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Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow it’s only a day away!

Get ready for Willowbank Prom at Home! Tomorrow there will be a link found on here that will take you to your dancing playlist!

Get all the family together, have fun, dance, and enjoy your favourite snack.

Remember if you take any photos then please email them to Mrs Murray as we would love to share your Prom photos with everyone.



Prom Week!

Well, everyone, it is the week of Prom. In school, we would have been taking part in activities related to Prom.  So here are some you can try at home.


Can you make some cupcakes for Prom day to enjoy as a treat.  Literacy skills will also be used in this task.  Listen to the adult reading the recipe and then follow the instructions.  Below is the recipe then you can choose to decorate them any way you like.

  cupcake recipe 1

Art –

We would have made some tissue paper flowers in school and gave it to someone special.  Try and make some of these beautiful flowers at home.  Then choose who you give it to, you could go your daily walk and drop it at their doorstep.  This will make someone’s day be very special. Click here to find a tutorial on how to make the flowers.

Also, we will find out who has been made Willowbank Prom King and Queen 2020. Can you make a crown at home and model it around the house.  It can be made from paper of natural items you find out on your walk.  

Literacy –

Draw a large circle on a piece of paper, think of everyone that has been in your class this year.  Can you write all their names inside this circle, don’t forget the adults too! Can you sign their names, by fingerspelling their first initial of their name.  If you need some help click on the link below to find out how to sign the letters.


Can you get an adult to draw an outline of a person and, think about what you would wear to prom. Can you design an outfit, or from your wardrobe pick out the best clothes that you think would be suitable to wear to prom.

Music –

Friday is Prom day, however, if you want to practice some of the dances then below is some from the playlist;

Casper Slide

Hokey Cokey


Have fun and if you complete any of the activities please email them and we will share on the school blog.




Good Morning everyone!

Well, it is the official countdown to Prom 2020 for our four leavers! Our Willowbank Prom would have taken place on Friday 19th June, we do not want this occasion to pass without it being celebrated, as a lot of hard work had been put into the preparations for Prom.

So Willowbank is providing a virtual prom for every pupil and their family.  We would love for as many people to be involved as possible, make your ‘Prom At Home’ special.  Get dressed up, make your favourite snack, and then on Friday 19th June click on the Prom link which will be found on our blog and this will take you to our Willowbank Prom Playlist.

Have fun dancing with your family, take photos and send them to Mrs Murray.  Mrs Murray is hoping to do a video with all your Prom At Home photos. Send them to eanicola.murray@glow.sch.uk

Click here to view a short video that has been for you.


A Camping We Will Go

Hello Oak class, well this was supposed to be the week of our Big Sleepover.  So it would have been a very camping based week in school so we will continue with this theme in your weekly challenges.

We have made you a video for you, Mrs Murray, Miss Miller, Mrs Livingstone and Mr Robertson taking part in a home camping task. Click here to watch.

Literacy –

  1. Can you name, sign, write some of the items you may take with you on a camping trip.
  2.  Nighttime scavenger hunt, lights out and only use your torchlight to find the items on the list below.


Numeracy –

You will need cocktail sticks and either mini marshmallows or fruit pastels to help engineer a variety of structures. Also some kitchen roll may be useful to help build your tent. Enjoy eating the sweets once you have finished.

Click on this link for the Shape Powerpoint

Cooking –

Who does not love pizza! Well let’s make it healthy click here to watch the video to make your own healthy pizza.

Art –

Time to make a firepit and tent pictures using paint, your hands, and feet. Here are some examples, get creative and enjoy!

Music –

If we were camping together we would of all enjoyed singing together around our campfire.  Click here to listen to camping song, then continue to sing your favourite songs

Life Skills –

Can you look out the clothes you need to wear for each day?  First, look outside and check the weather, then think about what kind of clothes would be suitable to wear today. Is it warm enough for shorts? Is it raining, should you wear trousers?

Personal Care Routine

  1. Wash your hands (the most important skill of this year, and especially important for returning to school)
  2. Wash your face, look in the mirror is it clean?
  3. Brush your teeth as independently as possible.
  4. Use your deodorant
  5. Brush your hair apply gel if you want


Sports Week & Challenges

So Oak class welcome to another week, things are starting to change with lockdown but for now we are still working from home.

