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Pine Home Learning 3

Well Hello Pinettes – how are you all doing?

This week we thought we might put on some Christmas Activities for you all.



Movies – have you watched any good Christmas Movies?

Wilson suggestion is ‘Polar Express’ it is magical, and she watches it every year!

Boyle has picked ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ which she watched on Sunday, Mr Boyle liked it too!

Logan watched ‘Nativity’ with her children at the weekend and they all really liked it.

Shields says ‘E.T’. it may not be a Christmas movie but she likes to watch it at Christmas – it is lovely!


Music and Dance – as you know we love music in the Pine Room so a few suggestions.

Disney Junior Best Junior Holiday Music

The Reindeer Hokey Pokey

The Christmas Freeze


Arts and Crafts

Crafts meet Kids 

This website has some great ideas for crafts and cards.

Frugal Fun with Boys

Cute reindeer ornaments.

BBC Bitesize Wreath



Some experiments for anyone that wants to do some Science at home – some are simple some are a bit more complicated.

Christmas Science for Kids


Cookery  – a variety of different fun ideas!!

Christmas Cookery for Kids


Makaton – practice your signing with some Christmas Songs!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Dominick the Donkey

White Christmas


Numeracy – counting and singing!

Five Candy Canes


Literacy – a few Christmas Stories.

If you ever want to bring a pirate to meet Santa – Don’t!!

Olaf’s night before Christmas.

Well Pinettes have a lovely week – see you all soon!!!

Love the Pine Ladies.