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P2/3 Fairyland Topic

The children in P2/3 thoroughly enjoyed their Fairyland topic this term and were so excited by all the visits from the Friendly Dragon. They asked if they could dress up as characters from fairytales to celebrate the end of the topic and brought in fairytales from home to share in class – thank you for the effort put in at home to make this happen. Here are some pictures of work from our topic and our dress up day on Tuesday.

The Rainbow Fish

This week we have focused some of our activities around ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister.  It is a great story to develop the themes of sharing and friendship with the children.  We have been using different media to create our own Rainbow fish and have made a beach themed tray to play in – which we decided to add pirates to!  Our playdough has been decorated with sparkles and we have been changing the words to popular tunes to make them fish related as well.  We have also been fishing for magnetic letters in the water and retelling the story in our own words.  We are still very interested in the book so next week may well be fish themed too!


The Frog Prince

We have been reading stories which have castles in them.  It was suggested by a few children that we should read The Frog Prince (aka The Princess and the Frog).  This has given us the opportunity to do some froggy activities.  We are hoping the frogs will soon be laying their eggs so we can get some tadpoles in the nursery.