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Spring Chickens in the Pine Room 🐥

Monday was Holi, Hindu Festival of Colour which celebrates the arrival of spring.

CBeebies Holi

Instead of throwing paint Boyle thought tissue paper wouldn’t be as messy.

This confident individual, enjoyed making a Holi Spring Tree.

Working on our stretching skills.

We made some lovely Easter Sun-catchers in Art, sitting in our lift pants and practicing our sitting skills.

Bounce Patrol Easter Bunny Bop 🐰

Using sticky plastic and coloured tissue paper.


This successful learner worked on his gripping skills, using clothes pegs and pom-poms to paint.

Easter Art for this confident individual.

Great sitting – Well Done!!!

MOVE, Stretching, relaxing and laughing!!!

WOW!!! 1, 2 Easter Egg Sun Catchers!!

Outside in the sunshine, chalk shadows and looking for spring flowers.

I am the Music Man – this Fly Swatter has so many uses!!!

This confident individual was trying to unzip his jacket after being outside in the garden – well done!!!

Making Sun-catchers – holding the tissue paper ready to drop it! The sticky plastic is stuck to my jumper!!

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit!!!

Ready for some Art, practicing our standing skills too!

1,2,3,4 Easter Egg sun-catchers.

Happy Easter Pinettes – see you all soon

The Pine Ladies


I am Spring Chicken🐥

Welcome Back Pine Class!!

Well we are welcoming back some Pinettes this week!

Monday, Numeracy and MOVE was our focus these confident individuals were building towers …and having great fun knocking them down!!!

Following the Rainbow Dots 1,2,3…..

Someone needed a rest – great sitting!

This happy boy was enjoying some new Singing Hands Videos.

So lets practice our signing and our numbers.

Elephant have Wrinkles🐘🐘🐘

Makaton – Fruit Song🍏🍇🍌

Makaton – Vegetable Song🥔🥕🍅

Tuesday – well we decided that because some of the boys wouldn’t be in for Comic Relief on Friday we would have some Comic Relief Fun.

Making Monster Faces with Red Noses, picking Superhero Mask …Guess Who?

Red Nose Cupcakes – yum!!

This Successful Learner is making choices.

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day so we managed to get outside to the playground.

On Wednesday this successful learner practiced her Fine Motor Skills and Numeracy Skills.

Exercising today we were dancing to some 70’s Disco and ‘Danced ourselves Dizzy!’

Great sitting – Mrs Smallwood can we get a Drum kit in the Pine Room???

Another lovely day – out to fed the birds – tuppence a bag!

What a pout!!!

Friends watching a Snow White Story.

Snow White Story 🍎

MOVE – Standing, Walking and Sitting practice!

Hiding from the camera!!


We decorated cupcakes for Comic Relief.

Cool Cakes!!

Great spreading skills – yummy!!!

Making Choices.

One bite or two????

This new board is AMAZING – I feel like I am at Bon Jovi’s concert!!!

Hello Friend.

Playground FUN!!!

Guess who these Comic Relief Superheroes are??

Making choices and funny faces.

Have a lovely weekend Pinettes


The Pine Ladies


Well Pine Class it is nearly Christmas!!!🎄

Well Pine Class Christmas is nearly here!!

Oh No Buddy is back!!!!

How to catch an Elf

The Elf in the Shelf – The Night before Christmas

We were confident individuals today making beautiful stain glass effect Christmas Trees!!

Aren’t they great!!

There is a link below to some other lovely similar ideas.

Stained Glass Window Art

Oh Buddy!!!

We have enjoyed being back in class, but are still missing some of our friends. During Morning Group we have been dancing to some different songs, here are a few of our favourites.

Charlie the Bear and Agadoo

The Birdie Song

Santa Shark

We have had an afternoon of MOVE and Fun!

Well Hello Holly McJingle – thanks for getting our letter to Santa.

We decorated some biscuits – they were good!

Just Chilling!!!

Santa came to see us – it was very exciting!!!

There are are couple of computer sites you can track Santa on, just to keep an eye on what he is up to.


Santa Tracker

I Spot Santa

Some Card making in Art with a helpful friend.

Too Cool for School!!!

Boyle bringing the moves!!!



Well hope you all have a restful holiday.

We wish you all a happy Christmas and safe holiday time – see you all in 2021 Pinettes!!!

Parachute Fun in Pine!

Well it was the other half of the Class on Monday that got out for some Outdoor Education – the rain stayed away but it was a bit breezy …

…off on a Autumn Hunt!!

Tuesday saw some snow!!!

Well it looked like snow, sensory play and tolerating a different texture and feel on our hands – and tolerating an apron the whole time – Well Done!!!!

We didn’t eat it – but it was edible!!

