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Oak Class Pet

Breaking news Oak class, we have BUTTERFLIES! We have 2 so far and hoping the other 3 will make an appearance any day soon.

Have a look at the video that has been made for you, Mrs Murray has given these caterpillars a lot of love and chat to encourage them to keep growing. The video will show you the life cycle of our butterflies. Did you guess the colour correctly? Click here to watch the video.

Take care everyone and hopefully there will be more photos coming soon of the other butterflies.

Career Week

Our focus this week will be for everyone to be confident individuals and a successful learner in at least one occupation.

We would love for everyone to actively engage in as many occupations as you can this week.

We have created a ‘Guess Who’ game for you to enjoy and have a go at guessing the occupation.Click here for the link to our YouTube channel.

Everyday there will be a different job for you to take part in, there is no obligation to take part but if you do please email your photos to Mr Campbell. We would love to share your photos on our blog, as we know everyone is missing seeing one another.

Monday – Cleaner

Dish washing, hoovering, dusting, tidy up your toys

Tuesday – Photographer

Use a camera, phone, iPad and photos of all your favourite things in your house.

Wednesday – Window Cleaner / Car Washer

Get an adult to help you clean the windows or the car / van.

Thursday – Fitness Instructor

Get your family moving, use the sheets from our previous posts alphabet exercise and number exercise to make up your family work out.

Friday – Waiter

Can you set the table for dinner? Serve your family their dinner and then clear the table afterwards.

Have a game of ‘I Spy a Career’ with your family, click on the link to play career work.

Have a lovely week and we will be in touch this week, stay safe and take care.

Oak Young Man Working Hard

We are delighted to share with you all photos of this Oak pupil taking part in his weekly activities! They all look great and it looks as though you have been having fun!

Below we have a butterfly colour prediction, an amazing looking breakfast and an outside den!


Here we have some garden hose reading activities, followed by shadow drawing, well done!

Daily exercise and stick collecting to paint and create this wonderful rainbow, which is proudly displayed in the window for all to see! Fantastic and thank you for sharing with us! We are all very proud of you, keep it up!


Weekly Oak Activities

Hi everyone, we hope you are all well! Let’s find out what activities we have for this week.


What do I need? Partner, paper and pencil.

Choose someone in the house to play a game of ‘I Spy’ with you. Write down the letter of the item you are trying to guess.  Once you have guessed it correctly, ask an adult to spell it out for you and practice your handwriting.


What do I need? Paper and pens

Ask an adult to help you with this task, the adult needs to hide one of your favourite toys.  The adult needs to make a directional map using arrows for you to follow to find your toy. (for example: start forward 10 steps, turn right, forward 2 steps, turn left, forward 3 steps, etc until you reach the finish position).

Cooking –   Lunchtime meals 

This week try and be a confident individual and try and make your own lunch.

Mr Robertson enjoyed a sandwich and Miss Miller had some soup for her lunch.  What will you have?


Below are some links to our YouTube channel for a video on how to make a sandwich or a toastie for lunch.

Gammon Sandwich

Click Here


Ham & Cheese Toastie

Click Here

Class Pet:  

Our caterpillars are safely within their cocoons now, Mrs Murray transferred them into their butterfly house.  This was a lot of responsibility and Mrs Murray was nervous as she didn’t want to harm any of them. Hopefully by next week we may have some butterflies.

Watch the video on youtube – Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Instructions. Click here



This week can you all sing and sign the song ‘Better Place’ by singing hands.  You will find this video on YouTube, click here

Life Skills: 

This week can you look out your clean clothes for each day. Have a chat with an adult about what clothes you need to put on.  Make sure you put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket before going to bed at night.


Keeping with our Rainbow theme for this Lockdown, make another Lockdown keepsake for you and your family. Click here to watch a video

Make a rainbow handprint of all your family and paint it once it is dry.  Here is what you need for your salt dough recipe;

250g plain flour (if you are lucky enough to have flour)

125g table salt

125ml water

Once you have created your salt dough handprint before baking in the oven, put a BBQ skewer into the bottom of the hand as this will help you to display your family handprints in an upright position. Also cut out the handprint before putting in the oven.

Have fun this week and remember stay home and stay safe.  We are all missing you! Glad to hear you are all doing great at home, proud of you and keep it up!


Let’s Get Busy Oak Team

Well Oak team, here is another week of activities for you all to try out at home.  You are under no obligation to complete, however if you do please leave a comment as we would love to know how you are and if you are enjoying your activities.

I haven’t had any song requests yet, for a new dance.  You must have a favourite song you would like to dance to!

Let’s get started with your activities for the week.


Shadow Drawing

What do I need? – Chalk, sun and a partner

There has to be more sunshine this week, so get out into the garden.  If you have chalk, choose someone in your family to stand and create their shadow.  With help draw around their shadow and reveal their outline!  If you do not have chalk get some paper, pencil and a toy and draw round the shadow of your chosen toy. Who does this shadow look like?

