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Pine is in the Pink!


We are all being Responsible Citizens and learning about Bees as part of our Science project – bees are so important for the environment. This week planted some pansies to put outside our classroom to see if the few bees that are still about were attracted to them!

Continuing our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) and our Rainbow Theme, we have moved onto the colour Pink and started a new story called ‘The Flamingo that didn’t want to be pink’. It is a lovely story, and you guessed it, the baby flamingo did not want to be pink!! We all picked the animal in the story that we liked best, a zebra, a parrot or even a chameleon.  And then we played a number game of finding the numbers on the bottom of flamingos.

We have been Successful Learners and done lots of different Colour Sorting and matching activities.

Checking out the new fan from our Weather Box, it creates better wind than the last one.

Here is the winner of Wednesday’s Domino’s – a very excited boy!!!

This has been a busy and very quick week – we hope you all enjoy your long weekend and are looking forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday.




Thank Our Lucky Stars

The Stars class were successful learners this week when doing our Eco work. We learnt about some boys and girls living abroad who had to go to work so were not able to go to school. We are very thankful we are able to go to school living in Scotland. We were responsible citizens when voting for Pupil Council posts. Good luck to all the candidates. We formed initial letters of our names using twigs from the garden and at theme art did leaf printing and created a raccoon and porcupine for our ‘Over the Hedge’ wall display. At science we made a fizzy volcano.

Amazing Discoveries

The Stars class have been confident individuals and successful learners whilst enjoying outside activities when the weather is good. We have been looking at the garden trees and how they change over the year. We created lovely pictures for the class wall of the four seasons of the tree. We discussed our needs and wants this week and had a great time with the car ramp deciding which slopes and surfaces made our cars go farther……and faster! We enjoyed hearing the story of the ‘Loaves and Fishes’ and were amazed at how five wee loaves and two fishes could feed five thousand people!

‘Hello’ from the Stars Class

Wishing you a warm ‘hello’ from the Stars class. We have all settled in well to our new group and are enjoying activities. We have been successful learners doing hard work both indoors and in the sensory garden. We have been learning about ourselves and our new classmates by doing activities together. This week we created DVD spinners for the garden and enjoyed making a grass head caterpillar. We will keep it well watered and see how it grows. It might need a hair cut soon!

Power Off, Learning Outdoors

Good Morning 🙂

This week we would have been taking part in POLO day and completing lots of outdoor learning activities.

Below are some activities you can try at home, in your garden or when going out for a walk.


  1. Walk barefoot on grass. How does it feel?
  2. Have an outdoor picnic with your family.
  3. Blow some bubbles and walk through some bubbles
  4. Make colourful drawings on the ground using chalk
  5. Collect some natural material such as flowers, sticks etc. Press them into some playdough or clay, then remove them, to create a natural picture
  6. Create a stick raft and see how far it can travel. Collect lots of sticks and tie them together with the help of an adult. Place your raft in water and give it a little push. Does it float?

Have fun 🙂

Sungazers 8th June 2020

Good Morning Sungazers! Hope that you are all doing well?

This week we are going to the thinking about Sun Safety – what do we need to do/wear in the sunshine to keep us all safe!

Stay Safe in the Sun - WELCOA

Here are 3 activities to try at home –

  • Read through these posters – can you recognise all of these things to keep us safe in the sun?

sun safety posters (1)

  • Suncream Song – have fun learning this song about applying sun cream. It is to the tune ‘1,2,3,4,5, Once I Caught A Fish Alive’.

sun cream song


  • Lastly, here is a cut and stick activity – what would you put in your beach bag?

sun safety beach bag


Have a wonderful week and remember to please email us any photos of you completing your work – we would love to see you!  Sun Safety | Gillibrand Primary School

Team Sungazers

Weekly Activities- 1st June

Good Morning Daisies!

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the lovely weather we are having again. Below are some activity ideas for the week. You can complete as many or as few as you would like.


  1. Use chalk or a wet paint brush to make marks on the ground or pavement. Can you make any letters or write your name?                                                               
  2. Count how many steps it takes you to move from one room in your house to another. Does the number change if you take big steps & little steps?                                                                                                                                               
  3. Can you help your family to make the dinner? Look for different ingredients and stir these in a bowl with support.                     
  4. Create a picture of your family. You could use art resources or different materials you can find in your house or garden.
  5. Stay safe in the sun- help to get ready to spend time in the sun by putting on a hat and sunglasses, and helping an adult to apply your sun-cream.                                                                                                     



Have fun and don’t forget to send some photos of you completing activities to kris.campbell@eastayrshire.org.uk 🙂


Sungazers – 1/6/20

It’s June! Hope everyone has been enjoying this wonderful sunshine and is keeping safe!

This weeks task is a cookery one. At the weekend, Mrs Skinner and Mrs  Coulter were busy making ladybird biscuits with their families and thought you would like to join in too – it was great fun!

We have used – digestive biscuits, red icing, icing pens to decorate and any other icing decorations we could find in our cupboards.  Why don’t you have a go too – they were really tasty!


We also have a lovely story about a ladybird. It is called ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and you can find it on Youtube.


Have a great week!

Team Sungazers

Guess the Career

This young man has been very busy last week, it was career week at Willowbank school.  He has been a very successful learner and actively engaged in all the tasks set.

The Oak class were set some challenges to try out some jobs.  I am happy to share these fantastic photos of this young man certainly working hard all week as always.

Can you guess the work he is doing from the list below;


Car washer



Fitness Instructor