And now for the clean up!!

Logan go and get your own swatter and leave mine alone!

MOVE, Music and FUN!!!

Snowflake Art – using my multi-purpose swatter!

It is a Masterpiece!

Nothing gets you out of doing hard work in the Pine Room.

Creating Art with paint and Cotton Buds – sprinkle some glitter Jardine would be proud!!!

Bubble Art while in my Standing Frame.

Fiona the Physio brought me a Walker – I successfully learned to use it in no time at all, what a confident individual!

WOW!!! Tomorrow we can dance to Baby Shark (Oh no! )

Now this might look as if I am relaxing BUT I am actually working on my exercises.

Working on Global Goal 5Gender Equality – looking at the jobs men and women do.

A Pilot or a Builder?

This Walker is FAB!!

A Policeman or a Fire-women.

Parachute Fun!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Big Orange Splot


This week was all about the colour ORANGE in the Pine Room.

The Story ‘The Big Orange Splot’ is all about how it is good that we are not all the same!!

Firstly there was some printing with oranges and lemons – it smelt lovely…

..and was quite squishy!!!

Lovely Orange Art.

Confident Individuals making some music.

What about a duet?

MOVE fun with Mrs Boyle for this successful learner,  making music on the sun tambourine and loving it!

Castanets too!!

Exercising and making some music – good job!!

Numeracy, Move and great concentration all while singing some counting songs.

Numeracy Treasure Hunt.

Building huge Towers….

….and knocking them down!!!!

‘Cause and Effect’

Pressing the screen at the right time during the counting song – well done!!

More numeracy – counting and clapping.

Time for a song YMCA anyone???

Global Goal 11 – Climate Change

The Arctic Animals were frozen in the ice and we use a hairdryer, and some warm water so we could see the impact that the higher temperatures are having on the Arctic. We all need to do our bit for the environment and be responsible citizens.

We then enjoyed some water play.

Our Rainbow Wall Display looks fantastic – lots of great ideas Mrs MacDonald!

Firework art for Guy Fawkes Day.

Putting the glitter choices on a switch  – makes choices better fun.

And now a word from your ECO-CAPTAIN!!

Reuse and Recycle, don’t throw things away make them into something cool – we would show you what we were doing BUT all our hands were covered in PVA Glue so no one was allowed touch the camera!!!

Firework Art.

Baby Shark!!! (Oh! someone make it stop!!!)


Sensory Numeracy Play.

Press and grip – play dough exercises

“Are you busy – do you want to play??

Have a great weekend.



Hallowe’en in the Pine Room!🎃

Oh it is Hallowe’en in the Pine Room.🎃

This successful learner started her week off by working on her writing skills

Using the Feelings Bar to convey how you feel.


Numeracy, MOVE and AAC Devices for these successful learners.

Spooky Counting Songs and Halloween Matching Games – using our Makaton as we go!

Sustainable Development Goal 12(SDG) – We are Responsible CitizensRecycling, Reusing and Reducing where we can – using the milk carton lids to create art!!

Sensory Flour Play – looking for spiders and other bugs!!!

Working on our Fine Motor Skills – finding tiny Hallowe’en shapes.

Reading ‘Room on the Broom’ a class favourite.

This ECO-Captain says save your paint – wrap it up in a designated zip lock bag for another day.

With our Rainbow Theme we decided to be Rainbow Superheroes – can you guess who is behind each mask?????

The very reluctant Green Superhero!!

Hallowe’en Art with the paint saved from last week – such responsible citizens – SDG 12

Using the different textured brushes was great fun and created lots of different effects.

Hello there!!

Working on our SQA Unit – Recognising a Fictional Character. We have chosen the Colour Monster we like best from the story ‘The Color Monster’ now we are identifying characteristics or features and expressing our opinions about them.

SDG 12 – Recycling the used Batteries and Reusing the Milk Cartons for Halloween.

Our finished textured Art – spooky bats!!


Mr Carl Fredricksen from UP!!


Getting Spooky in the Pine Room!!!!

“Off with your Head!!”

How much fun can we have with a Pumpkin??

Guess Who???

Ready to make some mask???


MOVE – this skeleton is dancing to some spooky music.

Let us in on the joke!!

Have a spooky weekend everyone!!!

The World needs more Purple People!

We were all glad to see each other back at school after the holidays.

We were all successful learners and have been using the large building blocks and other items from around the classroom to help us with our numeracy skills.


Let’s build a really high tower!!


Counting is FUN!!

Meet our new Teacher –  a very confident individual at this numeracy task.


We love songs about counting.

Multi-tasking – counting and doing my exercises!

Our lovely conker Art.

We love Working Together in the Pine Class . Golden Rule Number 6 – Helping each other and creating something special.

A work of art.

