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Outdoor Learning

Today we were celebrating the power of outdoor learning.  We combined this with our moment in history for our country.  We were all effective contributors to make a Scotland flag with our chalk sticks.  Then we wrote ‘COME ON SCOTLAND’. Great team work in the Oak class here!


We had fun trying out a water trick, we had a cup with a small amount of water in it, then a ping pong ball.  We had to swirl the water round and round and then drop the cup to see how high we could get the ball to catapult up into the sky.

We are Superheroes

Today we have had a great day raising awareness of the MOVE programme.  We are all Superheroes this year and we enjoyed a fun filled Friday with Superhero games and lots of dancing!

Captain America Power Shield, ready steady throw! Many different techniques were put the test,the most successful one was walk over and place the shield in the tray, completed by this young man below!  

Kryptonite Dispenser, lots of team work was needed to succeed in this mission and we are happy to say everyone managed to complete their mission.

Superhero Speed Game- It was a race against the clock to match all the colours, it all got very competitive!

Superhero Powers were put into action to find who was hiding the Villain.  Everyone managed to find the person who was hiding the Joker.


Using our hands we had to feel around the basket and guess what was hiding inside whilst being blind folded.

A great day had by all!

Enterprise – The Oak Tree Cafe

This week we enjoyed the opening of our Oak Tree Cafe (within class) as part of our class Enterprise. Everyone had to choose lollipop sticks to reveal their role within the cafe. We had some customers, front of house, waiter, dish washer and cashier.

We all were effective contributors to make the cafe successful, we will change the roles and continue to develop or independence within a cafe setting.


IDL Beauty & The Beast

Our IDL work this term is based on Beauty and the Beast.  We have been working hard on identifying personality qualities in our self and our friends.

We have been discussing the important people in our life and who is around us that care and provide us with helps.

Everyone took part in lessons with confidence and were effective contributors sharing this information with their friends.

As a class we enjoy looking through our photos and remembering the activities that we have taken part in.  We had great team work between two pupils, who worked together to sort all our class photos for the full class.

We cut out the pictures of the story and  put them in order to re tell the story. Everyone’s story had a slight variation, but everyone’s made sense.



Road Safety and Friendship

Over the past two weeks we have enjoyed going out a walk in small groups.  We have had great conversation, interaction with our friends and played ‘I Spy’ to take in what we could see around us.

Confident individuals when working on communication, everyone initiated  conversation with their friends and adults.

Whilst we were out our walk the route was to cross as many roads as possible to give us the opportunity to work on road safety and awareness.