Code Club – Micro:bits

Welcome to our returning Code Clubbers! Mrs Dyson was very impressed with the enthusiasm, perseverance, teamwork and coding skills demonstrated during our Code Club session on using the BBC micro:bit. Well done everyone!  Already, Code Clubbers have had great success programming this handheld micro-computer. They have learned how to use the LEDs to make their own flashing heart badge. They have coded buttons on the micro:bit to show that it’s happy or sad. Mrs Dyson loved the creativity then shown by the group as they created their own codes and shared these. During the next session, Code Clubbers turned their micro:bits into dice and had great fun in our interactive game to catch Mrs Dyson with the highest roller moving one stride closer to her each time. They used their debugging skills when creating code for their game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’. Attaching the micro:bit to a battery pack meant that Code Clubbers could shake their micro:bit and play this interactive game in another Code Club Challenge. Fantastic effort everyone!

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