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Sea Life!

We have continued along an underwater theme, which was started by the story of The Rainbow Fish last week.  Some of the activities have been more factual and we have learned about a range of creatures which live in the seas and oceans.  We have made a lovely Rainbow Fish display which developed our scissor skills as we each cut out and decorated a shiny scale.  We also painted our clay fish and explored colours on the light box.  We have been counting to 8, based around the tentacles of an octopus and exploring how to mix paint to create lighter shades of a colour to paint our own fish.

The Rainbow Fish

This week we have focused some of our activities around ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister.  It is a great story to develop the themes of sharing and friendship with the children.  We have been using different media to create our own Rainbow fish and have made a beach themed tray to play in – which we decided to add pirates to!  Our playdough has been decorated with sparkles and we have been changing the words to popular tunes to make them fish related as well.  We have also been fishing for magnetic letters in the water and retelling the story in our own words.  We are still very interested in the book so next week may well be fish themed too!


Teddy Bears’ Picnic

If you had been down at the park yesterday, you’d have been sure of a big surprise…

The afternoon children were there with their teddies for a picnic.  We had some time to play at the park then we did a treasure hunt to find the hidden teddies.  We had races with our bears and then sat in the bandstand for our picnic.  Afterwards we enjoyed playing on the big pitch with the balls.  What a fun afternoon!

Beach Visit

The morning session children from the nursery were joined by the pre-schoolers from the afternoon (and a few mummies) for a visit to Rockcliffe beach yesterday.  We were very excited to be going on the bus!

When we got there we split into groups and completed a range of activities.  We made some beach art, hunted in rockpools and went a walk to the jetty to name just a few things.  We had a picnic snack and played some ball games.  What a great time we had!


The children who are going to school after the holidays have been taking part in some transition activities.  We have had a look around the infant department, had a story in the P1 classroom and playing with the P1s and P2s during their break.  We will continue to build on these experiences in the coming weeks.

Outside Play

With the weather being so nice this week we have been making the most of the opportunity to spend most of our time outside.  The children have enjoyed playing in the garden and on the play equipment in the playground.  The slide and the swing are still the favourites but we have had fun with the water tray, climbing on the tyres and playing “holidays” in the boat.