our Eco Schools work has been  a little different this term as we are keeping to working within our bubbles. As last year’s committees did not complete a year of work, we have continued with the previous committee members time being.  Recently the ‘upper school bubble’ has been working on a few projects. Over the term, we have harvested vegetables and set them out for parents and carers to make use of in return for donations. This was instead of making soup for the whole school, which would have been difficult due to current restrictions.  We raised £70 through this. The eco councillors have also been lifting last year’s Edina bulbs and re-planting them, re-filling the bird feeders and having a look through the outdoor curricular linked learning resources, paid for by a kind donation from Dalbeattie Rotary Club,  which have arrived so far.


School Grown Vegetables

Dear Parents and Carers
Please support our School Vegetable Growing!
This Thursday morning (and after school if any left) please come prepared with your bag together with some money to donate for some of our school grown vegetables. We have potatoes, carrots, onions and beetroot. Normally we use most of our vegetables into soup as part of our harvest celebrations. However due to restrictions around staying within our bubbles, it isn’t practical to make and serve soup to the whole primary school s we would normally do this also with High School help. On Thursday morning, the vegetables will be laid out on a table and trolley in the circular tar area and  (inside the pedestrian access from Haugh Road.) People can help themselves to however much they want and are asked to put their donations in the honesty box (tub.) First come, first served. The potatoes taste nice but are perhaps a little late for treating as ‘new’ but would be better mashed.

Outdoor Challenges

Two Outdoor Challenges

Over the remaining weeks of school, why not have a go at one of these two challenges. Please send any photos of your activities by Tuesday 30th June. Thank you

  1. Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

Click the link below for an activity to do with your family. Please email Mrs Howie the answers and, if possible, a photo of you taking part in the activity, which can then be posted on the school blog.

Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

2: One Planet Picnic

As an end of term treat, why not plan a socially distanced ‘One Planet Picnic’:

What is a One Planet Picnic? What is different about a One Planet Picnic?

  • It’s a picnic that is good for you and good for the planet. That means: Choose as many ingredients as you can that are local and seasonal, organically grown or ethically traded.
  • Reduce food waste and packaging waste.

Why hold a One Planet Picnic? There are many reasons. Here are some we can think of:

  • It’s a fun way to get to know some of the great foods and places local to you. Your money goes into the local economy, helping local people and businesses.
  • You will begin to recognise and enjoy foods that are better for the environment. You will reduce packaging and food waste. You can build relationships with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

If you would like more background information from Eco Schools, you can click on the link below for more information. However, remember to carry out your picnic according to the most recent guidance from the Scottish Government in relation to which Phase of the Route map we are in at the time of your picnic.

Please do send a photograph of your picnic!


Start of Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Today, in school, we marked the start of Fairtrade Fortnight with our ‘Fairtrade Morning Snack.’ This was helped greatly by donations from local businesses Co-op, Tesco and Kinnairds. The main snack on offer was a choice of Fairtrade bananas or our own crafted shortbread biscuits topped with chocolate and jelly beans.  At the time of writing, we are not sure what amount of money we have raised from this but any proceeds will go to the Fairtrade Foundation. Later in the day,  Primary 5 together with the school’s Eco Committee listened to a very informative presentation by Mary Van Zwanenberg which included a very interesting film ‘Guardians of the Rainforest.’  Many of our classes also took part in class learning. Primary 1/2 had lots of Fairtarde themed activities in the open area. The end of Fairtrade Fortnight will be marked at assembly on 6th March with a small play by the Eco Committee.



Scots Poetry Assembly 14.2.20

Today in assembly, we celebrated our Scots Poetry Competition work with certificates being presented to first, second and third place finalists. The first place winners then entertained the whole school with a recitation of their chosen poems. Today, also saw the visit of our guests from Dalbeattie Burns Club who judged not only the Primary 7 pupils who recited an excerpt from Robert Burns’ Tam O’ Shanter but also the art work, which depicted a scene from the same poem.

