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The Moonbeams have enjoyed their outdoor learning sessions today. They had lots of fun creating potions and recipes in our outdoor kitchen and played well together while on the outdoor apparatus and playground equipment.

The class also enjoyed visiting the Swans and feeding them during our outing to Kay Park on Monday.

Digital Technology Week

Successful Learners     Confident Individuals

The Moonbeams have been using the Smartboard to practice writing and tracing their names and feelings. As part of our theme they were drawing Rapunzel’s Castle too and enjoyed playing some games together. The children enjoyed literacy games on the ipad and this afternoon they relaxed to some music and lights with the Sensory Tower.

IDL: Science – Rapunzel’s Icy Tower

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The Moonbeams enjoyed being Scientists this week as they investigated how to build Rapunzel’s Tower with blocks of ice and salt. The children worked together to take turns to place the ice cubes on top of one another making sure it did not fall down. The children then decorated the Tower with colours, glitter and sprinkles. Finally they observed the Tower as it started to melt and fall down. Take a look at our fabulous photos.

Well done to Morgan who kindly donated her hair to MacMillan Cancer Charity this week. She has been growing her hair for a very long time!

Earth Day

Effective Contributors       Confident Individuals

The Moonbeams learned about Earth Day this week. We listened to a song about what we can do to look after the Earth better and then we did some tasks to help. We recycled, and decided to switch the lights off as much as possible and then we made some food for the birds. Take a look at our photos. They are a bit dull since the the lights were off!