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Summer Time!

Hi Moonbeams, I can’t believe it is the last week of term!

Well done to you all for coping so well with all of the changes over the last few months. I’m so proud of you all!

Please check out the Moonbeams video of all the great things you did this year. Click here

Here are a few links to songs and stories that you have all enjoyed over the year.


The Gingerbread man


The three little pigs


Walking in the Jungle

Do you like ice cream?

Days of the week song

Counting to 20

Have a great Summer everyone and stay safe xxxx

1st June

Hi Moonbeams, I hope you are all well. The weather has been so nice lately so I thought it would be nice to do some fun activities outside. Feel free to join in if you would like:

  1. Draw a picture on the ground with chalk.
  2. Water the plants with a watering can or hose.
  3. Sweep the patio.
  4. Help to hang up the washing.
  5. MOVE around outside in your walking apparatus.
  6. Rub in sun cream to your arms and legs.

I remember a book you all loved at school was the Gruffalo. Here is a link to watch it Gruffalo story and here is a link to the Gruffalo song with some Makaton signs to try.  Graffalo song


Digidable Week

Hi Moonbeams, it’s digital technology week!

Here are some activities to do if you would like to take part:

Play a game on the computer with your Mum, Dad, brother or sister.

Take photos of things with different colours around your house or in the garden.

Take photos of your family members.

Say hi to a family member you do not live with on a video chat.

Here is Mrs McLaughlin playing on her iPad and Miss Mikolajczak on the phone with her Mum.

Moonbeams Activities

Hi Moonbeams, here are some activities  with links to YouTube if you would like to take part:

Activity 1 – Musical instruments  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U4m6a7Q5wM


1. Making our own Moonbeam Music Shakers

2. Have a look with a grown up in the recycling & see if you can find a plastic bottle with a lid or a milk carton.

3. Ask a grown up to help you to find things that you could put in your shaker to make a noise! Mrs McLaughlin found some; stones in my garden and some rice, cereal and yellow split peas from my cupboard.
4 Carefully put the things you find in your bottle/ carton and put on the lid. Secure it with some sellotape if it needs to be.
5. Decorate with stickers and ribbons.
6. Put on some music, sing & shake!
Activity 2 – Making Scones     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt43BUNHomk
200g plain flour
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
50g of butter
50ml of buttermilk
1 egg
A drop of lemon essence
Grated lemon
A packet of Milky bar buttons (or 2!)
Set oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes
Activity 3 – Help with the washing
1. Take the clothes out of the basket
2. Put the clothes into the machine
3. Push the button to start the washing machine
4. Pull the wet clothes out of the machine
5. Help totake the pegs out
6. Pass them to your friend
Can you count the pegs?
Can you sort them into the same colours?
Activity 4 – Makaton snack signs      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_sGtqAg0tI
Can you remember the signs for these snacks?

5 Senses Scavenger Hunt!

Hi Moonbeams, I hope you are all well.

I thought it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt using our senses around your house or back garden!

If you wish to take part then here are some ideas. I found these things around my house.

Something you can eat:

Something that is soft:

Something that makes a noise:

Something red:


Something that smells:

Something  yellow:






Feed the birds

Hi Moonbeams, I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather!

If you would like to take part in an activity this week with a family member,  I thought it would be nice to feed the birds. I remember you all enjoyed this activity in class.

Activity  – Make a bird feeder

What you need: recycled yoghurt pot, string, lard / peanut butter, bird seeds

  1. Make a hole in the bottom of the yoghurt pot.
  2. Feed a loop of string through the hole and tie a knot inside.
  3. Pour the lard/peanut butter and seeds into a bowl and mix together with a spoon or your hands.
  4. Scoop the mixture into the yoghurt pot and place in the fridge for 2 hours.
  5.  Hang the pot on a tree branch and watch the birds eat it.
  6. Listen to Mr Tumble Dicky birds on You tube and try some of the signs.

Hi Moonbeams!

Hi Brayden, Caden, David, Lee, Ollie and Reagan

We are missing you all very much but we hope you are all happy and having lots of fun at home with your family.

We all have a little message for you …

Hi it’s Miss Mikolajczak here – Its a very sunny day today and I have been outside in my garden watering the plants and playing with Penny the dog, she likes it when I throw the ball and she has to run to catch it. I’ve been busy cooking some yummy meals too like spaghetti bolognese and I even made burgers on the BBQ outside.

Hi it’s Mrs McLaughlin here – I have been very busy playing at being the teacher to my 4 children and doing lots of hard work. We have been baking chocolate cakes, brownies and Mars bar cake. I have been trying hard to go for a big long walk early every morning and I have also been doing some gardening in the sunshine.

Hi its Miss Higgins here – I have been enjoying making lots of nice meals, playing games with my daughter and doing some dancing in the living room.

Hi its Mrs Hunter – I have been keeping busy cleaning the house and emptying all of my cupboards. I have been to Tesco to buy my shopping and I have been listening to my daughter practicing her singing and playing the Ukulele (which looks like a small guitar).


Our Theme this term is The Great Outdoors so we were going to be doing lots of activities in the garden. Here are a few ideas if you wish to do them with your children…


  1. Prepare and enjoy a Picnic in the garden
  2.  Fun with water

3. Remember to stay safe in the sun