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Confident Individuals             Effective Contributors

The Moonbeams have enjoyed their outdoor learning sessions today. They had lots of fun creating potions and recipes in our outdoor kitchen and played well together while on the outdoor apparatus and playground equipment.

The class also enjoyed visiting the Swans and feeding them during our outing to Kay Park on Monday.

POLO in the Pine Room!!

Power of Learning Outdoors – POLO Successful Learning in the Garden – look at our lettuce and onions!!!

Signing Practice – Baby Shark

We anticipated that Friday’s weather might not be so good – so we carried out some of our POLO Activities earlier in the week


We were working on our 50 Things too and instead of waiting for rain we created some!!!


Are you ready???

Water Balloons – throw them!!!

Literacy outside too!!

What a funny story!!!

Ready for some bubble wrap Art

What a bunch of Confident Individuals in Art!!!

What a Responsible Citizen.

Successful Learners Numeracy and MOVE

Knock it down…knock it down…..

….Well done!!!!!!

Sensory Cereal Play – using our fine motor skills looking for small candy eyeballs!!!

Crunch and pop!!! Different textures and feels.




Football Fun!!!


Squishy Painting

Using the Bubble Machine too!!

Great Copying.

Creating ’cause and effect’ with the switches.

Great fun in Numeracy playing Snakes and Ladders.

Have a great relaxing weekend everyone!!!!

MOVE Day – Superhero Day!

The Snowdrops had a SUPER day celebrating our school’s MOVE programme. We all dressed us as superheroes and had lots of fun doing superhero themed activities.

We started the day with Superhero themed wake up songs so we were alert to go on a Villain hunt:

Then we played Superhero corners. There was lots of dancing and we had to listen to hear which superhero corner to run to:

After some play outside and our snack, we got to work making our Superhero shields:

There were some green spiders loose in the class (aah) and we pretended to be Spiderman and catch all the spiders on our webs:

At the end of the day, we relaxed and enjoyed a well-earned Superhero cupcake at snack time. Yummy!

We all had lots and lots of fun!

Superhero Day

Confident Individuals       Effective Contributors

We had a fantastic Superhero Day celebrating MOVE. We enjoyed superhero cupcakes and created masks. We played games using the Captain America shields we made yesterday and enjoyed a super villain game. We danced, did exercises and watched the MOVE video which showcased all the great MOVE activities we do at Willowbank. A very happy day.

MOVE – Superhero Day

The Transition class had a wonderful time on Friday for our MOVE celebration. Sir Tom was even present – a real life superhero. The boys started the day well with some cake before starting their challenges. the boys had to hunt the villain, safely move the kryptonite, work as a team to get through the hula-hoop, make some superhero masks and then complete a superhero challenge. Every boy tried their hardest and did very well. A fun filled day!


Today was whole school MOVE Day – we all dressed up as Superheros.

We even had a banner and balloons in the atrium for a photo opportunity.

Look at our photos!

We made our own superhero masks this morning with tissue paper and sparkly gems.  We also chose our favourite superhero and used the numbered puzzle pieces to help make up the superhero.

This afternoon we were confident individuals and had fun outside playing games. We played musical statues and superhero corners. We have had a great day.


MOVE Superhero Day!


The Planets class loved today’s special MOVE celebration day. We loved dressing up as superheroes and created Captain America’s shields.

We also played some games including using our Captain America shields as frisbees, we attempted to move kryptonite using garden canes and we played mission blast using balloons. We had lots of fun!

Pine Class Apple Crumble Superheroes

Our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) Topic is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and this week we were thinking again about Apples, which are very important in the story. Some of us made Apple Crumble and some of us enjoyed Apple Crumble Sensory Play – chopped apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, oats, butter and flour – lots of different textures and smells.

Literacy, matching the Dwarfs with the Color Monster feelings, Happy is the Yellow Monster  – a favourite of a few in class!!

Grumpy is the Red Monster – but he still gets a giggle!!

Achoo!!! For Sneezy!!!

Grumpy or Happy????

Choosing Happy – great MOVE today – sitting in a class without the hoist for support – WELL DONE!!!!!

Listening to magical Snow White Songs.

Art, looking for jewels like the dwarfs – glue and glitter fun!!!

Friday the 4th of June is Superhero and MOVE  Day.

Girls saving the World!!!

Great sitting!!

Let the DISCO begin!!!

Link to the Mini Disco – we loved it!!!

Non Stop Mini Disco

Have a SUPER weekend everyone!!!