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Successful Learners – Literacy

The Transition boys put in great effort this week with their Literacy work. They were all Succesful Learners. They answered tricky questions on Peter Pan on the interactive board. Keiran helped us understand the word rummage by demonstrating it to the class. Some boys typed in answers and some clicked and dragged to make connections or sequences. The last question was particularly difficult, but with few revisions we managed to get a class score of 100%. Well done boys!


ILP Targets Success – Successful Learners

The boys were Successful Learners this week when completing individual numeracy work. The tasks included balancing numbers, telling the time in different parts of the world, sharing a whole item, counting money and matching activities to morning or afternoon. Each boy showed excellent understanding and great effort at their numeracy work.


It has been all about Literacy this week.

In the Oak class we have worked hard on our literacy, listening and talking skills.  We have all been confident individuals when looking and describing what we see in pictures.  We enjoyed looking at our self in the mirror, we have a class who really enjoy admiring themselves.

Everyone had to complete a portrait of themselves and then confidently stand and share their features of hair colour and eye colour to the class.  We were very proud of the loud clear and confident voices used when talking to their friends.

We have been working on improving our reading skills and recognising the sound two letters make when they are put together.  We were successful learners working on our own sounds and could roll and read the words.

We have had effective contributors working well with a partner to complete a jigsaw puzzle with some gestural support from an adult.  Lots of great team work and problem solving whilst working against the clock to complete.

Welcome Back Pine Class – we have missed you!

We were all so HAPPY to be back together in the Pine Room – Hooray!!!

Have you met Mrs McLaughlin, she is a new Pine Lady!

Our Interdisciplinary Theme is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we are working on character identification – this is Sleepy!

And this is Happy!

Lets get moving and get our exercises done.

In Science we are planting and watching things grow – order your Lettuce and Spinach from the Pine Class – ready about June!!

Remember the water!!!

“I can use my Flapper to pat down the soil”

Ready for Assembly.

It was great to see all our School Friends and we loved this new song

Cover me in Sunshine

“Hello…Mr Campbell”

Time for some MOVE – hand exercises and stretching out.

MOVE and Numeracy  – making choices!

This successful learner is helping others with their counting skills.

Responsible Citizen – getting the lettuce watered.


An unimpressed winner!

Sensory Fun.

Getting ready to work on our Motor Skills.

“Hello! Welcome to the Pine Class, today I will be talking to some of the Students about their experiences so far this week”

” We had Fantastic Chocolate Cake today for snack – will that happen everyday?”

“I am having a great week and have loved seeing all my friends.”

“This coming to school is great!! BUT not as great as KILLIE!!!”

“No Comment!”

Shields sing us another song!!

Another Sunny Song to practice your signing.

Here comes the Sun

Dancing ourselves Dizzy – MOVE Fun!

Some Storytelling  after snack –  think there was a goal scored??

Global Goal 17

World Earth day is observed every year on the 22nd of April to help create awareness about pollution and to celebrate the environment of our blue planet.  Today we made lovely sun-catchers, kept the lights turned out (as much as possible) and made a parachute den, that we had a sing song in!!    Click the link below to watch and listen to a lovely wee story.

Last Tree in the City

“Happy Earth Day”

Again, using my multi purpose flapper for this task!


Look up !!

The view from the floor – Amazing!

Fun with Torches.

Pine Class Friends.

Friday Morning DISCO!!! What a confident individual.

Baby Shark Rap!!!

First week of all being together has been great, we are all very tired and ready for the weekend.

See you all Monday


FAOL – ECO/Sustainable Development – Partnership for the Goals

Successful Learners           Responsible Citizens                                                          Confident Individuals         Effective Contributors

We chose photographs and created an Article 17 poster showing that children have a right to get information that is important to their health and well-being. We watched Newsround to get current information about Covid 19 and did activities relating to this issue and how to keep safe and happy.

Happy Easter

We enjoyed a playing balloon volleyball with our class friends, some of our boys are working on their fear of balloons.  They did very well playing this game, and were effective contributors when working as a team to keep the balloon off the ground.

We made some Easter masks, we were successful learners when completing this task.  We were working on our literacy to colour our masks.  We were listening to a three step instruction and also our fine motor skills.

We enjoyed taking part in some Easter art activities, everyone in the Oak class hope that you all have ‘A CRACKING EASTER’.

We also had to work on our reading skills, we cracked open our eggs and read the action. We enjoyed performing these to music, we found the wheelbarrow fun but hard work!

Then we had an egg hunt in the class, some of the class friends enjoyed sitting watching the hunt and waiting on the chocolate eggs being brought to them to eat! Team work, I think!

Have a lovely Easter and we look forward to being back together soon!