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Crafting at Alma House

Spring was certainly in the air today as a group of 12 P6 and P7 pupils visited Alma House in Dalbeattie. The children visited residents and took part in some Spring and Easter Craft activities with them. Easter Bonnets, cards, and decorated boxes were just some of the items that they created together. The children were fantastic ambassadors for the school and were very engaged in dialogue with residents during the visit. A great example of intergenerational working.

Penalty Shoot Out

On Saturday 25th of March, 7 pupils from P6 and P7 went along to Islecroft to  watch the local football team Dalbeattie Start playing in a match against Edinburgh University. At half time, the boys were invited onto the pitch  and had a penalty shoot out against each other. This was a great experience for the boys being on the full size pitch and trying to save penalties in the full sizes goal. Thank you to Dalbeattie Starr FC for inviting us to be part of the day and we look forward to joining future games and supporting the team.


Heart Start Training

Pupils from Primary 6 and 7 classes have recently participated in Heart Start training a British Heart Foundation Initiative. The pupils learned about emergency life support- as the motto stated,  ‘ Simple Skills Save Lives ‘. Training was delivered by members of the Dalbeattie First Responders team supported by the local Fire Brigade. Thank you to all volunteers who attended training to support with pupils learning.

img_0070 img_0074 img_0077

img_0080 img_0081 img_0085

img_0088 img_0090 img_0091

img_0092 img_0094 img_0104

img_0106 img_0111 img_0115

img_0116 img_0118 img_0120

img_0123 img_0146 img_0148


Primary 7 and Primary 6/7 Outdoor Learning

Today, Primary 6/7 and Primary 7 took their learning about WW2 outside into the playground. They were learning about the number of casualties different countries suffered and were challenged to work in groups to create a human graph.

Team work was vital in this task as the children were asked to choose different ways to use their bodies to represent the different numbers e.g. someone standing upright may represent 100,000 casualties whilst someone sitting represents 100 casualties.

Every group worked together efficiently and came up with some excellent and creative ideas for their human graph.

Here are a few photos showing some of the team work taking place and the final graph.

img_5491  img_5492   img_5494

img_5495     img_5496

Christmas Lights Switch On

Some pupils from Primary 6 attended the switching on of the Christmas Light is Dalbeattie on Friday 2nd of December. The children performed a selection of Christmas songs they had be learning in school. It is always a pleasure to support local events within the community.

light4 lights1 lights2

lights3 lights5

P6 will be going along to the Day Centre later this term to perform their selection of songs again and P3 will be visiting Alma House to share some songs from the Christmas Nativity.

SSFA Soccer Sevens Primary 6

Well done to our Primary 6 football team who took part in the SSFA regional round of the soccer sevens tournament at Palmerston Arena on 22nd of November. The team played very well together on the day and were great representatives for Dalbeattie Primary. They displayed positive attitudes on the pitch and were very sporting at all times.  Out of 8 teams they came fifth. Both Mr Cathro and myself are very proud of the boys and their team achievement. Well done.

Good luck to our P7 team as they prepare to play in their tournament on Tuesday 29th of November.

football5  football4 football3

football2  football1



P6 and P2 Reading Together

On Wednesday morning P6 went to work with P2 in the infant building as we thought it would be a great idea for P6 to read some of P2’s favourite stories to them.  Both classes were very enthusiastic to meet up again and had a great time sharing books.  P6 were very impressed with P2’s reading and it was great to see everyone enjoying their stories.  P2 are looking forward to seeing their P6 friends in the upper playground next year!

Here are some thoughts from the children:-


“I thought my P2 was really good at listening”


” I thought my P2 had really good expression”

” I thought my P2 was great at changing tone when asking questions”


“My partner helped me to read my favourite dinosaur and monster  books”

“My P6 was really nice to me”

DSC07420 DSC07418 DSC07417

DSC07414 DSC07411 DSC07416