Lockdown Rainbow

What do I need? – Paint, sticks, paper, paint brushes, (frame is optional)

Again on your daily walk or in your garden can you find more sticks. You could make a stick rainbow picture and put it in a frame as ‘Lockdown’ 2020 keepsake.  I will post a finished picture of ours once it is complete but here it is so far;



Disappearing Words

What do I need? – Chalk, garden hose / squirty bottle and water

Get an adult to write some sight or tricky words on the ground.  The adult will shout out a word and you have to identify the correct word and then use your hose or water bottle to make the words disappear. The words can be names of people in your family, people in school, everyday words that you use or hear (bed, toilet, drink, food, etc)


Family Bingo 

What do I need? – paper, pens, YouTube and your family

If you do not have bingo cards at home, get an adult to put 12 numbers on a piece of paper, (numbers range from 1-90). Get everyone in your family to play, everyone needs a card, then use YouTube bingo caller for the numbers.

Choose a prize before you start the game and see who wins!


Breakfast Meal– What do you like to eat for breakfast? Cereal? Toast? Eggs?

Every morning this week try and get your own breakfast, on Monday you need help from an adult but maybe by Friday you can do most of it by yourself.

Think about what you need, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, bread or milk.

Here are some faces you will recognise, this is what they like for breakfast;


Life Skills: 

Each week you will have a different focus, this week we would like you to  concentrate on making your bed. 

IDL – Can you look around your house or garden and find things that could make a den / tent.  If you have a tent, put it up in the garden this week and have fun in it.

Music – I hope you are all still singing and signing, each week we will have a different singing hands song to focus on.  Find their videos on Youtube and get the family all taking part. From the singing bag a new song will be revealed each week. This week we are going to be singing, Million Dreams! Have fun!

Class pet update – Butterflies

All five not so little caterpillars are  doing well, they have almost ate all their food now! They are getting so big, I think it may be time for the next stage of their life cycle! They look as though they are about to get comfy, stop eating and hang on the lid to spin themselves into chrysalis. Once they are in this comfy cocoon this is where they transform into beautiful butterflies.  I wonder what colour they will be? Have you made you butterfly pictures and guessed their colour yet? I wonder if anyone will get it right!


Get Active

Let’s get active and keep moving our bodies! We are responsible for our body so being active will help you keep a healthy body and healthy mind.

Get you and your family dancing, look out for Mrs Murray’s dance videos on our Willowbank YouTube channel. At present we have five dances that you can do, so that is a different one for everyday of the week.  More are being made so if you have a song request, leave it in the comment section of this blog and I will get a dance made up for you.

Each week I will give you words that you need to spell and write down, with the help from someone at home find out the action from the alphabet exercise sheet below and create your workout routine.  You need to complete ten of each exercise or if you want a challenge can you do the action for 30 seconds.

Words for this week; Your own name, family, home, sunshine, exercise.

Another exercise workout for you and your family, below we have 12 exercises. You need to try all 12 exercises, choose a number between 1-12 and perform the exercise for 30 seconds. Keep choosing a different number until you have completed them all. Have fun and get your whole family doing it with you.

Get Creative

Good Morning Oak Team! I hope you are all well and below is the details of activity 1 for this week! Remember to leave comments on this post on how you are finding the tasks that are being set.

 Activity 1 

What do I need? – A bag, blank piece of paper, pencil and a creative mine

On your daily walk or in your garden can you have a look around and find anything interesting that could create a lovely picture.



Empty all your findings onto the ground and sort them into piles of the same items, like below;

Ask an adult to draw a circle at the top of the blank paper, like below;

1) Can you use your material to make a person?

2) Can you make a picture of everyone in your family?

3) How many differerent ways can you a picture of a person using what you have found?

Here are some examples below;



Caterpillar / Butterfly progress

We are on Day 9 of our tranformation cycle of caterpillar into butterfly. They are getting a lot bigger and growing lots of little hairs all over their body.






Class Pet

Mrs Murray is taking care of the Oak class pet, we are growing butterflies. It takes a long time for the caterpillars to turn into butterflies, so each week we will have an update on how they are growing and developing.  If all caterpillars are strong and cared for well we should have five beautiful butterflies to release into the world once they are strong enough.

They arrived last week and this is what they looked like at Day 1;

They came with a house, once they turn into butterflies they will be put in their house and given some sugar to feed on until they are ready to be released. Here is their house;

Already the caterpillars are growing, they are getting longer and are starting to move a lot more.  The tub that they are living in just now is filled with silk webs that the caterpillars produce.  Mrs Murray was keeping an eye on them and making sure they were all moving and doing ok.  Whilst watching them one of the caterpillars did the toilet! These are the black dots you may be able to see in the tub.

This is our caterpillars on Day 5


Activity 1

Have a think about what colour our butterflies may be.  Try and draw a butterfly and colour it in with your predications. Or get an adult to draw one for you and you can colour it in.

Activity 2

Research on google about the different types of butterflies you can find and ask an adult to read to you  the life cycle of a caterpillar growing into a butterfly.

Activity 3

You can create a timeline using words and pictures for the life cycle of our butterflies.  Each week check the blog for the update on our class pet and see if they are matching your timeline.