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Bitmoji Staff Scavenger Hunt

Dalbeattie saw lots of new activity for the last week of term. Many of our young people and their families, as well as staff, were out enjoying exercising on their bikes, scooters and feet, around the, ‘Staff Bitmoji Town Trail.”

Armed with an orienteering map, marked with 29 Bitmoji locations, spread all around the town, the challenge was not only to find them, but to guess who the member of staff was. This really got folks thinking, and as many said, “It was tricky to work out who was who.” All who took part reported it was great fun, as it gave, “the whole family a good reason for getting out and about.” Someone even said, “I hope this might be something the school does again, as it’s been really good.”

The highest score for correct identifications, with 28/29, were the Donnelly and the Whalen families, who did some of the trail zooming around the town on their bikes and having fun together.Lots of others were close behind them.Well done all who took part.

And thank you Mrs Gray and all the staff team for organising such a fun and successful activity. We also want to thank Tim & Helen O’ Donoghue from Solway Orienteers, for their invaluable work providing us with a high quality map.”  

Families are also reminded that if they want another trail to do over the holidays, the link on the school blog, to the ‘Woodland Walk Photo Challenge’ is still available,  on a separate post with photos of participants so far, but  don’t scroll down too far in the post as the answers have now been posted! A further town trail has also been added. The  P1/2  Summer Walk Quiz is now available to all further below.

Two other town trails are still available for over the holidays:

Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

P12 Summer photo walk

Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

It has been lovely to see some of you taking part in this activity. If you haven’t already planned to do so, please consider fitting this outdoor learning activity into the remaining weeks of school term.  If you scroll further down this blog page, you will find the link to open the trail and quiz.  I shall not be revealing the answers until Wednesday 1st July but here are some pictures meantime, of some folks enjoying the fresh air in Dalbeattie Town Wood.

Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their pictures and answers. Please don’t look at the answers further below if you still want to do the challenge… Remember you could do it any time in the summer holidays.

So here are the answers and yes, those rods were tricky!

  1. Walking and cycling
  2. Gulls, Herons, Ducks, Grebes
  3. 36
  4. 12
  5. 3
  6. A Way To Look For Light
  7. Shaky Jakey
  8. 2
  9. 3
  10. Scots Pine
  11. 22nd October 1992
  12. 20cm


Outdoor Challenges

Two Outdoor Challenges

Over the remaining weeks of school, why not have a go at one of these two challenges. Please send any photos of your activities by Tuesday 30th June. Thank you

  1. Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

Click the link below for an activity to do with your family. Please email Mrs Howie the answers and, if possible, a photo of you taking part in the activity, which can then be posted on the school blog.

Woodland Walk Photo Quiz

2: One Planet Picnic

As an end of term treat, why not plan a socially distanced ‘One Planet Picnic’:

What is a One Planet Picnic? What is different about a One Planet Picnic?

  • It’s a picnic that is good for you and good for the planet. That means: Choose as many ingredients as you can that are local and seasonal, organically grown or ethically traded.
  • Reduce food waste and packaging waste.

Why hold a One Planet Picnic? There are many reasons. Here are some we can think of:

  • It’s a fun way to get to know some of the great foods and places local to you. Your money goes into the local economy, helping local people and businesses.
  • You will begin to recognise and enjoy foods that are better for the environment. You will reduce packaging and food waste. You can build relationships with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

If you would like more background information from Eco Schools, you can click on the link below for more information. However, remember to carry out your picnic according to the most recent guidance from the Scottish Government in relation to which Phase of the Route map we are in at the time of your picnic.

Please do send a photograph of your picnic!


P1 Searching for flowers….

P1F have been learning about plants and flowers so we decided to go outside to look at how our planters are coming along and see if we could find any flowers we knew….we also enjoyed being out in the sunshine!


We enjoyed drawing some of our flowers.

As we had been talking about springs flowers and animals Roan kindly brought in a birds nest that was in his garden hedge from last year.  It was a great example.  Thank you for bringing it in to show us.