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P1F’s French Breakfast!

P1 have been learning about healthy eating this term and combined this with their French lessons.  We discussed the importance of breakfast and learned lots of food items in French.  We have been very keen following the visit of Madam Marolleau who just happened to bring some French fruit marmalade for us!  Take a look at all the yummy food we ate!!  Of course we had to ask for it in French!


Healthy Eating

We have been learning where some foods come from and which foods we should eat lots of to stay healthy.

“You should eat a lot of vegetables…but I love cake!”  – Alivia

“Potatoes come from a potato plant.  You need to dig them up.  They are healthy.” – Amelie B

“Your teeth will fall out if you eat a lot of sweeties.” – Mollie

“Eggs are good.  They come from chickens.  You can eat chickens too! – Casey

“We can eat lots of oranges…just little ones!” – Dominic

P1F French Breakfast

P1F have been learning about healthy eating and the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast.  We have also been learning some vocabulary in our French work, of which some words were rather familiar! So we decided to join the learning and have a French breakfast in class.  We practiced our vocabulary and then had to ask for the items we would like in French!  Next we rated each item of food and decided we would love to go to France!!

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P5/6 Japanese Food tasting

Today we had Mrs Ross come and cook for us! She made some fantastic Japanese stir fry food with Udon noodles. We then had traditional Japanese pancakes with fresh fruit and cream. We loved it! We also tasted Wasabi peanuts and seaweed crackers which were very spicy!

We all had a great time and we would like to thank Mrs Ross for taking the time to cook for us, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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