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Thank Our Lucky Stars

The Stars class were successful learners this week when doing our Eco work. We learnt about some boys and girls living abroad who had to go to work so were not able to go to school. We are very thankful we are able to go to school living in Scotland. We were responsible citizens when voting for Pupil Council posts. Good luck to all the candidates. We formed initial letters of our names using twigs from the garden and at theme art did leaf printing and created a raccoon and porcupine for our ‘Over the Hedge’ wall display. At science we made a fizzy volcano.

End of Term

Hello everybody.

I can’t believe it’s the end of term already! What a strange way to end this year. We have to say farewell to our two leavers and wish you all the best in the future. You will be missed! Keep your eyes peeled for some visitors this week! Everyone else I hope you enjoy the summer and I’ll see you at after the holidays in our new normal way of working. You should also look out out for visitors this week too!

Below are some ideas for over summer. You can pick and choose whatever you would like to do.

summer mindfulness colouring

summer grid

design your own sunglasses

design your own hat

activity booklet

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Tuesday the 16th of June

Hello everyone,

It’s the second last week of term! How did that happen? It has definitely been a different term at Willowbank. This week we would have had two big activities. The prom was meant to be this Friday and we would have had a POLO (Power Off Learning Outside) day as well.  The activities for this week are a mix of the two events. I hope that you have lots of fun doing them.

Here are this week’s activities Home learning 16th June

There will be a virtual prom at the end of the week. I have listed some of the dances that we will be doing but feel free to make your own playlist and your own amazing dance moves. Send pictures of you at your virtual prom.

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Stars Activities 9

Hi Everyone. Hope all is well with you. All the Stars class ladies are doing fine and enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. 🌞

This week is POLO (Power Off Learn Outside) Week at Willowbank so we thought you might like to do some of the activities we’d be doing at school.

CD Wind Spinners Ornament 

You will need – old CD, string or ribbon, PVA glue, sequins, buttons, glitter, scissors


Mrs Chisholm made spinners with her daughter Evie. Aren’t they good?

Garden Treasure Hunt 


5 stones

8 pegs

2 gardening gloves

6 weeds

1 trowel

3 plant pots

7 daisies

9 twigs

4 leaves

10 buttercups

Write the number beside the bundle of things you’ve collected using twigs, chalk or painted on the slabs with a paintbrush and water.

Also – Make a circle from stones

Make a triangle from twigs

Leaf Name 

Write your name from some of the things you’ve collected or write with chalk. Get your family to write their names too.

Mrs Logan was busy with her children writing their names. Looks like they want to be in the Stars class too!

Paper Plane Challenge 

Make and decorate some paper planes with your family. Who’s plane can fly the farthest?


Mrs Westerman made some paper planes with her wee grandson, Liam. They used pages from his colouring book. Liam had great fun flying his planes.

We hope you choose to do some of these activities. Remember to send us your comments or photos. We’d love to hear how you are getting on.

Have Fun! Keep Safe!   ❤😊

Home learning and week 3 of 30 Days Wild

Hi everyone.

So this is week 3 of the 30 Days Wild challenge. I hope you have been getting involved. Here is the video.



This week we thought you could have fun playing a game of balloon tennis with the family. Blow up a balloon and you can hit to each other with your hand, use a racquet or make your own with a paper plate.


Do you have jigsaws at home?  Try and see if you can complete one.  All the ladies had fun completing them at home.


We know that we all love cooking, so why not help to bake or make a tasty treat. The Sunflower ladies are very talented and made different cakes.


And finally we thought you could get a little messy and have fun. Use shaving foam to do some mark making. We had lots of fun writing letters and even a little message for you all. 🙂




Stars Activities 8

Hi everyone. We hope all is good for you and that you are enjoying the mild weather. 🌞

Helping at home

Our families do lots around the house to look after us. Maybe you could help them do some chores. Why don’t you help………

Set the dinner table

Clear the dinner table

Wipe the dinner table

Wash and dry the dishes

Vacuum any crumbs up

Brush the floor


Mrs Logan, Mrs Westerman and Mrs Gardner have been very busy doing these chores around our own homes.


Balloon Rocket

Mrs Chisholm and her family had a great time making balloon rockets. Her children enjoyed this activity so much that they showed their teacher’s at their own school what they had done.

Why don’t you try making a balloon rocket too. All you need is some string, scissors, a straw, balloon and sellotape.



Picture Dominoes

We have good fun matching the pictures in this game. If you don’t have a picture dominoes game at home why don’t you print out these farm animal picture dominoes.




This is one of our favourite stories but read today by James McAvoy.


If you choose to do any of these activities then why don’t you send us a comment or some photographs. We’d love to hear from you.

Have Fun! Stay Safe!   ❤☺




Monday 8th June

Hello everybody!

Another week already! I hope you are all still keeping well. The weather for this week looks quite mixed. The home learning this week is a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities so you can dodge any potential rain showers! I have chosen two activities from Wilderness Outdoor Education. They have lots of good activities. You all know I like my food so there is another fire-pit recipe and some work around the human body. I would love to see pictures of your creations.

Here is this week’s learning. Home learning 8th June

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Sungazers 8th June 2020

Good Morning Sungazers! Hope that you are all doing well?

This week we are going to the thinking about Sun Safety – what do we need to do/wear in the sunshine to keep us all safe!

Stay Safe in the Sun - WELCOA

Here are 3 activities to try at home –

  • Read through these posters – can you recognise all of these things to keep us safe in the sun?

sun safety posters (1)

  • Suncream Song – have fun learning this song about applying sun cream. It is to the tune ‘1,2,3,4,5, Once I Caught A Fish Alive’.

sun cream song


  • Lastly, here is a cut and stick activity – what would you put in your beach bag?

sun safety beach bag


Have a wonderful week and remember to please email us any photos of you completing your work – we would love to see you!  Sun Safety | Gillibrand Primary School

Team Sungazers

Monday the 1st of June

Hello everybody,

I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend. The Transition team enjoyed the weather in their gardens and there were a few BBQs. If we had been at school we would have taken part in Sports Day this week. Keep your eyes peeled for a whole school sports day video on the blog this week.

Below is the link to this week’s home learning if you would like some ideas for activities.

Home learning 1st June

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Home learning – Dear Zoo and more

Tomorrow would have been our school sports day so keep an eye out for our sports day videos. You can join in with all the staff doing lots of different races with your family. Have lots of fun!



Have a look at this video of Singing Hands signing the story “Dear Zoo”.


Now let’s do some activities related to this.

We made some snakes and some lion masks. Can you make some too? Or can you thing of another animal in story and make a different animal craft.

We used paper plates of circles of paper and added strips of other colours to make the lion mane.

The snakes we got lots of strips of paper and made a paper chain and then added a face. Mrs Adair did some super folding of the paper to make her snake.

Check out this video where we use a special dice and have to act out the different animal moves or sounds. You can join in too. 🙂



We are now into June and lots of people will be taking part in the annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild. We want you to do one wild thing each day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and the planet. They are fun and the ladies will be joining in too. Please watch the video to see first 7 activities.


Save the animals and toys.

Some of the ladies have been using their fine motor skills to save teddies and toys from the bobbles and elastic bands. Mrs Russell showed her using a special loom band board


Ball skills

Can you roll a ball or orange through a some tunnels in your house? Can you kick a ball through tunnels in your house or garden? The ladies have been having a go. Just use anything to create a tunnel paper is an easy option.


Rocket making

Can you make a rocket and see how far it travels? Use a straw, and paper to create your very own. Watch the video to see how to make it and to see how far the rockets the ladies made go.