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Code Club – Micro:bits

Welcome to our returning Code Clubbers! Mrs Dyson was very impressed with the enthusiasm, perseverance, teamwork and coding skills demonstrated during our Code Club session on using the BBC micro:bit. Well done everyone!  Already, Code Clubbers have had great success programming this handheld micro-computer. They have learned how to use the LEDs to make their own flashing heart badge. They have coded buttons on the micro:bit to show that it’s happy or sad. Mrs Dyson loved the creativity then shown by the group as they created their own codes and shared these. During the next session, Code Clubbers turned their micro:bits into dice and had great fun in our interactive game to catch Mrs Dyson with the highest roller moving one stride closer to her each time. They used their debugging skills when creating code for their game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’. Attaching the micro:bit to a battery pack meant that Code Clubbers could shake their micro:bit and play this interactive game in another Code Club Challenge. Fantastic effort everyone!

Welcome Code Clubbers!

A big welcome to the new members of our Code Club – an after school club led by Mrs Dyson. Code Clubbers worked collaboratively on their first project to create their own animated Rock Band. Aaron, one of our returning Code Clubbers, worked hard on his animated Memory Game. We are also delighted that Mr Muirhead was once again able to come along and support us. Mrs Dyson was very impressed with the enthusiasm and concentration shown by everyone. We all look forward to next week!





Code Club Celebration!

Congratulations to all our Code Clubbers this week! To celebrate learning, we invited family members to our final Code Club session this term. Code Clubbers talked confidently about the animations and games they had created using their coding skills. Certificates were awarded to all, including  Mr Muirhead who has been a great help at our Code Club. Miss Purdie, Development Officer, joined us to make a short movie about our Code Club. She is hoping to use this to show other schools how much fun Code Club is and hopefully encourage them to start one too!  I would like to thank all parents who joined us today in this celebration. It has been a delight to run Code Club this year and work with such an enthusiastic and motivated group of pupils. Well done everyone!   Mrs Dyson





Code Club fun!

Our Code Clubbers enjoyed another busy session at Code Club this week. Keira, Aimee, Millie, Logan and Aaron used code to create their own ChatBot animations. Murdo, Orla and Heather were coding to create their own Dodgeball game. Our Micro:bits arrived so Orla and Heather also investigated how to make their own interactive badge using these pocket-sized computers! Mrs Duncan even popped in to play the animations and games. Mrs Dyson and Mr Muirhead are amazed each week with how well our Code Clubbers are collaborating and progressing. Well done everyone!

sam_1434   sam_1422   sam_1436

sam_1432   sam_1429   sam_1431

sam_1437   sam_1427   sam_1435


Our Code Clubbers continue to develop their computer coding skills at our after-school club with Mrs Dyson and Mr Muirhead. We have five new members who are working on Module One. They have created their own Rock Band and their own Space Animation using the Scratch Coding program. Our more experienced Code Clubbers were introduced to the BBC Micro:bit today and they carried out several investigations using this pocket-sized computer. Mrs Dyson is awaiting the arrival of more Code Club Micro:bits and she is excited about using these in future challenges with our Code Clubbers.  Well done everyone tonight for a super session!           (Note: please click on photos for full size version)

sam_1292   sam_1278   sam_1282

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More Code Club Congratulations!

A few of our Code Clubbers were unable to make our final session of Module 1 so the photo below shows them receiving their certificates. They also shared their thoughts of Code Club. I am very proud of all their efforts over the course of Module 1.    Mrs Dyson


“I enjoyed experimenting and being creative with the projects.” (Myah)

“I liked completing all the projects because they all had a unique style, for example, in Ghostbusters, the ghost kept disappearing to different places.” (Gregor)

“I enjoyed making a selection of games and personalising them.” (Heather)

“I really enjoyed making my Ghostbusters game. I learned to change backgrounds and sprites.” (Tia)