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Christmas Window Competition 2021

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in the Christmas Window competition again this year. It has been great to see all the windows throughout the town and local community. Once again, lots of great effort along with fun and interesting ideas. Thank you to the Lions Club for donating prizes once again this year and for the contribution to school funds.


1st Niamh and Rory McCormack

2nd Caitlyn Hose

3rd Meadow and Maddix



1st Kai

2nd Aidan, Cairn and Moran

3rd Mack


1st Niall and Eilidh

2nd Mylo

3rd Ella B


1st Katie and Samuel

2nd Evan

3rd Matilda and Joey



One Planet Picnic

Dalbeattie Primary has just held its One Planet Picnic, an initiative encouraged by Eco Schools Scotland to build awareness of locally sourced food items in order to help with working towards sustainability and reduction of our carbon footprint. For our ‘One Planet Picnic’ we not only created our own home baking using home grown produce but we encouraged the children to bring in their own morning snacks, which were locally sourced, to tell their classmates about at morning breaktime at ‘Snack  and Chat’ time. We are very grateful for everyone at home for supporting this event so well. We were amazed by the amount of snacks children brought which had been locally sourced in some way. There was everything from home grown apples and carrot sticks to items baked locally together with local cheese and pate. There were some wonderful ideas of things to bring in. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Eco Schools Group had been busy, along with Mrs Houston from the High School’s Hospitality Department, baking individuals carrot muffins using home grown vegetables. The cakes were delivered to the classrooms later on the same day for our pupils to enjoy,  following on perfectly from Mrs Duncan’s Harvest Assembly earlier in the day. Primary 6 also had a go at baking bread using some of their own home grown wheat.


End Of Year Assembly

End of Term Assembly June 2021 

Today we held our final virtual assembly of the year and presented our annual awards.

Message from Mrs Duncan

It has been a very different year for all schools as we have been working through a global pandemic. COVID –19 hasn’t stopped us here at Dalbeattie Primary. We may have had some challenges to face but we have done so with a positive outlook and strong team spirit. I would like to thank you all, staff, pupils and parents/carers for all that you have done this year and how you have approached things in such difficult times. 

This year we have developed some new vocabulary and concepts – bubbles, staggered starts and finishes to our school day, hand washing, handwashing and more handwashing. Hand sanitiser, hand sanitiser and oh yes, more spilt sanitizer. We had home learning, learning grids, teams, assignments and hubs in school. Risk assessment 1, Risk assessment 2. Each and everyone of us got our heads down faced what we had to and kept moving forwards.  

Time in class may have been slightly different but learning has continued and you have certainly all had some great learning experiences with your teachers and staff throughout the school. We have adapted, modified and been creative to continue the learning for our young people. 

Children throughout the classes, we have watched you all grow and developed once again his year build, friendships, learning new skills and qualities that are supporting you to become the fantastic young people that you all are. We are proud of each and every one of you. 


Alistair Gourlay Award for Art P1 – Meadow McLachlan

Meadow is an extremely worthy winner of the P1 art competition!  She loves art and every piece of work was of a very high standard.  Her line drawing of a bird was super, as was her flower collage, flower painting and her tile print was bold with a bright decorative border.  She is a careful and neat artist who enjoys working with lots of different media.  Very well done! Mrs Fitzsimmons


Jenny Corrie Trophy Award for Poetry P5 – Abigail Houston

Each year, the Jenny Corrie trophy is awarded to a pupil in Primary 5 for their efforts in poetry recitation or poetry writing.

This year, during our period of Home Learning, pupils were asked to learn and recite a Scots poem. Several pupils recorded themselves reciting ‘A dug, A dug’ by Bill Keys.

Miss Morrison and I were so impressed with the quality of submissions.

However, one entry stood out for both of us.

Abigail’s performance was highly entertaining and certainly, very original. She spoke clearly, fluently and expressively. We can really imagine this conversation happening between a child and their dad.

Prepare to be entertained as we now watch Abigail’s recitation.

Congratulations Abigail!    Mrs Dyson

Alan Younger Award for Art P6 – Jasmine Wixon

Jasmine always works hard to produce careful and detailed pieces of art but always with her own flair. She is very creative and is good at planning out different ideas and techniques. Well done Jas!
Mrs Lumsden

Babsie Caig Trophy Best Role Model P7 – Olive Lyons

Olive is a remarkable young person, with a love of learning that will stand her in good stead with her journey through High School. At the very beginning of this year she brought in her sketch book for me to see, and her artwork is very special, detail, colour and brilliance. Olive has worked hard throughout the year without exception, always keen, she has loved all our topic work, and produced work of a very High Standard. She has an amazing general knowledge, and can name all the states in America beginning with ‘M’, as we found out in our end of year quiz. Well-deserved Olive, you have been an absolute pleasure to teach. Mrs Campbell

McShane Award for Effort P7 – Phoebe Gallacher

Phoebe is a very deserving winner of the McShane prize for effort. She always has a really positive attitude, a great work ethic and an enthusiastic approach to her learning. She works very hard, always giving 100% to anything she tackles with no fuss and a cheery smile. No matter what she is asked to do and how tricky the challenge she gives it her all with real determination, whether it’s reading one of the funny or sad books which often nearly reduced us to tears of laughter or sorrow or yet another Numeracy problem.

