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FAOL – Enterprise – Stars Topsy Turvy Planter

*Responsible Citizens      *Successful Learners

We followed instructions to make a topsy turvy planter from an old plastic bottle. We planted a sunflower plant inside it and hung it in the garden. We will keep it well watered and see how it grows. Afterwards we did some more weeding and planting work in our big garden planter.

POLO Week in the Stars Class

*Confident Individuals         *Effective Contributors

The Stars class were not blessed with good weather for our outdoor education slots during POLO week. We were met with very heavy rain indeed! We did manage to create colourful water pistol pictures then used the water pistols to try and knock down upturned cups. We collected greenery and flowers to make crowns and made sure our plants were well watered on dry days. Our planned story time underneath the garden canopy took place indoors but we enjoyed ‘Wee Granny’s Magic Bag’ none the less!

Platinum Jubilee in the Stars Class

*Successful Learners        *Effective Contributors

We participated in lots of activities to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We wore a crown and robe, did a scavenger hunt, read a funny story called ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and made crown biscuits at HE. Wearing golden crowns we had a lovely picnic in the garden and played parachute games with the Moonbeams. The Corgi cupcakes were really good too at our jubilee lunch on Tuesday.


Ready for the Jubilee Weekend in the Pine Room!

These successful learners are carrying out a spot of gardening.

Ready to bake some Chocolate Chip Cookies ..Ready, Steady, Cook!!!

Art and Literacy, this week’s letter is ‘W’ and we made lovely pictures of Whale for our Alphabet Books.

The Letter W Song

Jubilee Celebrations – ready for the long weekend, we loved this story.

The Queen’s Knickers

and a dance…

Jubilee 5 a Day

The Pine Class wish you all a lovely weekend.


Volley Ball Numeracy in the Pine Room

We had great fun playing Balloon Volley Ball in Numeracy this week, we were very successful learners! We counted the balloons, counted the bounces, identified the colours, we practised our gross motor skills by throwing them up in the air, hitting  and kicking them  – all while doing our MOVE – what great exercise.

Biscuit making for SQA Baking – we worked on handling the dough.

This week’s literacy letter was ‘U’.

We made lovely umbrella pictures for our books, and enjoyed listening to the  Letter U song – challenge how many words can you think of that start with the letter U?

The Letter U

Have a lovely relaxing weekend everyone


Digital Week in the Stars

*Successful Learners

We had a good week using many types of digital technology. We used the I Pad to take directed photographs in the garden and played many games and activities on the Promethean Board. We talked about many changes in technology, made tasty smoothies using a switch and watched a story using a QR code. We had fun using beebots with Miss Smith and making a telephone from paper cups and string (it really worked!) and compared it with today’s handsets and mobiles. Gaming safety was discussed and not to share information. We used technology to cross the road on our outing when we used the pelican crossing.