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Christmas Windows

Christmas Window judging has taken place this week and below are the 1st,2nd and 3rd place windows in each school house group. A huge amount of hard work and creativity has gone into all the Christmas Windows around the town. Thank you to everyone that took part in this competition, it really has brought some festive cheer to the local community. Children that participated were presented with a selection box today and winners were presented with certificates and prizes. A huge thank you to Dalbeattie Lions Club in supporting the  school with this competition, providing prizes and selection boxes. A very generous donation of £200 has also been given to the school for school funds.


1st Jasper Burns. His fun depiction of a Grinch Father Christmas was imaginative and fun and was seen from a distance.  Lights for evening too.

2nd Winner is Lucy and Jack Johnstone. It showed how much Christmas is important to Lucy who wanted to come out and explain her Australian creation. Usually her family travelled every Christmas to family and she was very sad to miss going this due to the pandemic so she had her teddy in sunglasses on his deck chair by the backdrop seaside, Christmas tree, campfire, eucalyptus and Aussie beer. Lucy had put a lot of thought into the window display. Lights for night too.

3rd is Lucy Bell. We liked her traditional  cut out Christmas tree and fireplace with Father Christmas halfway up or down the chimney. It was lit with lights for a night show.


1st Katie Harper had Father Christmas and his Reindeers on the way to the Carrot family with lots of presents, twinkling night stars in the sky. Imaginative and filled the window.

2nd. Katie and Samuel Dickie. Their window was well lit. We liked their golden Christmas trees and Gingerbread houses and snowy scene with people.

3rd is Abigail Houston. Lovely silver circle twinkling with lights encircling a Christmas tree, candle lights and snowflakes falling all around. 


1st Fionnlagh and Isabella Docherty’s take on the Nutcracker be it ballet or story. Includes clockwork castle and traditional nutcracker figure. The window is framed with white scrolling.

2nd Nathan Stephen and Nicole Hartley. Father Christmas halfway down the chimney upside down and a snowman watching wide eyed  in the garden. Well lit in the evening.

3rd Mylo Farrimond. Lovely take with a Victorian style shop window.  Asking Santa to stop and see the gifts on offer. A beautiful, doll, car, shop wagon, rocking horse and Victorian set of shops, all lit up with fairy lights and hanging decorations.


1st Ossian Ferguson  – Santa’s Little Helpers – A ferris wheel and helter skelter Christmas Fairground with the little helpers having a party.

2nd Cameron and Connor Hitchell – With their cheery display of a smiling snowman surrounded by  presents and good wishes.

 3rd Andrew Kalotka – Giant snowmen climbing for the star on the top of the tree, and friendly  penguin. 

A few of the other pupils who took part in the competition with their selection boxes.

Christmas in Church End of Term Service

Today, we celebrated the start of the Christmas holidays with another wonderful service in Dalbeattie and Kirkgunzeon Parish Church. The Primary 7s re-told the original First Christmas story, in a ‘Pop Up Nativity,’ with some help from the audience with actions and words and the Primary 3s dressed up as the original Nativity characters of Mary, Joseph, Angels, Wise Men and Shepherds. The whole congregation thoroughly enjoyed their audience participation, interspersed with some wonderful traditional carol singing.


P1 Christmas Enterprise

Last week P1F had a great afternoon selling their Christmas crafts to parents and relatives following a busy week of creating, gluing and glittering! We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for coming and supporting us and helping us raise a fantastic £248.50!! We think this is amazing! Thank you also to Mrs Fitzsimmons’ mum for knitting our Santa and Elf for our raffle and to all of you who bought a ticket.  The winners were Sam in P1 and Kourtney in P6.


Christmas Service in Church December 2018

The school has enjoyed a lovely end of term service in Dalbeattie and Kirkgunzeon Parish Church. The Primary 7 pupils performed a play entitled ‘A Super Christmas,’ directed by Mrs Duncan, where some superheroes were rather worried when they thought they would be out of a job due to a ‘new superhero’ coming to the world. Meanwhile, some shepherds had also heard the news and were on the way to find baby Jesus, following a star which the angel had told them to about. On the way, they met the superheroes and all was explained. Eventually, they all found baby Jesus and the superheroes realised they could still have a useful job but that Jesus, as  Saviour of us all, was there to help us all share God’s love and to feel part of his Church.  Mark Smith then shared his message about Christmas with the children before we all sang the songs we had been practising, Child in a Manger and Ding Dong.

Primary 1 and 2 Party

Primary 1 and 2 children have just had a fantastic Christmas party. They played traditional games such as ‘I Sent a Letter,’ ‘The Farmer’s in his Den,’ ‘Hokey Cokey,’ ‘Pass The Parcel,’ ‘Musical Statues’ and ‘Corners’  together with some dancing competitions. Before juice and crisps, there was a big surprise:  Santa arrived to give out some little presents! This was quite a highlight for the boys and girls. Thank you Santa! They loved your visit.

A King Is Born Nativity December 2018

Primary 1, 1 /2 and 2 have just performed their successful nativity ‘A King Is Born.’ The action follows some children who are too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve. Their Mum decides to tell them a bed-time story and of course, it’s the story of  ‘The First Christmas’ ever. The mum, played by Katie Dickie, then narrates the story which involves all the well- known figures such as the Shepherds, The Angel Gabriel and a host of angels, The Three Kings, Caesar, Roman Soldiers, Census Takers, Inn keepers and Citizens of Bethlehem  together, of course, with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and a donkey. The show was performed once in the evening and once in the afternoon to large audiences. Thank you to everyone who came along. We were also pleased to welcome folks along from the Day Centre. We do hope you all enjoyed it! A big thank you to all the staff who helped make it possible and for all the children for learning all their words and new songs and to the parents who helped out with costumes.