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Nursery Visit the Day Centre

The afternoon children had a lovely time making new friends at the Day Centre today.  This was our second visit and we plan to make these trips regularly from now on as they are so worthwhile.

We took along some activities we do in nursery and shared them with the ladies and gentlemen who were there.  We all had lots of fun and it was great to see the two very different generations interacting!

Nursery News

Over the past two weeks while Miss Carson has been on her travels, Mrs Wixon has been in the nursery covering the topic of People Who Help Us.  After getting ideas from the children, we planned some fun filled activities together.

We focused on people who help us at home, in school and in the wider community.  We went on visits to the Health Centre and Post Office.  We also had a visit from the fire brigade, a first responder, a nanny and also some special people who help us in school.

We had some great learning experiences from this topic and would like to thank all of the people for helping us by telling us how they help other people.

Mrs Wixon

Healthy Eating

We have been learning where some foods come from and which foods we should eat lots of to stay healthy.

“You should eat a lot of vegetables…but I love cake!”  – Alivia

“Potatoes come from a potato plant.  You need to dig them up.  They are healthy.” – Amelie B

“Your teeth will fall out if you eat a lot of sweeties.” – Mollie

“Eggs are good.  They come from chickens.  You can eat chickens too! – Casey

“We can eat lots of oranges…just little ones!” – Dominic

Our Bodies

We have been learning about our bodies in nursery over the last few weeks.  We all knew lots about the parts of the body we could see and could name many of these parts.  Our questions,and what we really wanted to find out more about, were all related to what happened inside our body, so that has been our focus.  We borrowed a skeleton from the primary and then asked the Science Department if they had something which showed our insides.  The secondary teachers were worried the model was a bit gruesome for us – but we have found it fascinating and have remembered so much of what we have been talking about.  We have looked at the skeleton, the internal organs, muscles and blood and completed various activities in relation to these.