The results were: Primary 1: First – Corey Canochan;  Second- Henry Hicks;  Third- Sophie Geddes ;  Primary 1/2: First- Mollie Watson;   Second- Finlay Bell;  Third Equal:  Lexie Anderson and Evie McGougan;   Primary 2/3: First Equal- Jack Little and Amalie Wykes;  Second- Aidan Galbraith; Third Equal- Elise Wixon and Reuben Benson;   Primary 3: First- Lucy Johnstone;  Second- Katie Dickie; Third Equal- Rebecca Hird and Oliver Bonnar;   Primary 3/4: First- Anaya Nerestan;   Second- Isla Smith;  Third Equal-  Rory McCormick and Lucy Bell;  Primary 4/5: First- Ava Drummond;  Second Equal- Fern Lundy and Sam Donnelly; Third Equal- Ailsa Ferguson and Owen O’Dornan;    Primary 5: First- Chloe Campbell;    Second- Struan Caldow;  Third Equal- Hayden Berry and Elsie Gibbs-Brown;  Primary 6: First- Fabio Murray-Sanchez;     Second Jack Johnstone;   Third- Owen Bryson;    Primary 6/7 (photo to follow) : First- Eve McCall;  Second Equal- Liam Bourhill and Laith Atkinson Deacon;   Primary 7 Poetry Recitation of Tam O’ Shanter: First- Maddison McMurtrie;     Second- Thomas Jardine;  Third- Jessica Davidson; Primary 7 Poetry Art Work of Tam O’ Shanter: First- Rhys Gaffney;  Second- Carrie Davidson; Third- Amber Latimer.

Also in our assembly, Primary 4/5 drew the raffle for the completed Titanic Quizzes. The winner, receiving £10 was Lucy Simpson.  Our Primary 5 class was awarded with the Wow tracker Active travel to School Award. Finally, Roman Bond and Chloe Campbell reminded us all that the first day back after the February holiday (Monday 24th) will be Fairtrade Snack day with biscuits (shortbread with chocolate and jelly bean) costing 60p and bananas 40p. Pupils can buy two items each. All products used carry the Fairtrade logo. Proceeds from the snack will go to the Fairtrade foundation, in keeping with our targets to retain our ‘Fair Achiever School’ status.



Head Teacher’s Awards and Environmental Awareness


At our assembly today, our pupils from each class were awarded with their Head Teacher’s certificates and pencil as prizes. Also, we were delighted to welcome three senior students from the High School who gave the primary school children a presentation as part of their work for Environmental Awareness week. The power-point was very informative and stimulated some good discussion. We are sure some of the messages will now be taken more seriously as a result of the example shown by these older students. Well done and thank you! By the end of Friday, Christmas decorations arrived but the children haven’t seen them yet….

Eco Schools Project Edina Bulbs

The Eco Committee and their buddies (4 from each class) have been planting the daffodil and crocus bulbs which we have received as part of the Edina Science Project. We discussed a fair test and how every plant pot had to be planted in the same way.  We planted 59 pots – each with one daffodil and one crocus bulb, clearly labelled.  A further 20 bulbs are being planted directly into the ground. Starting from next week, we need to start recording the weather and inputting this into a database. By the end of the project, all the information from all schools taking part, across the UK,  will be pulled together and conclusions drawn about how levels of sunshine or rainfall have had an impact on the growth and flowering of the bulbs.


Harvest Assembly and House Captains

Today we held our harvest Assembly, albeit made shorter by an unplanned fire evacuation! We were delighted to welcome Reverend Fiona Wilson to our service. The children had brought in lots of donations for the foodbank, for which the local church will be taking away items for us. Mrs Duncan showed us some pictures from our very own harvest in school: ‘soup at snack time’ photos showed our soup made by the eco group ad Mrs Howie with Mrs Houston in the Hospitality Department, made from our own home grown vegetables. Out eco committee and school council also received their badges. Three primary 7 children were awarded with their Head Teacher’s Award certificates (they will not be here on Friday due to Operation Safety) and our Houses Captains were also announced.

Eco Group’s ‘Soup at Snack Time’

Today we had our ‘Soup at Snack time’ with lentil soup made from our very own home grown vegetables. Back in the spring, we planted potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot and swede. We harvested the potatoes, onions and carrots for the soup, which the Eco Committee made today with Mrs Houston in the High School’s Hospitality Department. There were so many carrots that Mrs Houston even made some carrot cake buns. We are very grateful to Mrs Houston for all her help and for the generous donations which came in with children. We have raised approximately £50 which will cover our other ingredients such as stock cubes and lentils and the rest will go towards our planting costs next spring!