We have made you a video to recap all the rules of lockdown in the next phase. Click here to watch.

Literacy –

Let’s make someone in your family smile, can you make them a rainbow card and then post it to them. Get an adult to help you with your spelling for the words on your card. Click here to watch a video on how to make the card.

If you do not have coloured paper, use white paper and colour in your hearts. You will need to get an adult to help cut out the love hearts.  When they are cutting this out, you too can be working on your cutting skills.      

Numeracy –

Family Time BINGO

Ask an adult to make a bingo card for everyone using o’clock and half past the hour.  If you have a printer you can access time bingo cards from the twinkl website.

Cooking –

Can you make your own lunch, how about making a cheese and ham toastie. Miss Miller has a video you can watch to find out how to make one.  Click here to watch the video.

Art –

On your daily walk or in your garden can you collect sticks, flowers, grass anything that would make a lovely picture. You will also need some salt or sugar to shake over your hand to reveal your hand outline.  Here are some examples below;

Music –

This week can you get your family to sing one of our favourite songs, Love my Life.  Click here to watch the video.

PE –

Sports day would have been this week, so keep checking in with the blog and school app as there will be a secondary sports day video.  All the staff have taken part in some fun races, you could try them out with your family.  We would love to see any photos of your family lockdown sports day.

Cosmic yoga – as a class we enjoy taking part in these sessions after lunch.  Click here to try out a session about a butterfly.

Class Pet –

All the butterflies have been released apart from one.  We had four healthy butterflies and one had a broken wing.  So it is unable to fly so Mrs Murray is going to continue to look after it at home. It has enjoyed more fresh flowers, apples, and pineapple this weekend.



Guess the Career

This young man has been very busy last week, it was career week at Willowbank school.  He has been a very successful learner and actively engaged in all the tasks set.

The Oak class were set some challenges to try out some jobs.  I am happy to share these fantastic photos of this young man certainly working hard all week as always.

Can you guess the work he is doing from the list below;


Car washer



Fitness Instructor

Oak Weekly Challenges

We hope you have great week and enjoy the sunshine after a miserable weekend. Below we have included some activities that we hope you have fun trying out. There is no pressure to complete, however if you do we would love to see your photos.

Literacy –    

This week your challenge is to take food orders for your family.  Use your writing and communication skills and also don’t forget your signs.

  1. Can your write down the food item they would like?
  2.  Can you ask them ‘What do you want to eat?’
  3.  Can you ask them ‘Would you like a drink?’

Numeracy – 

Can you identify all the coins up to the value of £2. Get a cupcake tin and ask an adult to write the coin value.  From a selection of coin in a bowl, can you read the price tag, or listen to the price and identify the correct coin.

Cooking –

Let’s make chocolate brownies, a video has been made so click here to view the video and find out how to make them.

Art –

On your daily walk can you keep an eye out for stones.  A variety of sizes will be ideal as you are going to paint and use them as decorations for your garden.  If you have acrylic paint and clear lacquer this will be perfect to keep your design looking good and make them weatherproof.  Below is an idea but get creative and design your stones in any way you like.

The Oak class has a great artist, Miss Miller has created this lovely picture to represent all the classes that make up our school. Have an attempt at making your own Willow tree drawing. We look forward to seeing them and sharing with them with everyone.


Topic Work –

On your daily walk can you see how many signs you can identify. You could take a picture with an adult’s phone.  Then at home you can make a poster of all the signs you seen in your local community.  Can you tell everyone in your family what the sign says / means?


Music –

Get your family singing and signing along to this song, click here.  Feel free to send us any videos of you having a family sing a long. Click here for the link to Singing Hands video ‘Best Day of My Life’.

Life Skills –

These week your focus is to load / empty the dishwasher. Wash / dry the dishes in the sink. Do you know where everything goes? Where does the cutlery go? What about the plates?

Class Pet – Butterflies

I have fantastic news to share with you all, our five caterpillars have now grown into five beautiful butterflies! It is almost time to release them and let them fly free.  Mrs Murray is going to be very sad as she has loved looking after them!  Click here to see what they have been eating to help get strong and prepare them for moving on.

Have a great week Oak team! Continue with all your hard work, everyone is doing so well and we miss you greatly! Stay safe