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Start of Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Today, in school, we marked the start of Fairtrade Fortnight with our ‘Fairtrade Morning Snack.’ This was helped greatly by donations from local businesses Co-op, Tesco and Kinnairds. The main snack on offer was a choice of Fairtrade bananas or our own crafted shortbread biscuits topped with chocolate and jelly beans.  At the time of writing, we are not sure what amount of money we have raised from this but any proceeds will go to the Fairtrade Foundation. Later in the day,  Primary 5 together with the school’s Eco Committee listened to a very informative presentation by Mary Van Zwanenberg which included a very interesting film ‘Guardians of the Rainforest.’  Many of our classes also took part in class learning. Primary 1/2 had lots of Fairtarde themed activities in the open area. The end of Fairtrade Fortnight will be marked at assembly on 6th March with a small play by the Eco Committee.



P5 Fairtrade Workshop

Mrs Dyson was delighted to welcome back Mrs van Zwanenberg to speak to Dalbeattie Primary pupils about Fairtrade and to work with Primary 5 pupils in an interactive workshop. By studying a variety of Fairtrade products and labels, pupils became more aware of Fairtrade ingredients and their country of origin. Pupils sequenced the journey from cocoa bean to bar and discussed the issues facing the cocoa farmers. During Fairtrade Fortnight, Primary 5 pupils continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of Fairtrade and how it helps communities. Members of our class helped run the recent Fairtrade Break whilst many others made a donation to the Fairtrade Foundation through supporting this event.

Fairtrade Snack

Thank you to everyone who supported our Fairtrade Snack in school today. So far we have raised £122 for the Fairtrade organisation. The success of the event was due greatly to the wonderful donations we had from Tescos, Co-op and Kinnairds supermarkets.

We were also pleased to welcome Mary van Zwanenberg from the Fairtrade Organsation to our assembly, later in the day. Mary reminded us all about the important message of trying to buy Fairtrade items as this gives the farmers a fairer deal.

Fairtrade Footballs now in school

We are delighted to introduce Fairtrade Footballs at Dalbeattie Primary School. With money raised from our Primary 5 Fairtrade Games Event and from our Fairtrade Breakfast, we have bought twenty new Fairtrade Footballs. Thank you to everyone who attended these events! Primary 5 pupils have already been practising their ball skills with our new footballs.




Fairtrade Breakfast 2.3.18

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather conditions to come into school early today for our Fairtrade Breakfast. We had 82 people attending which is a super turn-out in our bid to share awareness of Fairtrade food items.  Activities such as these help us to retain our Fair Achiever status for our school. We are very grateful to assistance from Mrs Houston from Dalbeattie’s Hospitality department and the school kitchen and also to Mr Parker, Mrs Dyson, Mrs Cox, Mrs McMinn, and Mrs Robison for all their help. And of course we are so grateful to Kinnairds, Dalbeattie Co-op and Tesco Castle Douglas and to Mary Van Zwanenberg from the Kirkcudbright Traidcraft Group for supporting our event with donations of Fairtrade food items. Here are just a few of the pictures from the event. Any profits raised is going towards purchasing Fairtrade footballs to help to continue to spread awareness.






Fairtrade Achiever Award Presentation with Eco Group and DHS Pupils

Today, we were delighted to have two representatives from Dalbeattie High School, along with our own Eco Group at a special presentation given by Mrs Dyson, our Primary 5 teacher. Mrs Dyson has been very busy, over the last few years, planning a range of Fairtrade activities with her Primary 5 class and eco group as part of our ‘Fairtrade Journey.’ Mrs Dyson first outlined the activities, comprising mainly of an audit of staff and pupils about Fairtrade products,  which were undertaken to achieve the ‘Fair Aware’ award. She then explained the activities which followed before we were awarded the ‘Fair Active School’ award in 2015: presentation to local community and Fairtrade snacks at an afternoon tea amongst many others.  Then in 2017, the school was awarded the ‘Fair Achiever’ award following still more activities which included a Fairtrade Breakfast and whole school assembly with a  Fairtrade representative. Since then , the Primary 5 class has also organised a Fairtrade games afternoon and a Fairtrade morning break time staggered over two days and met with a company who supply Fairtrade school sweatshirts so that these can be offered also to parents to buy complete with school logo. This week finds us in DGlife as we prepare for our next Fairtrade Breakfast next week on Thursday 1st March. Thank you to all who have already shown support for this event by buying tickets and to the local businesses (Kinnairds, Co-op and Tesco) who are supporting us with donations of Fairtrade food items.


Fairtrade visitor to P5

Mrs Dyson was delighted that Mrs Van Zwanenberg (a member of Kirkcudbright Fairtrade group) once again, was able to visit our school and work with pupils discussing issues around Fairtrade. Primary 5 pupils shared their knowledge with our guest speaker and Mrs Dyson was very impressed with the quality of questions they asked. Pupils learned more about how communities use the Fairtrade Premium. They also explored packaging of Fairtrade goods to identify what percentage of the product is made from Fairtrade ingredients. We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Van Zwanenberg for her support and input with our Fairtrade work at Dalbeattie Primary School.




P5 Fairtrade Games Event

Primary 5 pupils organised and ran a very successful Fairtrade Games Event. They had been learning about Fairtrade in class and wanted to continue to raise awareness throughout the school. They worked in teams to design and create their own game based around Fairtrade. Games included a Fairtrade Obstacle Race, Fairtrade Throw, Pin the Fairtrade product on the Fairtrade Mark while blindfolded, running games and a  Fairtrade Quiz. The whole school were invited to play their games. For 50p, pupils were allocated a 15 minute slot to play all the games. Mrs Dyson and Primary 5 pupils would like to say a big thank you to all who supported our event. 160 people came to play our games. We even had family members join in the fun. Primary 5 pupils have decided to spend the £80 raised to buy Fairtrade footballs for use by all pupils within our school. The school has kindly agreed to match our amount raised so that double the number of balls can be bought. We look forward to introducing Fairtrade footballs into Dalbeattie Primary School.


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We are a FairAchiever School!

Exciting news as Dalbeattie Primary School has now been awarded FairAchiever status by the Fairtrade Foundation. Evidence of our Fairtrade work was submitted, with positive feedback given along with the issuing of our FairAchiever Award. We look forward to continuing our journey to raise awareness and promote Fairtrade, not only in our local community but in the wider community.