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World Earth Day

Responsible Citizens

We planted nasturtium seeds in the garden, for Earth Day, and built a wigwam to support the climbing plants as they grow. We must remember to keep them well watered! We did recycling and energy saving activities plus made a global cupcake flower picture. We also found that reading a story using a torch is not easy so we had better not waste electricity. At science we did a water pollution experiment. What will grow best……..the seeds with water or the seeds with lemon (acid) water? We will see next week.

Exciting Easter Activities

Confident Individuals   Effective Contributors   *Successful Learners

We have enjoyed participating in lots of Easter activities this week. We created cards for home and made mars bar tray bake which we cut in to egg shapes and decorated. We painted and rolled eggs, had an egg hunt and had fun with  a Humpty Dumpty science experiment where we had to protect boiled eggs from cracking when we dropped them from a height. The best protection was wrapping it in a jumper! It was good to see Rev. Cameron at out virtual Easter assembly and we’re keeping a look out for the Easter Bunny as we hear he’s in the area.

Stars Home Learning Challenge W/C 01.02.21

Hi everyone. 😀  Find below some activities you might like to try. Maybe you would like to send us photographs of some of the things you’ve been doing at home.

Sound ‘s’

Listen to the Crazy Stir Fry ‘s’ Song

You collected some things from around the house last week beginning with the sound ‘s’. Have you found any more? Play ‘I Spy With My Little Eye Find Something Beginning With ‘s”

Roll out some playdoh in to a long snake and form into the shape s.

Enjoy playing the game Ten Little Snowmen


Play the game Planet Pals

Try printing coloured patterns with household items e.g. cotton reels, back of fork, pen tops, duplo/lego bricks, cookie cutters.


To relax, make this Home Made Stress Ball 

Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Ornaments 

You will need – 2.5 cups birdseed, 2 packs unflavoured gelatine, 2 tbl golden syrup, 1 cup water, 12 cookie cutters, 12 x 5cm lengths drinking straws, string.

  1. Prepare gelatine as per packet instructions.
  2. Add 2 tbl syrup and stir.
  3. Add bird seed, mix, and put in fridge to firm up. (approx 10 minutes)
  4. Put cookie cutters on to parchment baking sheet.
  5. Spoon mixture in to each cookie cutter to the top and press down firmly with the back of a spoon.
  6. Press length of straw into bird seed before it is set so you have a nice neat hole for the string to go through afterwards. Make sure it is at least 1 cm from the edge.
  7. Refrigerate overnight.
  8. Remove straws and remove from cutters. Thread string through holes and tie the ends in a knot.
  9. Hang in the garden from trees and shrubs and wait for the birds to come.

I hope you have fun with these activities should you wish to try them.

Have fun! Stay safe! 😀


**Successful Learners    ** Effective Contributors

We collected natural items from the garden to make winter ice ornaments. We filled plastic trays with these items then filled with water. Left outside, overnight, they froze to form natural decorations which we hung in the garden. They glinted in the sunshine. If it stays cold we hope to still see them after the weekend however if it gets warmer will they melt? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Parachute Fun in Pine!

Well it was the other half of the Class on Monday that got out for some Outdoor Education – the rain stayed away but it was a bit breezy …

…off on a Autumn Hunt!!

Tuesday saw some snow!!!

Well it looked like snow, sensory play and tolerating a different texture and feel on our hands – and tolerating an apron the whole time – Well Done!!!!

We didn’t eat it – but it was edible!!

And now for the clean up!!

Logan go and get your own swatter and leave mine alone!

MOVE, Music and FUN!!!

Snowflake Art – using my multi-purpose swatter!

It is a Masterpiece!

Nothing gets you out of doing hard work in the Pine Room.

Creating Art with paint and Cotton Buds – sprinkle some glitter Jardine would be proud!!!

Bubble Art while in my Standing Frame.

Fiona the Physio brought me a Walker – I successfully learned to use it in no time at all, what a confident individual!

WOW!!! Tomorrow we can dance to Baby Shark (Oh no! )

Now this might look as if I am relaxing BUT I am actually working on my exercises.

Working on Global Goal 5Gender Equality – looking at the jobs men and women do.

A Pilot or a Builder?

This Walker is FAB!!

A Policeman or a Fire-women.

Parachute Fun!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.