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Lego WeDo

On Wednesday the 22nd and Tuesday 28th May, we had the pleasure of Mrs Moyes coming to visit our classroom to demonstrate how to use Lego WeDo and also show us how to become the experts.  We learned all about the different jobs within a team and how to look after the resources.  We were able to follow step-by-step instructions to complete projects.  We worked together to make a snail which flashed different colours and even made sounds!  Some of us got to make a working windmill.  She explained to us how we could challenge ourselves in the future.  It was a great learning opportunity and something we can build upon.  Thank you Mrs Moyes!


Code Club Celebration!

Congratulations to all our Code Clubbers this week! To celebrate learning, we invited family members to our final Code Club session this term. Code Clubbers talked confidently about the animations and games they had created using their coding skills. Certificates were awarded to all, including  Mr Muirhead who has been a great help at our Code Club. Miss Purdie, Development Officer, joined us to make a short movie about our Code Club. She is hoping to use this to show other schools how much fun Code Club is and hopefully encourage them to start one too!  I would like to thank all parents who joined us today in this celebration. It has been a delight to run Code Club this year and work with such an enthusiastic and motivated group of pupils. Well done everyone!   Mrs Dyson





P7 – ICT Learning


In Primary 7C this term we are developing our computer coding skills. For the past two weeks we have been using Tynker to create characters and interactive games using coding blocks. So far we are all really enjoying the challenges and have been learning a lot about perseverance as some of the tasks have required us to problem solve and think very carefully.

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