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Power Off, Learning Outdoors

Good Morning 🙂

This week we would have been taking part in POLO day and completing lots of outdoor learning activities.

Below are some activities you can try at home, in your garden or when going out for a walk.


  1. Walk barefoot on grass. How does it feel?
  2. Have an outdoor picnic with your family.
  3. Blow some bubbles and walk through some bubbles
  4. Make colourful drawings on the ground using chalk
  5. Collect some natural material such as flowers, sticks etc. Press them into some playdough or clay, then remove them, to create a natural picture
  6. Create a stick raft and see how far it can travel. Collect lots of sticks and tie them together with the help of an adult. Place your raft in water and give it a little push. Does it float?

Have fun 🙂

Home Learning – Prom Week!

Hi everyone!

This week would have been a very exciting week in Willowbank!  Not only would we be looking forward to our annual ‘Power Off, Learn Outdoors’ (POLO) day and our annual prize giving assembly but we would also be hosting our very own Willowbank Prom.  Our Prom Committee has worked very hard this year to prepare for our Prom which would have had a Las Vegas theme.  I hope very much that you all will still celebrate by creating your own prom at home this Friday 19th June.  Remember to send your photos to eanicola.murray@glow.sch.uk

To mark these three occasions, I will list some activities that can be completed throughout the week.  As always, these activities are only suggestions and you are under no obligation to do all or any of them.

Have fun and stay safe!


Home Economics

Explore the garden or local area (if it is safe to do so) and get messy by creating some mud recipes! Here is a link to some ‘Mud Recipes’ that can be created using nature! We have done this activity in school and the young people loved it.


Don’t waste your mud, why not create some art!  All you’ll need are some old pots/tins/cups, a variety of food colouring or liquid watercolour paint, sticks or old paintbrushes, dish soap, paper and mud! Here is a link to the Mud Paint Recipe instructions.


Nature name activity.  In class we are exploring letters and letter sounds.  I challenge you to find as many leaves, flowers, twigs, petals, pine cones or acorns as you can and try to make some letter shapes using them!  Can you make your name using just the items you’ve collected?


In class we have been exploring numbers and their value as well as trying to use words like ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’.

  • Find 5 leaves
  • Order your leaves in order from smallest size to the biggest size.
  • Number your leaves from 1-5, 1 being the smallest leaf and 5 being the biggest leaf. You can us paint, a marker or Tippex to number your leaves.
  • Now try and find; 1 flower – sit it next to the leaf marked ‘1’, find 2 flowers (maybe of a different colour) and sit them next to the leaf marked ‘2’ and so on.

Prize Giving

This is a lovely and creative idea which will allow you and your family to think about all of your achievements and successes or even good days that you have had during the last few weeks.  While there will be a lot of difficult moments or days just now, but it is important that we still recognise the good days and positive moments.  Take some time as a family to think of some of the things you have all achieved – there will be more than you think 😊 Feeling creative?  Make a ‘Family Achievement Tree’.  You could draw a tree trunk onto paper/card and trace your handprints out of paper/card (coloured if you have some – or why not paint the handprints if you only have white paper) and write a success or achievement on the handprint then stick it onto your tree.


  • Make a prom playlist! Find out the favourite songs of all your family members and make a playlist for Friday night on Youtube (or any other music streaming service)
  • Make a shopping list (if applicable) of some snacks and drinks you would like to have at your home prom!
  • Make some decorations for your living room – these could be banners, posters or paper chains!
  • Practise your moves! Listen to your playlist and have a dance.  Did you come up with new cool moves?  Why not send a clip of your dancing to eanicola.murray@glow.sch.uk


As always, have fun and stay safe.  We miss you all ♥

home learning and 30 Days Wild week 2

Hi everyone,

I hope are well and enjoy the activities we have planned for you this week.

First here is the activities you can do for week 2 of the 30DaysWild challenge. How many of the days did you complete last week? We would love to see some of your photos.


Keeping with the wild theme we thought we would build a den to read a book in. Have a look at our creations. Let us know what you get up to. Did you build a den indoors or outdoors?


I have created a little scavenger hunt that can easily be completed in the garden or you could take on your daily walk and see how many of the items you found. Happy hunting.

scavenger hunt

If you want to work on your fine motor skills here is a little video all about lacing that you can do at home. Get your fingers moving.


Enjoy family time. You can create a calming sensory bottle. Some of the ladies made one and they were very calming to sit and  watch. Here is a how to video so you can make your own.


Try playing a game with your family. Games are so much fun and help with turn taking.  Can you see a game we used to play in class in the video?


