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Stars Celebration Day Activities

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We had an exciting visit by the Police where we got to sit in the Police car, heard the siren and tried on their hats and jackets. We enjoyed a Singing Hands virtual concert where we sang our favourite songs and had a visit from ‘Bunny Love’ where we handled, brushed and fed rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and a tortoise. At Prize giving we all received good work certificates and one Stars class pupil received the Heather Lauder Communication Trophy for improved communication.

POLO Week in the Stars Class

*Confident Individuals         *Effective Contributors

The Stars class were not blessed with good weather for our outdoor education slots during POLO week. We were met with very heavy rain indeed! We did manage to create colourful water pistol pictures then used the water pistols to try and knock down upturned cups. We collected greenery and flowers to make crowns and made sure our plants were well watered on dry days. Our planned story time underneath the garden canopy took place indoors but we enjoyed ‘Wee Granny’s Magic Bag’ none the less!

FAOL ECO/ Sustainable Development

We have been successful learners this term working towards global goals 2 and 3: Zero Hunger and Good Health and Wellbeing.


We have been learning which foods are healthy and can be eaten often, and which should be eaten as a treat. We were confident individuals and created our own packed lunch boxes showing a balanced meal.


We have also explored different ways to keep our bodies healthy and confidently matched the products and items needed to keep different body parts clean.


MOVE Day Activities in the Stars

*Confident Individuals        *Effective Contributors

We had a lovely day of activities in the Stars class. We had a timed colour hunt, played balloon tennis, threw balls into a basket (trickier than you think!) and did ‘Space Yoga’. Outside we played hopscotch and did chalk drawings. In the afternoon we moved round ‘space’ stations in the playground which were great fun.

MOVE Day in the Snowdrops

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Today in the Snowdrops we have been very active in the classroom and outside in the playground. We have enjoyed dancing to our morning group songs, playing games outside and we created a class poster about the importance of MOVE within our school.

Celebrating MOVE!

We have had a fabulous time today taking part in many MOVE activities. The upper primary enjoyed a time dancing outside and playing musical statues as well as enjoying some bubble time, hopscotch, and ball games. We were confident individuals and took part in all the activities.

In the class, we did some parachute games and played keepie uppie, with balloons, and the traffic light game. We also made our own MOVE poster.

In the afternoon, we were back outside to enjoy some space stations. We launched some rockets, slalomed through space, space hopped, made our own fruit rocket kebab and made the world inside a bag.

It was a lot of fun and the Asteroids had a blast!