Nursery News

This week we have been busy learning about transport in the Nursery.  We have been practising our mechanical skills in our ‘garage’, excavating compost with the diggers and building bridges and ramps with a variety of construction materials.  Some of the children helped to create a car mat to play with the toy cars and remote control car on while others created tools to decorate the ‘garage’ using collage materials.  We have been learning about road safety and have been practising crossing the road; everyone understands that we must stop, look and listen and only cross the road when holding an adult’s hand – fantastic!  On Friday we undertook a traffic survey outside the school; we used tally marks to record what vehicles we saw and next week we are going to create pictograms to graph the results of our survey.

  055  044  033

  041  036  053

  038  015  029

  002  003  008 

  010  009  045

  010  003  001

  019  033  040

  039  014  017

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