Although Phoebe only joined us this year in Primary 7, her enthusiasm, effort and attitude are second to none. She always comes into class with great big smile on her face and is kind, polite and helpful to everyone.

It has been a real joy working with you Phoebe and we are so proud of your progress and the lovely young lady you are. We wish you all the best for High School.    Miss Clendinning and Mrs Fortnum

Dalbeattie Museum History Award – Fabio Murray Sanchez

Fabio has an incredible knowledge of history, and the world, and is always so keen and interested to know more. He is great at research and has been an active member of the History Club, which he loves. A well-deserved award for someone who always gives of his best in everything that he does. Mrs Campbell

Dalbeattie Lions Club Citizenship Award – Jack Johnstone

Over this year Jack Jack has shown great positivity and energy with school projects, helping staff, and being involved with the school community and the local football club.

Jack puts 100% into everything he does, gets stuck in and involved, and is kind and has a good word for everyone. Jack you are a worthy winner of this award, it has been a pleasure knowing you in P67.

Mrs Campbell

Runners -up  Noah Black, Dougal Leslie and Carson McCallum

Janice Jamieson Reading Award P7 – Eve McCall

Eve’s reading is astounding. She has a real passion for reading and I never met anyone who can devour books the way that she does. As it stands Eve has read and amazing 2.5 million words through Accelerated reading this year taken 39 tests and passed every single one of them, demonstrating her excellent knowledge and understanding of what she is reading. I always harp on about how important reading is for developing our creativity in writing and Eve is a perfect example of this building amazing settings and characters when completing writing tasks. You are very deserving winner Eve and I hope your passion for reading continues as you move onto high school. Well done. Miss Clendinning.

Runners -Up Cairn Wykes, Rio Parker-Smith, Aoife Tallontire, Grace Hurley and Hollie Russell

Message for Primary 7  from Mrs Duncan

I have known most of you for 7 years starting off as P1s with Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Stephenson. Some of you have joined us along the way and become part of our classes. Most of you started your journey through primary school at the previous school in the infant building before moving to the upper school building. You were all part of the design process for our new learning campus and I know some of you made trips across with Mrs Howie to see the building in construction.  

You moved as P3s to the new campus in November 2017. Shiny new classrooms and outdoor spaces to explore. You have moved from the lower floor to the upper floor and brought many smiles, much laughter and a few challenges for the teachers along the way. 

The last year has been like no other for you P7. What you have all shown is that you are resilient and adaptable and give everything your best. You have got through this you can get through anything. 

It has been pleasure to have been your Head Teacher  for the past 7 years watching you grow and develop. As you now move across the hall to Dalbeattie High school I wish you well. You all have bright and wonderful futures ahead of you and you can all do wonderful things. It is your responsibility though to do this by looking after yourself, taking care of each other, being kind, making good choices and decisions and being brilliant.  

At Dalbeattie Primary we taught you to Believe and Achieve. As you move to Dalbeattie High school your next challenge is to Aim High and Hold the Aim. 


Sports Winners

Girls Champions

Jamie-Leigh McCall

Courtney Glover

Runner -Up

Lexi Sanderson

Boys Champion

Liam Bourhill

Runner -Up

Kalib Dingwall

Girls 300m

Jamie-Leigh McCall

Runner -Up

Eve McCall

Boys 300m

Liam Bourhill

Runner -Up

Kalib Dingwall

Winning House 2021


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Easter Egg Competition Results

Thank you to everyone that took part in the competition. We had some very creative and imaginative entries. Dalbeattie Lions Club judged the entries this week and I am now delighted to share the results with you. I would also like to thank Dalbeattie Lions Club for their support in funding prizes and their donation to school funds.

Family Section

1st Bonnie P5

2nd Struan P6

3rd Niamh and Ava P1 and P2/3

Primary 1-Primary 3

1st Amalie W P3

2nd Ebony McMorran P3

3rd Katya P1

Primary 4 and Primary 5

1st Mylo P4

2nd Evan P4

3rd Ella P4


Primary 6 and Primary 7

1st Jasmine P6

2nd Emily P6/7

3rd Chloe P6

Other entries

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Eco Celebration

You may recall from one of my weekly messages during lockdown that I shared the fantastic news that we
have achieved our 7th Eco green Flag. To celebrate our achievement, Mrs Howie has planned a fantastic 7k
for 7 Flags event for families to participate in over the Easter holidays. There is also a photo competition to
enter as part of the event. Dalbeattie Rotary, another partnership organisation to the school, are sponsoring
prizes for the photo competition. Please note the information needed at the end of the trail (for question 7)
will not be available until the holidays actually start.
Information about the event is posted below.

7K for 7 Flags Eco Challenge (1)

20210319132955122_Photo Competition Additional Information pdf (1)

Final Week in Hub

A busy final week in the hub. Creating cartoons using drama, photos and technology. Further creative art and craft ideas. Construction and building using Lego and Kaplia. Mrs Fortnum also hosted a table top games afternoon.

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Weekly Message

I hope everyone is well this week and staying safe. This is my final weekly message before we welcome the P4-P7 classes back to school next week. Hopefully, I will be able to deliver my assembly next week live to all classes again from the office. I hope this message today encourages the children to think about meeting friends old and new as they return to school next week. I also  hope the children can think about their own special qualities and those of others as we all come back together in school.

Staff are all looking forward to welcoming the classes back and are here to help and support pupils as we know this is once again another change as we return to school.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend.