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Volley Ball Numeracy in the Pine Room

We had great fun playing Balloon Volley Ball in Numeracy this week, we were very successful learners! We counted the balloons, counted the bounces, identified the colours, we practised our gross motor skills by throwing them up in the air, hitting  and kicking them  – all while doing our MOVE – what great exercise.

Biscuit making for SQA Baking – we worked on handling the dough.

This week’s literacy letter was ‘U’.

We made lovely umbrella pictures for our books, and enjoyed listening to the  Letter U song – challenge how many words can you think of that start with the letter U?

The Letter U

Have a lovely relaxing weekend everyone


Robert Burns Celebrations

Successful Learners     Effective Contributors

The Moonbeams enjoyed learning about Robert Burns this week. They enjoyed smelling and tasting some Scottish food and drink also. The children helped to make shortbread which they all agreed tasted delicious.


Take a look at some of our other activities from this week. The children participated during Rebound and created a Tornado in a bottle during a Science lesson while learning about extreme weathers.

Christmas Learning in the Pine Room

We had a lovely Christmas Jumper day in the Pine  Room and Friday means ‘FRIYAY DISCO!’ and lots of MOVE.

Are you dancing?

Have Mustang will travel!

A lap of the room and back to the board to put on some good tunes – no more ‘Let it go’ or ‘Baby Shark’  PLEASE!!!

Now for some science, we were successful learners using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in a zip lock bag to make growing snowman heads!


What cool outfits!

‘What are you having for lunch?’

We have a Santa in the Classroom and everyday as part of Numeracy we pop a balloon on his beard – our Countdown to Christmas!

We have been doing lots of Christmas Counting too here is a few favourites.

Nine little Reindeers

Ten Elves in the Bed

Ready to PARTY Pine Class! A wee game and lots of dancing – MOVE too!!!

Few Songs we are loving this week.

Feliz Navidad

I Ho, Ho, Hope its Santa Claus

All I want for Christmas is you

Mele Kalikimaka

Sensory Play or is it just messy play!!

Literacy – Some of the books from our Advent selection this week that we really enjoyed.

The Naughty List

Santa’s Twelve Days of Christmas

The Unicorns are coming to Town

Santa and Joannie the Elf played us a wee visit all the way from the North Pole! Photos will be sent out.

Little bit of Craft.

We all had a fantastic time listening to Singing Hands.

Well have a fab weekend everyone.


FAOL: ECO / Sustainable Development – Zero Hunger

Successful Learners     Responsible Citizens

As part of learning about zero hunger. The Moonbeams were learning the difference between needs and wants. They were able to sort a variety of things including shelter, fruits and vegetables, sweets and electronics into the two categories.

We also made up some different Christmas meals, some with lots of food and some with very little. The children were then able to match the different of emotions displayed on children’s faces to the dinner plates.

Pine Class class say Goodbye to Autumn

For Saint Andrew’s Day we were successful learners and created some lovely art.

Thistles using different colours of wool.

We have enjoyed our Autumn Stories, especially ‘There was an Old Lady who swallowed some leaves’, so we made some cool artwork using coffee filters, felt pens and the water spray.

There was an Old Lady that swallowed some leaves

We also made some lovely suncatchers for the windows

More St.  Andrew’s Day Art – Scottie Dog – we made our choices  “should they be white or black?”

“Who made all the mess?”

Well MOVE just got a lot more exciting for this young man!!!


Are we ready for the Pine Class Ceilidh??

The DJ is ready…

The Gay Gordons – step in time Boyle.

Forward for 4 back for 4 – great counting!!!

Strictly Come Dancing isn’t an option for us, we would lose points for laughing!!!

Sorry about the lack of photos – but we were all just having too much fun dancing!!

Some links to what we loved as a class.

Ya cannae shove yer Granny aff a bus!

The Gay Gordons

Marie’s Wedding

Three Craws

Donald where’s yer troosers?


This week in Literacy we are working on the Letter G, looking for lots of words that start with this letter.


Below are a few song links for the letter G, they have one for each letter if you want to have a look.

The Letter G Song

English Sing Sing G

Beautiful Goose Art work

A flock of Geese!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Children In Need

Effective Contributors     Responsible Citizens

The Moonbeams donated money to the Children In Need Charity and came dressed in spots to help support and raise awareness for the excellent work the charity do to help ensure every child in the UK is safe, happy, secure and has the opportunities they need to reach their potential.

The children enjoyed some Pudsey inspired activities today and put their cooking, counting and colouring skills into practice. Take a look at our fun day!

IDL: Food and Technologies – Bird Feeders

Successful Learners   Confident Individuals

As part of our Food theme the Moonbeams wanted to explore bird seeds and make bird feeders. The children worked well together to make the feeders. The Moonbeams will hang them up around the sensory garden on Monday and hopefully observe the birds eating them.


The Moonbeams had great fun singing songs about food using the stretchy band.

National Maths week in the Pine Class

This is National Maths Week we have been doing even more counting than usual in the Pine Room.

We were successful learners and make some cool Willowbank buses, we counted the silver squares, added two wheels and a Willowbank badge and decided which of our friends we wanted to join us in the bus.

Amazing Work!!!

We starting working on our SQA Baking Unit – making choices of what we liked!

Continuing with our Literacy and Art Sessions and the Letter B – these confident individuals worked on some Brown Bear Pictures.

We have been working on our Food Theme – Don’t Waste your Food – and got some work done for our Display Board, bananas, bread, apples and lettuce, we used lots of different art techniques.

Reading Spinderella for Numeracy ….lots of counting and clapping not always in time!!!

Counting the GOALS for these two football mad boys!!!

A class number hunt.

But don’t forget the MOVE!!!

We love to count the blocks …and knock them down!!!

These Responsible Citizens were learning all about where to put your recycling, lead by or Vice-Eco Captain.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


National Maths Week

Successful Learners    Confident Individuals

The Moonbeams have been learning through a variety of math concepts this week.  They have been identifying shapes and making pictures. They have been counting objects related to their theme. The children enjoyed making musical instruments using foods. They were counting out and measuring the dried foods using measuring jugs and pouring them into bottles of different sizes.

Pine Class – Successful Learners in Art


This week we were successful learners learning a new paint technique in Art – pulling the paint across the paper using a ruler, very effective BUT we cannot tell you what we are doing with it – it is a Christmas secret!!!



I am a happy happy boy!!!

Ready for some Animal Boogie??

Making masks for next weeks’ MacMillan – responsible citizens.

Great friends in the Pine Room.

Sensory Cookery involves lots of skills numeracy – counting the cases, identifying the different objects and colours, working on our motor skills  and our MOVE  when we exercising our hands.

Oh no – they just jumped out of the tray!!!!

Literacy and Art – working on the letter ‘A’ – all will be revealed next week!!!

This successful learner working on her I-gaze skills!!

Confident individuals working on their matching skills.

Our fantastic 50 Things Art from last week.

More Literacy work – matching the ‘A’ pictures and  we love the Alphabet songs…

…..successful story sequencing.

Sun is out – so lets go bowling – STRIKE!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!