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Walk in the Woods

To kick start our new topic ‘Autumn’, the boys and girls from the nursery went a walk in the woods.  Despite the wet weather, we stayed dry because “the trees are a big umbrella”.  We had a picnic snack, collected things to take back with us, had lots of fun exploring and enjoyed a story.  We intend to go back again soon.

Pattern Hunt

We went on a pattern hunt to the park.  We were pattern detectives and took binoculars and magnifying glasses to help us.  We were amazed at how many patterns there are around us.  We all got a chance to use the cameras to take photos of what we found – and we took quite a few pictures of our feet and the ground as well!  Below are some of the pictures that we took ourselves.

This week we are beginning our Autumn topic with a walk in the woods on Wednesday and we are concluding our Elmer topic with an Elmer Day celebration on Thursday.

Elmer the Elephant

This week we have started to follow the adventures of Elmer the Elephant, who is a colourful character from the popular stories by David McKee.  We have been using these stories to learn about colour.  We have particularly enjoyed the colour treasure hunts in the garden and filling large elephants with paint in the playground.  In nursery we have been making a large collage of Elmer for the wall, as well as little elephants of our own.  We have played games to help us learn our colours and have sung colour related songs.  We are looking forward to finding out more about Elmer next week, and investigating pattern next.

Painting elephants in the playground.
Painting elephants in the playground.


We are learning to take turns and follow instructions.
We are learning to take turns and follow instructions.
We had to find things to match the colours.
We had to find things to match the colours.


Our large Elmer is filling up!
Our large Elmer is filling up!


We can sort by colour and shape.
We can sort by colour and shape.


In one of the stories, Elmer and the elephants went on stilts so we tried them too! In one of the stories, Elmer and the elephants went on stilts so we tried them too!

058Weaving colours to make the fence patchwork.

Hunting for the coloured sheets!
Hunting for the coloured sheets!


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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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We really enjoyed this traditional favourite.  We acted out the story with different props, sang a song about Goldilocks and had lots of fun spooning porridge into different containers.  Some of us copied and completed patterns using Compare Bears and lots of us made masks.  The masks were mostly of bears but some of us decided to be different animals such as monkeys and cats!

Nursery News

We have been learning all about the Sun and the Moon in the Nursery. We read ‘Whatever Next’ and had a great time re-enacting the story using the same props as the bear in the story.  We then created our own stars and 3D Sun, Moon and Earth to hang in our space role play area, alongside our space ship!  We used different art techniques to create the Sun and Moon on paper too and had lots of interesting chats about what the Sun and Moon might be made of.  We have now watched some super videos which have helped us understand what the Sun and Moon are really made of and why they are important to us on Earth.

We finished off this week being sporty for Sports Relief! We had a workout outside, played a lot of football, rode the bikes and used the exercise equipment inside.  To keep us fuelled up Mrs McLatchie prepared home-made pizza with the help of some keen cooks!

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Nursery News

This week we have been busy learning about transport in the Nursery.  We have been practising our mechanical skills in our ‘garage’, excavating compost with the diggers and building bridges and ramps with a variety of construction materials.  Some of the children helped to create a car mat to play with the toy cars and remote control car on while others created tools to decorate the ‘garage’ using collage materials.  We have been learning about road safety and have been practising crossing the road; everyone understands that we must stop, look and listen and only cross the road when holding an adult’s hand – fantastic!  On Friday we undertook a traffic survey outside the school; we used tally marks to record what vehicles we saw and next week we are going to create pictograms to graph the results of our survey.

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Nursery Fire Station Visit

This week the Nursery visited the fire station as a conclusion to our emergency services topic.  We enjoyed a chilly but, thankfully, dry walk through the park to the fire station.  We got to look at all the equipment that the fire engine carries; we couldn’t believe that it carries 20 hoses!  We got to sit in the fire engine, it was quite loud inside, and we saw the flashing lights and heard the siren!  Some of us used a hose to knock a bucket off a cone, it was VERY powerful.  Others tried on the firefighter’s equipment including wellies, leggings, coat and helmet.  The firefighters told us that they need at least four people to operate the fire engine but ideally have six.  Now we have some budding firefighters in the Nursery!

Thank you very much to all the parents and grandparents that came with us, as always we really appreciate your help.

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