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We have been learning all about the Sun and the Moon in the Nursery. We read ‘Whatever Next’ and had a great time re-enacting the story using the same props as the bear in the story.  We then created our own stars and 3D Sun, Moon and Earth to hang in our space role play area, alongside our space ship!  We used different art techniques to create the Sun and Moon on paper too and had lots of interesting chats about what the Sun and Moon might be made of.  We have now watched some super videos which have helped us understand what the Sun and Moon are really made of and why they are important to us on Earth.

We finished off this week being sporty for Sports Relief! We had a workout outside, played a lot of football, rode the bikes and used the exercise equipment inside.  To keep us fuelled up Mrs McLatchie prepared home-made pizza with the help of some keen cooks!

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