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Technology Challenges

P3/4 and P4 have thoroughly enjoyed their technology challenges over the last two weeks. Week 1 involved the children making a car with wheels and week 2 was about creating a drawbridge with moving parts. The children have been working together to follow instructions and build their models and they particularity enjoyed using the saws to saw the wood. They had to measure out different lengths of wood and saw them carefully using the sawing stations in the classroom. The children are delighted with their finished products and we even had a race with the cars int he gym hall. Theo and Firth’s car won the race.

Primary 4 and 4/5 Photo Competition

P4 and P4/5 took part in a photo competition as part of their class learning about Dumfries and Galloway this term. The children had to take a creative photograph anywhere in Dumfries and Galloway. Mr Phil McMenemy, a  well know local photographer came  into school today to judge the competition. Well done to all the pupils who entered photographs.



Primary 4 Class Trips

Primary 4 have recently been on two fantastic class trips linked to this terms learning about Dumfries and Galloway. The first trip was to Threave Castle and Gardens and today the class along with P4/5 went a walk through our local forest to the Granite Heart stone.

Below are three reports about the trip to Threave Castle and Gardens and a selection of photos from both trips.

Threave report Lucy

P4 Visit Threave

P4 Visit fantastic Threave Finlay



Pitch Pulse and Magic!

Pupils from P4, P4/5 and P5 enjoyed a visit from two more musicians as part of the Pitch, Pulse and Magic initiative. We were amazed at the playing techniques of the musicians and recognised some of the classical musical pieces from films like ‘Harry Potter’. Pupils worked with the musicians to explore Pitch and we even created our own performance piece linked to an atmospheric poem. This was another great visit and we look forward to exploring ‘Magic’ next term.





Pitch, Pulse and Magic

P4,P4/5 and P5 had their first visit today from two professional musicians as part of the Live Music Now project that the school are lucky enough to be involved in this session.  Rachel and Holly visited the school and performed for the children on their trumpet and tuba. The children were told about the history of each instrument and they participated  in some simple rhythm work to develop pupil awareness of the concept  of pulse. The ladies demonstrated different playing techniques with each instrument and how sounds can be changed.  Through the pieces of music that were played, the children also found out about different styles of music and musical themes. The children were particularly good at identifying popular tunes such as Mission Impossible, Star Wars and Coronation Street. We are looking forward to welcoming 4 more musicians to school later this session as part of the project.

music2 music3 music4

music6 music7  music8

music10 music11 music14