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Scots Poetry Assembly 14.2.20

Today in assembly, we celebrated our Scots Poetry Competition work with certificates being presented to first, second and third place finalists. The first place winners then entertained the whole school with a recitation of their chosen poems. Today, also saw the visit of our guests from Dalbeattie Burns Club who judged not only the Primary 7 pupils who recited an excerpt from Robert Burns’ Tam O’ Shanter but also the art work, which depicted a scene from the same poem.

The results were: Primary 1: First – Corey Canochan;  Second- Henry Hicks;  Third- Sophie Geddes ;  Primary 1/2: First- Mollie Watson;   Second- Finlay Bell;  Third Equal:  Lexie Anderson and Evie McGougan;   Primary 2/3: First Equal- Jack Little and Amalie Wykes;  Second- Aidan Galbraith; Third Equal- Elise Wixon and Reuben Benson;   Primary 3: First- Lucy Johnstone;  Second- Katie Dickie; Third Equal- Rebecca Hird and Oliver Bonnar;   Primary 3/4: First- Anaya Nerestan;   Second- Isla Smith;  Third Equal-  Rory McCormick and Lucy Bell;  Primary 4/5: First- Ava Drummond;  Second Equal- Fern Lundy and Sam Donnelly; Third Equal- Ailsa Ferguson and Owen O’Dornan;    Primary 5: First- Chloe Campbell;    Second- Struan Caldow;  Third Equal- Hayden Berry and Elsie Gibbs-Brown;  Primary 6: First- Fabio Murray-Sanchez;     Second Jack Johnstone;   Third- Owen Bryson;    Primary 6/7 (photo to follow) : First- Eve McCall;  Second Equal- Liam Bourhill and Laith Atkinson Deacon;   Primary 7 Poetry Recitation of Tam O’ Shanter: First- Maddison McMurtrie;     Second- Thomas Jardine;  Third- Jessica Davidson; Primary 7 Poetry Art Work of Tam O’ Shanter: First- Rhys Gaffney;  Second- Carrie Davidson; Third- Amber Latimer.

Also in our assembly, Primary 4/5 drew the raffle for the completed Titanic Quizzes. The winner, receiving £10 was Lucy Simpson.  Our Primary 5 class was awarded with the Wow tracker Active travel to School Award. Finally, Roman Bond and Chloe Campbell reminded us all that the first day back after the February holiday (Monday 24th) will be Fairtrade Snack day with biscuits (shortbread with chocolate and jelly bean) costing 60p and bananas 40p. Pupils can buy two items each. All products used carry the Fairtrade logo. Proceeds from the snack will go to the Fairtrade foundation, in keeping with our targets to retain our ‘Fair Achiever School’ status.



Head Teacher’s Awards 7.2.20

Lots of deserving pupils were again awarded their certificates and prizes for their hard work, effort and positive attitude to their learning. Our photos show several successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Also pictured are all our young people who took part in the recent schools gymnastics competition.

Head Teacher’s Awards 17.1.20

Today, several pupils were awarded with much deserved certificates for being successful learners and effective contributors, with many good role models showing good focus, concentration and excellent attitude to their learning and the school community. Also presented were two special certificates, chosen by Mrs Gray for skills in PE. The whole of Primary 7 were awarded for their resilience and determination during cross country in poor weather conditions. Excellent!


Head Teacher’s Awards

Today, on the last day of term we were pleased to present Head Teacher’s Awards to more successful role models and successful learners. Well done all! Two children, Sofia and Leah were also recognised for their effort in fundraising for our sponsored walk. The school has now raised over £2400 which is a super amount and a significant amount of this was raised by these two girls.  However, our thanks go to all our young people  who worked so hard to help raise this excellent amount, which will help with future school trips and other resources. Many children were also recognised for their participation in a  recent Sumdog competition.

Harvest Assembly and House Captains

Today we held our harvest Assembly, albeit made shorter by an unplanned fire evacuation! We were delighted to welcome Reverend Fiona Wilson to our service. The children had brought in lots of donations for the foodbank, for which the local church will be taking away items for us. Mrs Duncan showed us some pictures from our very own harvest in school: ‘soup at snack time’ photos showed our soup made by the eco group ad Mrs Howie with Mrs Houston in the Hospitality Department, made from our own home grown vegetables. Out eco committee and school council also received their badges. Three primary 7 children were awarded with their Head Teacher’s Award certificates (they will not be here on Friday due to Operation Safety) and our Houses Captains were also announced.