Lets Dance – Music and MOVE!

“Do you want to share?”

Purple Play Dough Fun!

Great exercises for our hands  – flattening and grasping.

Rolling and squeezing.

Literacy online – listening to our story ‘The World needs more Purple People’.

Enjoying Boyle’s singing!!!!

This is our story.

Step 2 – to becoming a Purple Person ‘Laugh’ we do lots of that in the Pine Room!!!

Getting the menu photos ready for Monday “What do you fancy, Links or a Baked Potato?”

Embracing your inner Aladdin during Music and MOVE.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

Lets start a Band!!

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some relaxation time in class, some of us got to stretch out on bean bags, watch the sensory lights and listen to some soothing music, others played with the stimulating sensory toys.

One responsible citizen was far to busy to join us – she had a job to do! Sorting out the diaries and the Big Macs.

Tuesday Morning is Numeracy, we were all successful learners carrying out our numeracy tasks. Ordering money, creating cause and effect and making the Smart Board work and listening to the number songs, counting and building the big blocks – and then knocking them down!!!!

Why is this not working?

Got it now!!

…18, 19, 20!!!

Okay good counting! But time to knock it down!!!


For Science in keeping with our Colour Monster Theme, we made ‘Exploding Monsters the colours weren’t so effective BUT they did bubble up!!

Wednesday morning we made some hand prints ….I wonder what they are going to be?

Step two together…

Lets start a Band!!!

We were confident individuals  in the afternoon showing off our musical skills.

A duet!!!

Today we started to make some stress monsters – picking our Balloons

Making a mess… No …filling them with flour!

Balloons are great fun!!

Using a funnel – and puffing the flour back out of the balloon!!!                      Wrong Day for Wilson to wear black!!!

All done!!

We have been looking at the changing seasons and decided to use conkers to create cool Art.

We were successful learners and created some great Art work.

Our Cactus Hand prints.

Sensory Play with Shaving Foam – great hand exercises and messy fun!!

Exercising with my new Gaitors on – building muscle strength.

Stretch and grasp.

I was a confident individual on my bike.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

I do not eat the colour green!

In Numeracy we were all successful learners and worked on our counting skills – lots of counting songs and finding a set of classroom objects for each number.

1 Fly Swat

2 Pretty Flowers

3 Rhythm Sticks

4 Musical Bells

5 Different Feelings

6 Pink Flamingos

7 Classmates

Colour Matching – griping the different objects and posting them through the correct slot.

We enjoyed doing some art work and using bubble wrap to help us create some different effects.

The weather was so nice on Tuesday afternoon we got outside in the sunshine and had great fun having a sing song!!

In keeping with our Rainbow theme this week is all about GREEN, and we have started reading a new story called ‘I do not eat the colour green’.

Music and Move with some confident individuals.

Domino Fun

ICE Pack  – How I feel? We are continuing reading the story ‘The Color Monster’ – we all decided what colour and what materials to use to bring our Monsters to life!!!

We have also been looking at the changing seasons and made some beautiful leaves for our windows.


We had some fun with bread dough, it is great exercise for our hands – stretching and griping and a fun sensory experience too!


Have a great weekend

From the Pine Class


The Flamingo that came for Coffee!

This week we have continued with our story ‘The Flamingo that didn’t want to be Pink’ and made some lovely Flamingos – we were successful learners and made choices and decided what we want our Flamingos to look like. Selecting different paper, feathers, pom-poms and glitter! Aren’t they lovely?

And we also got to read the story outside in the sunshine.

Numeracy has been fun! We have counted different animals and learned their Makaton sign, even the sign for Starfish (actually we had to ask Mr Campbell that one!) sorted and explored different colours and enjoyed playing dominoes.

We are confident individuals while participating in our physical exercise and    MOVE, and carried out our hard work!

In the Pine Room we are always very happy to hear each others news during morning Group, and we like making choices and pressing the feeling sound bar to express how we feel each morning.

In Science, we are still looking after the Bees and have made a couple of ‘Bee Houses’ – counting the canes and fitting them into the tin. They are now hanging up in a tree that we can see from our class room – hopefully a family of friendly bees might move in!

Social Sciences we are continuing looking after the birds and we made some  birds feeders out of apples! Getting all we needed ready, cutting the string and the apples in half, mixing the bird seed and the lard and pressing into the apples.

Our Responsible Citizen was given a special lanyard by Boyle, as she has been looking after and helping everyone in the Pine Room and carrying her allocated jobs.

Today is the MacMillan Coffee, in class we liked making Colin the Caterpillar. We enjoyed our Class Social Snack – although none of us had coffee!!! We hope you like our MacMillan Cups –  we all made a choice of what treat  to put in it!!

Have a great weekend.