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P5 Lego WeDo

Primary 5 have continued to develop their coding skills this term. Pupils have worked collaboratively to build Lego models and then animate them by adding code using the Lego WeDo program. Pupils programmed Lego snails that flashed in many different colours, spy robots which detected motion and sounded an alarm, turbo fans which could change speed and Science Rovers which could travel in different directions. Mrs Dyson has been pleased to see pupils using their creativity to add their own ideas and codes to the animated models. Well done Primary 5!

P5 visit ‘Jas P Wilson’ STEM in action!

A huge thank you to staff at ‘Jas P Wilson’ in Dalbeattie for organising fantastic workshops for our Primary 5 pupils. We had been learning about hydraulic systems in class and were delighted when ‘Jas P Wilson’ invited us to see hydraulics in action and to learn more about how they use this system in their business. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed participating in all four workshops:

  1. Clear communication was essential in the first challenge. Using a two way radio, pupils had to give clear instructions from the viewing gallery to the operator of the crane who was in the showroom area below. This loading exercise showed the potential of hydraulics. The winning team had the fastest time and the clearest communication with the operator.
  2. The SIMLOG Simulator challenge was next. Each competitor was timed as they used the joystick controls to pick up the log onscreen and transport it safely. Mrs Dyson and Mrs Hall were amazed at the skills shown.
  3. The next challenge was to manufacture and test a wooden grabber using a hydraulic system. Pupils worked as a team to identify components, build and test the model. This was a great way to apply our skills as we had already built our own Burger Box Buddies and Pop Up Puppets in class using hydraulics.
  4. Our final challenge was the remote-control excavator challenge. After a practice run, each competitor had a timed run through the course. Maisy was the champion at this, having completed the course in 21 seconds, with Jasmine in second place with 22 seconds.

Thank you to all staff at ‘Jas P Wilson’ for welcoming us into their business and especially to Drew, Sean, Cameron, Bradley and Hamish who ran all our workshops and made our time there so memorable!


Day of Scottish Dance

Primary 5 pupils danced the morning away at the Children’s Day of Scottish Dance. They joined many other Stewartry Schools who had come to Dalbeattie Learning Campus for the event. Pupils had worked with Amy and Louise from Active Schools to learn four new jigs and reels. On the day, they performed a total of seven Scottish dances. Mrs Dyson was amazed at their stamina and how enthusiastically they danced each time. Well done Primary Five! Mrs Dyson would like to say a big thank you to Amy and Louise for organising the event, Jayne Riddet for calling the dances, Mrs Ross for being her dancing partner in the staff Virginia Reel, Mrs Fortnum for helping organise the tartan outfits and to Mrs Houston, a member of our local community who kindly donated the tartan sashes. What a fantastic morning!

P5D Pneumatics Challenge

Primary 5 pupils were challenged by Mrs Dyson to design and create a Pop up Puppet using pneumatics. Pupils worked collaboratively with a partner and used their problem solving skills along with the design process to create imaginative models. Pupils are taking the models home to share with their families and they will be able to demonstrate how to change the system to a hydraulics system. Well done Primary 5 for great teamwork and creativity!


P5D Investigate Pneumatics

Primary 5 pupils have been learning about pneumatic systems. They used syringes and plastic tubing to explore pneumatics and were then set the challenge by Mrs Dyson to design and create a Burger Box Buddy using pneumatics. Pupils worked collaboratively to sketch and label their design, making decisions on what materials to use. They used their creativity and problem solving skills to make their model and evaluated their designs. Mrs Dyson was so pleased with the teamwork skills demonstrated and the creativity shown.

Cinderella and Rockerfella

With audience participation from the outset – goodies to cheer, baddies to boo – and some very corny jokes, the stage was set for the tale of Cinderella and Rockerfella to unfold in the panto-style production at Dalbeattie Primary School. Fairy Nastyboots and Naughty Kitty were thwarted in their attempts to prevent Cinders and Rockerfella (Prince Charming) from falling in love. Luckily, the Fairy Brigade were there with a ‘Wey Hey Hey’ to save the day. The Ugly Sisters brought the house down with their duet of “I’m so in love with me!” Buttons entertained the audience with his limericks and his talking dog Teaser. A special thank you goes to Miss Dale and Holywood Primary School for the loan of backdrops and outrageous costumes. Thanks also to support staff and all family members who supported children, and to Kyle in S4 at Dalbeattie High School for his expertise with sound and lights. Mrs Anderson, Mrs McLean and Mrs Dyson were very proud of all pupils from Primary 3/4, Primary 4/5 and Primary 5 who had worked extremely hard to make the show a roaring success.


P5D Teambuilding Skills

Primary 5 pupils developed their teambuilding skills during the Cross the Swamp challenge. Each team had to use their problem solving skills and communication skills to travel across the swamp without falling off their pathway. Mrs Dyson was pleased to see how well the teams worked together to discover the most effective way of moving. Pupils continued to use positive language to encourage and support their team members. Well done everyone!