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Children In Need

Today, we ended our successful fundraising week for Children in Need with a Joe Wicks workout, wearing our bright and sporty clothing. The raffle prizes were also drawn. A very big thank you to all who have supported this worthy cause so well. At time of writing we have raised around £650 and a portion of this will go to the Janice Jamieson Memorial Trust Fund to sponsor a student in Malawi. Thank you to the High School for letting us use the Heughan Hall. Thank you all for supporting the spotty raffle with such enthusiasm and thank you to our school pupil councillors for helping to organise the spots!  We are also very grateful to Molly Houston (and mother too) and to Andrew for making and selling cakes to staff. This raised £28.35 which has been added to funds too. Please see facebook for more pictures.


Eco and Pupil Council Committees

Today our new Eco and School Council committees were formed. They are:

Eco Committee

Primary 1: Rose Johnston

Primary 1 /2: Isla Tattersfield

Primary 2/ 3: Kai Hill

Primary 3: Leo Cooper-Rogers

Primary 3/ 4: Freya MacIntosh

Primary 5 /6: Roman Bond

Primary 5: Chloe Campbell

Primary 6: Noah Black

Primary P6 /7: Archie Gilmour

Primary 7: Lewis Brotherston


School Pupil Council:

Primary 1: Henry Hicks

Primary 1 /2: McKenzie Forster

Primary 2/ 3: Lucy Smith

Primary 3: Ben Clark and Evan Kirkpatrick

Primary 3/ 4: Lucas Tattersfield

Primary 5 /6: Bonnie McGlashan

Primary 5: Maisy Pipe

Primary 6: Jamie Robson

Primary P6 /7: Liam Bourhill

Primary 7: Daividh Valentine


Consultation on Existing Primary School

Recently, pupils have been taking part in a consultation about possible future uses of our current school site. School Pupil Councillors collated the information from written questionnaire sheets, which were filled in by children of all ages though-out the school. The School Pupil Council then met with Michelle McRobert of Dalbeattie Community Initiative to discuss some of the issues in more detail. Lots of ideas were taken aware from the meeting…… pupilsworking-on-questionnaires-for-curent-school-use-jan-2017 pupil-council-and-dci-25-1-17