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Pine Home Learning 3

Well Hello Pinettes – how are you all doing?

This week we thought we might put on some Christmas Activities for you all.



Movies – have you watched any good Christmas Movies?

Wilson suggestion is ‘Polar Express’ it is magical, and she watches it every year!

Boyle has picked ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ which she watched on Sunday, Mr Boyle liked it too!

Logan watched ‘Nativity’ with her children at the weekend and they all really liked it.

Shields says ‘E.T’. it may not be a Christmas movie but she likes to watch it at Christmas – it is lovely!


Music and Dance – as you know we love music in the Pine Room so a few suggestions.

Disney Junior Best Junior Holiday Music

The Reindeer Hokey Pokey

The Christmas Freeze


Arts and Crafts

Crafts meet Kids 

This website has some great ideas for crafts and cards.

Frugal Fun with Boys

Cute reindeer ornaments.

BBC Bitesize Wreath



Some experiments for anyone that wants to do some Science at home – some are simple some are a bit more complicated.

Christmas Science for Kids


Cookery  – a variety of different fun ideas!!

Christmas Cookery for Kids


Makaton – practice your signing with some Christmas Songs!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Dominick the Donkey

White Christmas


Numeracy – counting and singing!

Five Candy Canes


Literacy – a few Christmas Stories.

If you ever want to bring a pirate to meet Santa – Don’t!!

Olaf’s night before Christmas.

Well Pinettes have a lovely week – see you all soon!!!

Love the Pine Ladies.


Virtual Singing Hands

Today we had a very special activity. We signed on to see and join in signing, singing and dancing with Singing Hands today.  They sang lots of Christmas songs some of which we have been learning in class. We had our jingle bells out for “Jingle bells” we jingled them along with our friends. We used our interactive song board for “5 little snowmen” which was very fun and we counted the snowmen. Then we had our reindeer antlers on for “Rudolph the re nosed reindeer” and “5 little reindeer” this may be another one we add to our interactive song board collection as we love doing these.

Pine Class Learning at Home 1

Well Hello Pine Class!!!

How are you all?

The Pine Ladies are missing you and hoping you are all well and keeping busy. 😀

Have you read the story The Little Red Hen – it is a classic!

Did you enjoy it?

Free Red Hen Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

Which of the farm yard animal was your favourite?

Singing hands will show you the Makaton signs for some farmyard animals – click on the link Farmyard Animals


Bread dough is always a popular choice for  Sensory Play –

Mix 200gms Bread Flour, 1/2 tsp Salt, 2tsp Dried quick-acting Yeast and 1/2tsp Oil together then slowly add 125mls Warm Water.

We always mix this up in a basin, cover with cling film and then a tea towel and leave somewhere warm for an hour or so.

And let the Science happen!!! 👩‍🔬 Has is doubled in size?? Put some flour on the table and have fun – cut out shapes, roll and stretch the dough or you could bake the dough.🍞

Have you looked up the Makaton Sign for RED (Wilson asked you so do Yellow – Silly Wilson!) Singing Hands Colours🌈

We enjoy Colour Sorting Activities in the Pine Room – if you are looking for some ideas there is a link below.

Colour Sorting Activities


Boyle and Shields looked for some RED things in the classroom.

Singing  🎵


You’ve got a friend in me – Makaton signs

Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream?

Well what have the Pine Ladies been up to??

Wilson and Logan have been working with the Beech Children, Boyle and Shields have been sorting out the Pine classroom getting it all ready for your return Pinettes!!!

See you soon

Love the Pine Ladies


Hallowe’en in the Pine Room!🎃

Oh it is Hallowe’en in the Pine Room.🎃

This successful learner started her week off by working on her writing skills

Using the Feelings Bar to convey how you feel.


Numeracy, MOVE and AAC Devices for these successful learners.

Spooky Counting Songs and Halloween Matching Games – using our Makaton as we go!

Sustainable Development Goal 12(SDG) – We are Responsible CitizensRecycling, Reusing and Reducing where we can – using the milk carton lids to create art!!

Sensory Flour Play – looking for spiders and other bugs!!!

Working on our Fine Motor Skills – finding tiny Hallowe’en shapes.

Reading ‘Room on the Broom’ a class favourite.

This ECO-Captain says save your paint – wrap it up in a designated zip lock bag for another day.

With our Rainbow Theme we decided to be Rainbow Superheroes – can you guess who is behind each mask?????

The very reluctant Green Superhero!!

Hallowe’en Art with the paint saved from last week – such responsible citizens – SDG 12

Using the different textured brushes was great fun and created lots of different effects.

Hello there!!

Working on our SQA Unit – Recognising a Fictional Character. We have chosen the Colour Monster we like best from the story ‘The Color Monster’ now we are identifying characteristics or features and expressing our opinions about them.

SDG 12 – Recycling the used Batteries and Reusing the Milk Cartons for Halloween.

Our finished textured Art – spooky bats!!


Mr Carl Fredricksen from UP!!


Getting Spooky in the Pine Room!!!!

“Off with your Head!!”

How much fun can we have with a Pumpkin??

Guess Who???

Ready to make some mask???


MOVE – this skeleton is dancing to some spooky music.

Let us in on the joke!!

Have a spooky weekend everyone!!!

Successful learning during Makaton literacy group

The Makaton literacy group this week were experiencing vegetable signs and symbols. We looked at the symbols and tried to copy the signs. We then had fun printing and painting with the vegetables. They were all confident individuals rolling and moulding the playdough do make different vegetables and add details to the different pies.


One of the activities we carried out this week for our LGBT Theme was making colourful hanging hearts.

We confidently used them for lots of different learning activities. Counted them and  made sure everyone had all 6 colours, we signed all of the colours, we arranged the hearts into the correct size orders and then we strung them all together – don’t they look pretty