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POLO Day Activities

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We did some activities this week ahead of POLO Day. We painted patterns with water and watered our planter where we are growing onions, potatoes, carrots, strawberries, nasturtiums and sweet peas. Our gladioli bulbs are starting to grow too. We made symmetrical butterfly pictures in anticipation of making a large symmetrical floor pattern today. Today we also made a water wheel (which worked really well!) and created nature’s crowns.

Superhero Day

Confident Individuals       Effective Contributors

We had a fantastic Superhero Day celebrating MOVE. We enjoyed superhero cupcakes and created masks. We played games using the Captain America shields we made yesterday and enjoyed a super villain game. We danced, did exercises and watched the MOVE video which showcased all the great MOVE activities we do at Willowbank. A very happy day.

Confident Individuals – HWB food and food labels

During Health and Wellbeing time in class the Transition boys were Confident Individuals when looking at food labels and selecting healthy foods. Some boys played top trumps with the labels trying to select foods that had the best salt, fat and sugar content. The rest of the class helped plan a celebration menu but tried their best to make it balanced and mostly healthy. I think fizzy juice was snuck onto the list!