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Eco and Pupil Council Committees

Today our new Eco and School Council committees were formed. They are:

Eco Committee

Primary 1: Rose Johnston

Primary 1 /2: Isla Tattersfield

Primary 2/ 3: Kai Hill

Primary 3: Leo Cooper-Rogers

Primary 3/ 4: Freya MacIntosh

Primary 5 /6: Roman Bond

Primary 5: Chloe Campbell

Primary 6: Noah Black

Primary P6 /7: Archie Gilmour

Primary 7: Lewis Brotherston


School Pupil Council:

Primary 1: Henry Hicks

Primary 1 /2: McKenzie Forster

Primary 2/ 3: Lucy Smith

Primary 3: Ben Clark and Evan Kirkpatrick

Primary 3/ 4: Lucas Tattersfield

Primary 5 /6: Bonnie McGlashan

Primary 5: Maisy Pipe

Primary 6: Jamie Robson

Primary P6 /7: Liam Bourhill

Primary 7: Daividh Valentine


Eco Schools 6th Green Flag Celebration Event

On Friday 17th May 2019, Dalbeattie Primary School held a special event to celebrate the renewal of its Eco Schools green flag- now the 6th awarded to Dalbeattie Primary. Because our feedback from Eco Schools had highlighted the good partnership work we had entered into with parent helpers, local organisations and businesses, it was decided that we would share our success with all who had been involved. One special invited guest was Finlay Carson MSP who had highlighted the school’s eco work at the Scottish Parliament. We are very grateful to Mrs Houston and the Hospitality Department at Dalbeattie High School who prepared and served some wonderful refreshments which included green flag topped cakes! Mrs Duncan and Mrs Howie are both very proud of the eco committee’s participation in the event and are also very grateful to Kate Howard, Musical Director who led contributions from the William Heughan Choir who performed two eco songs. This was in addition to the two songs which the whole school have been practising in recent weeks. Thank you too to all our invited guests for coming along to share in our celebration and to Mrs Murray for overseeing the invitations. Thank you also to Mr Parker who went to new heights to display all  6 of our flags and for suspending our paper mache Earth!



Fairtrade Snack

Thank you to everyone who supported our Fairtrade Snack in school today. So far we have raised £122 for the Fairtrade organisation. The success of the event was due greatly to the wonderful donations we had from Tescos, Co-op and Kinnairds supermarkets.

We were also pleased to welcome Mary van Zwanenberg from the Fairtrade Organsation to our assembly, later in the day. Mary reminded us all about the important message of trying to buy Fairtrade items as this gives the farmers a fairer deal.

Sparling Fish in School!

The School Eco Group and Primary 5 have enjoyed some really interesting learning experiences when they had a visit from Courtney Rowland of the Galloway Fisheries Trust. The children were learning about Sparling Fish, a very rare species which only exists in three Scottish rivers nowadays despite being in fifteen in years gone by. The children learned about the number of eggs spawned, the migration of the fish upstream from estuaries and the fact that they smell like cucumber! We also learned about the problems they face: pollution, over fishing and migration barriers. We are very grateful to Courtney who not only prepared a really interested presentation but who also came equipped with a wonderful array of resources from worksheets to activities to board games, all connected to Sparling Fish. There are no excuses now for not remembering all the key facts. Thank you Miss Rowland!

Litter Survey

Having moved into their new campus around a year ago Dalbeattie Primary Eco Group is keen to keep it looking clean & tidy. To keep up the standards they have relaunched their litter awareness topic.

Last week the Community Safety Team were out and about on one of their engagement days and visited the primary school.

The Eco Group learned about litter and it effect on their local community. They surveyed their school grounds for litter and found some: mostly sweets and crisp packets. It was actually quiet tidy. However, the process was good for the children to understand the type of survey sheets which can be used to grade the appearance of an area in terms of litter.

These type of surveys are carried out three times a year by Keep Scotland Beautiful and determines how clean our roads and streets are compared to other local authority areas in Scotland.

The children learned that litter, especially those plastic in nature often finds its way into a watercourse and end up in the sea, often having a devastating effect on sea creatures.

At their old school, they were often plagued by dog fouling, but with having a secure playground now, they no longer have this issue.

The Eco Group believe that we all need to work together to keep our area clean & tidy.


Sparling Goes To School Part 2

Today we had a visit from Jack Wootton from Galloway Fisheries Trust with some real live Sparling! Our Primary 5 Class and Eco Group were very pleased to see the fish first hand. Jack was able to bring the pupils out in small groups to look at the fish close up in a bucket and he also lifted them out of the water briefly to see them from a side view. It was interesting to se how they were camouflaged from the top and that the female fish was bigger than the male due to the huge number of eggs which she carries. We heard more about the project being undertaken by Jack and he told us about the numbers of Sparling he had just recently found in the Cree River. We also got more of an understanding about how important this project is for Scotland. Today, a camera man came to film Jack talking to us. The footage will be used in a documentary highlighting the importance of the project and will be shared amongst wildlife experts at conferences and for use in further research work as a reference tool. Jack was very impressed with the amount of information Mrs Dyson’s Primary 5 class had retained from his last visit and with the sheer number of relevant questions the pupils were coming up with. Lots of hands kept going up, eager to know more!




Sparling Fish Project

Today, Primary 5 together with our Eco Group were delighted to welcome Jack Wootton into school to talk about a special project which he is working on behalf of Galloway Fisheries Trust. Our young learners were very interested to hear about how the Sparling are endangered, having once been in 15 Scottish rivers, they now survive in only three. One of these rivers is The Cree.  Mr Wootton explained how sensitive the fish are to any conditions which might change the environment of the river they are living in. We heard about water dams, pollution and intense fishing all being issues affecting the species. We also learned about the life cycle of Sparling including where they spawn, how they are washed down to estuaries and then their movement back up rivers when conditions are best. Mr Wootton is working to safeguard the Sparlings’ existence in the Cree and is also looking to introduce the fish back into other suitable rivers. The children learned about how important it is not to make detrimental changes to our eco system. It was interesting to hear that, historically, that the River Urr once had Sparling too. The children were also intrigued to learn that the fish smells like cucumber, that its body is transparent when looked at from the underside and that some eggs are so small, they are less than 1mm in diameter. The children were asked for suggestions about how we can safeguard this species in Scottish rivers for the future and there were many good ideas put forward. Our Eco Group and Primary 5 are very keen to been involved in this project as it continues over the next few months and to track its progress. The children were also excited to hear there was possibility that Mr Wootton might be able to bring in some real live Sparling for us to look at!  We are very grateful to Mr Wootton for his interesting talk: many of our young people found his enthusiasm for his work very motivational and he may even have inspired some of them to pursue careers in safeguarding wildlife in the years to come!



Fairtrade Breakfast 2.3.18

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather conditions to come into school early today for our Fairtrade Breakfast. We had 82 people attending which is a super turn-out in our bid to share awareness of Fairtrade food items.  Activities such as these help us to retain our Fair Achiever status for our school. We are very grateful to assistance from Mrs Houston from Dalbeattie’s Hospitality department and the school kitchen and also to Mr Parker, Mrs Dyson, Mrs Cox, Mrs McMinn, and Mrs Robison for all their help. And of course we are so grateful to Kinnairds, Dalbeattie Co-op and Tesco Castle Douglas and to Mary Van Zwanenberg from the Kirkcudbright Traidcraft Group for supporting our event with donations of Fairtrade food items. Here are just a few of the pictures from the event. Any profits raised is going towards purchasing Fairtrade footballs to help to continue to spread awareness.