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IDL: Feeding the birds

Confident Individuals     Responsible Citizens        Effective Contributors

During a theme lesson the children made bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cereal. The children worked hard to hook the cereal on to the pipe cleaners and then molded them to create different shapes. During our outing to Kay Park this week, the children hung the bird feeders on a tree and next week we will go back to see how much the birds have eaten.

FAOL: Enterprise – Create a Christmas Card and Crafts

Successful Learners    Confident Individuals

The Moonbeams have enjoyed creating lots of Christmas crafts, cards and letters over the past few weeks to take home to their families. They have concentrated hard on their writing, drawing, cutting, and baking skills. We hope all of the families enjoy their presents.

Some photos from our Christmas Party!

FAOL: ECO / Sustainable Development – Zero Hunger

Successful Learners     Responsible Citizens

As part of learning about zero hunger. The Moonbeams were learning the difference between needs and wants. They were able to sort a variety of things including shelter, fruits and vegetables, sweets and electronics into the two categories.

We also made up some different Christmas meals, some with lots of food and some with very little. The children were then able to match the different of emotions displayed on children’s faces to the dinner plates.

Science Theme – Elephant Toothpaste

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The Moonbeams were learning about the importance of brushing teeth and as part of our theme we mixed some ingredients together to create a reaction. The children all observed the changes once the ingredients were mixed together. They then worked hard together to scrub the ‘Elephant’s’ teeth clean. We also learned some interesting facts about Elephants. Did you know Elephants can’t jump and can live to be up to 70 years old?

Christmas Fun!

St Andrew’s Day

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The Moonbeams enjoyed learning about why we celebrate St Andrew’s Day this week. The children designed some tartan and made a Scotland Flag using white and blue foam.  As part of our theme we looked at the colours of our  Flag and investigated the colours and designs of flags around the world. The children were excellent at identifying the correct flag from Makaton colour signs.

FAOL: Science – Ice Cream in a Bag

Successful Learners    Confident Individuals

The Moonbeams have had lots of fun learning with ice this week.

First for our science experiment, the children mixed some ingredients with milk and shook in a bag with another bag of ice and salt to create some delicious ice cream which they all enjoyed tasting.

Then carrying on with our ice theme, the children have been learning about Penguins as part of our Edinburgh Zoo theme. We learned that Penguins spend most of their time in the ice cold water and that they are able to cope with the cold temperatures as they are well insulated with layers of fat.

The Moonbeams dipped their hands in the ice cold water and decided it was very cold. They then dipped their hands in the water again but this time they  were covered in lard. The children were able to say that it did not feel as cold.

Children In Need

Effective Contributors     Responsible Citizens

The Moonbeams donated money to the Children In Need Charity and came dressed in spots to help support and raise awareness for the excellent work the charity do to help ensure every child in the UK is safe, happy, secure and has the opportunities they need to reach their potential.

The children enjoyed some Pudsey inspired activities today and put their cooking, counting and colouring skills into practice. Take a look at our fun day!