Eco Schools News Round Up Term 1

Our Eco Schools work has been  a little different this term as we are keeping to working within our bubbles. As last year’s committees did not complete a year of work, we have continued with the previous committee members time being.  Recently the ‘upper school bubble’ has been working on a few projects. Over the term, we have harvested vegetables and set them out for parents and carers to make use of in return for donations. This was instead of making soup for the whole school, which would have been difficult due to current restrictions.  We raised £70 through this. The eco councillors have also been lifting last year’s Edina bulbs and re-planting them, re-filling the bird feeders and having a look through the outdoor curricular linked learning resources, paid for by a kind donation from Dalbeattie Rotary Club,  which have arrived so far.


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