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Primary 1 and 2 Party

Primary 1 and 2 children have just had a fantastic Christmas party. They played traditional games such as ‘I Sent a Letter,’ ‘The Farmer’s in his Den,’ ‘Hokey Cokey,’ ‘Pass The Parcel,’ ‘Musical Statues’ and ‘Corners’  together with some dancing competitions. Before juice and crisps, there was a big surprise:  Santa arrived to give out some little presents! This was quite a highlight for the boys and girls. Thank you Santa! They loved your visit.

Primary 7 Party

Primary 7 have just enjoyed their evening Christmas party  in the Heughan Hall, led by the Sports Leaders of Dalbeattie High School and organised by Miss Clendinning and Mrs Graham. Thanks go to Mrs Duncan, Mrs Murray and Jannie Jean who prepared the refreshments. A great time was had by all. A big thank you to Mr Drennan of DHS PE Department  for helping with the whole event, including the sound system!

Primary 7 Christmas Party

A wonderful evening was held by all when our Primary 7 were our first young people to have their party in our new school hall in Dalbeattie Learning Campus with a delicious buffet being served in the Heughan Hall.  Thanks to  all staff involved for helping to make it a great night. Here are  a  few pictures which help to capture the event….