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Beach party

Today we enjoyed joining in with Singing Hands virtually. We sang songs, signed, danced and used musical instruments.

We were confident individuals and had fun outdoors playing games and building sandcastles and even had a special visit from Bruce the crocodile to join in the  the “Bruce Boogie Beach Dance” on YouTube.  The Bluebells had a lovely day.

We also spread jam on croissants and added eyes and a smile to make them into crabs and added blue icing to cupcakes and fish to make them beach cupcakes. They were confident individuals spreading and choosing the fish to add to the top of their cupcake.

IDL – Literacy

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and the three bears.

We looked at the different sized bowls, beds and chairs and matched them to the correct bear. It was lots of fun and then we made beds for each of the bears in the story. One was a BIG bed for Daddy bear, one was a small bed for baby and and one was medium sized bed for Mummy bear. Some of the children were able to tell me which chair, bowl and bed Goldilocks preferred.

Outdoor Learning Week

Confident individuals/ effective contributors/ Responsible citizens

We have had lots of fun this week for outdoor learning week. We enjoyed a walk to the Kay park and had our snack and did some yoga. Everyone was very responsible and tidied up our rubbish and brought it back to school to put in the bin.  Miss Hill brought in a tent and we pretended to have a camp fire and toast marshmallows.  We also enjoyed looking at the clouds, catching the rain and a sensory colour hunt in the garden. We all love being outside so lots of happy Bluebells.


50 things outdoors – Windswept

We explored  wind whilst being outdoors. We experienced the wind on our face and how when it is strong it may blow objects around outside. We made our own wind sock to explore what would happen on a windy day. We took our wind socks outside and watched as the wind blew the tissue paper streamers  at the bottom.  The wind can sometimes blow rubbish into our outdoor area and we are responsible citizens and will tidy up.


Global Goal 16

Peace, justice and strong institutions.


We voted for a class president and vice president to help with some helper jobs and be effective contributors in the class. We were able to make posters saying vote for and our name. We chose pictures for them and were  confident individuals able to hold then up for all the class to see. We voted using a ballot paper with pictures of everyone on it. We then counted the votes to see who won.



Today was whole school MOVE Day – we all dressed up as Superheros.

We even had a banner and balloons in the atrium for a photo opportunity.

Look at our photos!

We made our own superhero masks this morning with tissue paper and sparkly gems.  We also chose our favourite superhero and used the numbered puzzle pieces to help make up the superhero.

This afternoon we were confident individuals and had fun outside playing games. We played musical statues and superhero corners. We have had a great day.


Fun in the sun

The boys have been enjoying exploring our new trim trail in the playground. We have been showcasing our balance skills and waiting our turn at the start before going on.


On Tuesday we had fun playing games in our outdoor area. We rolled the ball to our peers and also matched coloured scarfs and stars to the parachute.


Some of us had fun exploring water with our feet in the paddling pool. It was great fun – some of the children said the water was cold. We also were finding numbered balls in the water tray.