Home learning – Dear Zoo and more

Tomorrow would have been our school sports day so keep an eye out for our sports day videos. You can join in with all the staff doing lots of different races with your family. Have lots of fun!



Have a look at this video of Singing Hands signing the story “Dear Zoo”.


Now let’s do some activities related to this.

We made some snakes and some lion masks. Can you make some too? Or can you thing of another animal in story and make a different animal craft.

We used paper plates of circles of paper and added strips of other colours to make the lion mane.

The snakes we got lots of strips of paper and made a paper chain and then added a face. Mrs Adair did some super folding of the paper to make her snake.

Check out this video where we use a special dice and have to act out the different animal moves or sounds. You can join in too. 🙂



We are now into June and lots of people will be taking part in the annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild. We want you to do one wild thing each day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and the planet. They are fun and the ladies will be joining in too. Please watch the video to see first 7 activities.


Save the animals and toys.

Some of the ladies have been using their fine motor skills to save teddies and toys from the bobbles and elastic bands. Mrs Russell showed her using a special loom band board


Ball skills

Can you roll a ball or orange through a some tunnels in your house? Can you kick a ball through tunnels in your house or garden? The ladies have been having a go. Just use anything to create a tunnel paper is an easy option.


Rocket making

Can you make a rocket and see how far it travels? Use a straw, and paper to create your very own. Watch the video to see how to make it and to see how far the rockets the ladies made go.



Sungazers Minibeast Hunt

Monday 4th May

Good morning! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is doing well!

This week we have a super minibeast hunt for you to try.  You can download and print the sheet here if you have a printer at home. If not, have a look and see what minibeasts you can find in your garden or when you are out for your daily exercise.

minibeast hunt            

See the source image

We have also recorded a minibeast song for you to listen to and enjoy.  This will be sent to your email address.

See the source image

Lots of Minibeasts Song (It’s to the tune Head Shoulders Knees and Toes) Give it a try and let us know how you get on in the comments section of this post.  We would love to hear from you!

Stay safe and take care everyone!

Sungazers Team 🙂



Theme activities

Good morning Sunflowers,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. This week the Sunflowers team thought we post some activities related to our new theme “A Bug’s Life”.

Here a some activities you could do this week.

The Sunflowers love cookery so you could make some lovely ladybird biscuits to share with your family. Colour some icing red and cover a digestive biscuit then get some black icing for the spots. Mrs Adair and myself even used some edible eyes.

You could also use your fine motor skills to create some caterpillar like bird feeders. Mrs Russell, Miss Burns and myself  found some loop cereal in our cupboard and then threaded them through some string and hung them in our garden for the bird. Before we tied them together they looked like caterpillars. Mrs Miller had some help making her bird feeder from her little girl.


We also looked at shapes. Mrs Russell created a shape picture for you to look at and find shapes and I made shapes with different objects in my garden. Can you spot some of the teddies for some of the songs we sing in class?



Remember to have fun. These are optional activities but if you do complete some please add a comment so we know what you have been up to.


Fun in the sun

Hello everyone.

The Sunflower ladies and I are missing you very much and hope you are all well. We have been thinking and are going to post some activities on here for you to try with your family. You don’t need to try every one but if you do could you sent us a photo we would love to see your little faces again.

This week we thought we could all make something with different materials. We all made the beginning letter of our second names. You could do the first letter of your name, your whole name, a face or any design you want. Have fun you can do this indoors or outdoors. You can use any materials you want. I used sticks and flowers from my garden. Most of all have fun and involve all the family. 🙂

FAOL Eco/ Sustainable Development

We have been learning all about Global goals 8 this term. We have been exploring the different jobs people can do and have been enjoying role playing as different people in the conservatory.

We also learned lots about Global goal 12- responsible consumption and production. We have been very responsible citizens and learned all about different kinds of pollution and how this affects the environment, humans and animals. We watch some videos about global warming before sharing our feeling with out peers, and made eco promises to walk on outings more regularly, recycle paper and plastic each day, and to litter pick to keep our school and local park clean and tidy.

FAOL – Eco/Sustainable Development (Quality Education)

We have been exploring different classroom settings from around the world.  It was interesting to find out that not all children learn from within a classroom in a school building.  Some are taught from inside tents, some outdoors and some from underneath trees which are used for shade.  We had good fun completing activities in different learning environments this week.

Theme Story time in a tent (effective contributors/successful learners)


Literacy Skills

In some countries children don’t have pencils and paper to write with. Instead they use chalk and write on their desks or on the ground.

Numeracy Skills Outdoors

Science activities under the shade of the trees