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Primary 1,2 and 3 were all very excited today as Mrs Duncan and Mrs Howie joined their classes to share with them their Book Bug(P1) and Read, Write, Count bags(P2 and P3) . The book bags are part of the Scottish Government initiative which aims to inspire a lifelong love of reading, writing and counting, and strengthen links between home and school learning by supporting parents in taking an active role in their child’s learning to give them the best start in life.  Mrs Duncan and Mrs Howie read the books from each bag with the children and shared the motivating learning games and activities with them. The children were very also very excited to have been given their bags to take home and share with their families. We look forward to gathering  feedback in due course about how families have used these together.

France comes to Dalbeattie Primary!

Last week we were very lucky to have two French teachers in school.  Madam Marolleau and Nadège Bertin were hosted by Mrs Fitzsimmons and Mrs McLean as part of the Nancy-Metz partnership with our region.  Both teachers visited classes in the primary and secondary school, presented PowerPoints, answered numerous questions (in French and English!) joined in lessons and read stories in French!  They had a great week and thoroughly enjoyed their time with all the super pupils and were very impressed by all our work.  Fantastique!




P6 and P2 Reading Together

On Wednesday morning P6 went to work with P2 in the infant building as we thought it would be a great idea for P6 to read some of P2’s favourite stories to them.  Both classes were very enthusiastic to meet up again and had a great time sharing books.  P6 were very impressed with P2’s reading and it was great to see everyone enjoying their stories.  P2 are looking forward to seeing their P6 friends in the upper playground next year!

Here are some thoughts from the children:-


“I thought my P2 was really good at listening”


” I thought my P2 had really good expression”

” I thought my P2 was great at changing tone when asking questions”


“My partner helped me to read my favourite dinosaur and monster  books”

“My P6 was really nice to me”

DSC07420 DSC07418 DSC07417

DSC07414 DSC07411 DSC07416

P6F Sharing their Learning with P2

On Friday P6 invited P2 to their classroom in order to entertain them!  They shared their learning regarding the Caribbean and compared this to Scottish Culture.  Two groups ‘performed’ T.V. shows they had produced while all P6 sang ‘The Banana Boat Song’ and then had a dance with P2.  P6 were super hosts to a very good audience and Mrs McLean even got a mocktail!!

DSC07396 DSC07391 DSC07388

DSC07405 DSC07404 DSC07401

DSC07394 DSC07400 DSC07399

Infant Sports

What a fantastic Sports Day ! Well done to all pupils in Primary 1,2 and 3 . All children participated well and had a fun and enjoyable sports day in the sun. Children took part in team races and then individual races. The team work was fantastic and sporting behaviour shone through. Thank you to all those who joined us today and thank you to staff for organising the event.

IMG_0974  IMG_0981  IMG_0987

IMG_0989  IMG_0991  IMG_0994


Push and Pull Forces

This term primary 2 have been learning about the park for their topic.  This week the children went a walk to the park to learn about push and pull forces.  The children played on the different park equipment and decided whether they were using a pushing or pulling force.  They also took into consideration the positions of the different activities in the park to help them plan their plan views of the park.

I'm pushing and pulling
I’m pushing and pulling
We used our legs to push.
We used our legs to push.
We're pushing
We’re pushing
Push and pull!
Push and pull!
Its push
Its push
I pushed off
I pushed off

Bling Your Bike

As part of our participation in The Big Pedal, Katie from ibike is  supporting us with some cycling activities. The first of the activities was Bling Your Bike for P 1-3 on Friday 22nd April. There were some fantastic bling bikes and scooters.

1st Prize in scooter section : P1 Fraser Davidson, P2 Logan Forster and P3 Lewis White.

1st Prize in bike section : P1 Maisy Pipe, P2 Abi Hart and P3 Amber Latimer.

Special bike prizes : P1 Jack Martin- covered bike completely in pipe cleaners. Daisy Gilmour – even with two flat tyres, Daisy still decorated her bike as a fantastic unicorn.

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.

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