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Successful learning during Makaton literacy group

The Makaton literacy group this week were experiencing vegetable signs and symbols. We looked at the symbols and tried to copy the signs. We then had fun printing and painting with the vegetables. They were all confident individuals rolling and moulding the playdough do make different vegetables and add details to the different pies.


One of the activities we carried out this week for our LGBT Theme was making colourful hanging hearts.

We confidently used them for lots of different learning activities. Counted them and  made sure everyone had all 6 colours, we signed all of the colours, we arranged the hearts into the correct size orders and then we strung them all together – don’t they look pretty


Literacy streaming – Makaton

The boys and girls in the signing group and learning new signs and developing their signing skills weekly. We focus on hand shape and placement of the sign and the boys and girls are confident individuals trying all the signs throughout the afternoon. This week we focussed on the colours.

Please click the link to see the super video of us sharing our knowledge of colours.