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POLO Day Activities

*Confident Individuals    *Effective Contributors

We did some activities this week ahead of POLO Day. We painted patterns with water and watered our planter where we are growing onions, potatoes, carrots, strawberries, nasturtiums and sweet peas. Our gladioli bulbs are starting to grow too. We made symmetrical butterfly pictures in anticipation of making a large symmetrical floor pattern today. Today we also made a water wheel (which worked really well!) and created nature’s crowns.

Successful Learners – Science in the Outdoors

When the sun shone this week the Transition class were Successful Learners investigation static electricity and magnets. They charged some rulers to make paper cutting dance then charged up balloons when made the paper dance some more. It was also a hair raising experience when we charged the balloons on our heads. The boys then investigated what a magnet would stick to. They discovered it was metals which included the gate, railing and a plant holder. Great detective work boys!


Effective Contributors – Sand Bowls

The class were Effective Contributors when they played a team game of sand bowls. They worked in pairs to try and land nearest to the jack. I think the scores were even by the end of the rounds. We may have got a bit carried away and one ball escaped from the school grounds. Fortunately there was a pokey stick to hand and we got it back!


Confident Individuals – Outdoor Numeracy

The Transition class were Confident Individuals this week when taking part in outdoor numeracy. The rolled a die and were sent on a hunt to find the same number of things within different categories. Some examples were ‘four things that are different’ and ‘one thing that has a smell’. The boys worked very hard and were very confident of their answers – well done!

Dinosaur Activities

Confident Individuals       Effective Contributors       *Successful Learners

Presently we are unable to access our photographs to blog but we have been very busy in the Stars class.

We planted sunflower seeds in pots for the school meadow. They are growing well and will soon need canes to support them. We also planted sweet pea plants in our garden planter. We’ve built another wigwam for them to climb up.

We continue to enjoy our dinosaurs theme making salt dough fossils and a sediment sand jar to show how fossils were made. We created a mod roc head for our giant dinosaur in class and made dinosaur footprints to compare sizes with our own.

World Earth Day

Responsible Citizens

We planted nasturtium seeds in the garden, for Earth Day, and built a wigwam to support the climbing plants as they grow. We must remember to keep them well watered! We did recycling and energy saving activities plus made a global cupcake flower picture. We also found that reading a story using a torch is not easy so we had better not waste electricity. At science we did a water pollution experiment. What will grow best……..the seeds with water or the seeds with lemon (acid) water? We will see next week.

Exciting Easter Activities

Confident Individuals   Effective Contributors   *Successful Learners

We have enjoyed participating in lots of Easter activities this week. We created cards for home and made mars bar tray bake which we cut in to egg shapes and decorated. We painted and rolled eggs, had an egg hunt and had fun with  a Humpty Dumpty science experiment where we had to protect boiled eggs from cracking when we dropped them from a height. The best protection was wrapping it in a jumper! It was good to see Rev. Cameron at out virtual Easter assembly and we’re keeping a look out for the Easter Bunny as we hear he’s in the area.