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Sungazers POLO Day – outdoor learning

We have been completing lots of great outdoor learning activities for POLO day.  We enjoyed exploring the water wheel for science and playing games with water balloons.  We also had our snack outside and had fun with the parachute and making dens.

Outdoor Learning

Today we were celebrating the power of outdoor learning.  We combined this with our moment in history for our country.  We were all effective contributors to make a Scotland flag with our chalk sticks.  Then we wrote ‘COME ON SCOTLAND’. Great team work in the Oak class here!


We had fun trying out a water trick, we had a cup with a small amount of water in it, then a ping pong ball.  We had to swirl the water round and round and then drop the cup to see how high we could get the ball to catapult up into the sky.

Fun in the sun

The boys have been enjoying exploring our new trim trail in the playground. We have been showcasing our balance skills and waiting our turn at the start before going on.


On Tuesday we had fun playing games in our outdoor area. We rolled the ball to our peers and also matched coloured scarfs and stars to the parachute.


Some of us had fun exploring water with our feet in the paddling pool. It was great fun – some of the children said the water was cold. We also were finding numbered balls in the water tray.

Science Week

This week was Science Week and we did lots of different experiments in class. We had lots of messy play and added water to cornflour to make gloop. It felt strange but we really enjoyed touching it with our hands. We did the pepper experiment.  We put soap on our hand and watch the pepper move away from our finger. We did rain cloud in a cup and watched as the blue food colouring went through the cloud and went into the cup. We also explored the bubble rocket in the playground stomping and making it go high in the sky and the bubbles float away.

Home learning tasks-week 8

Good morning Comets and families,

I hope you have all had a great weekend!

This week it is British Science Week and our home learning tasks reflect this. I have included a few activities that can be done outside on your daily walks.

You can find the home learning tasks HERE.

If you require any additional books on Giglets, please let me know by emailing me on kirsty.robertson@eastayrshire.org.uk.

For those joining us on VScene, we will continue with songs and check-in Tuesday, songs and stories Thursday and our weekly scavenger hunt Friday.

Have a fantastic week and stay safe,

Miss Robertson and the Comet ladies x

Pine Room Fairy Tales πŸ°πŸ‘ΈπŸ€΄

Well Hello Pinettes  – How are you all?

We are all starting a new theme this week at school ‘FairyTales’. And in the Pine Room we have chosen ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ – so over the next couple of weeks it would be good if you could all watch this  – please let us know if you cannot get access to this film.

So many of our activities will be based around this theme – the Pine Ladies are really looking forward to this!!!

Literacy 📚

You may have a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book at home, it is a lovely read, or you can watch it on line, here are a few different versions.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2)

We have also added the book to the giglets library if you would like to read it there.

Singing, Signing and Dancing  🎶🤝

Below are some happy links – listen to Snow White singing her beautiful song.

Some day my Prince will come 

Image result for Snow White - Someday My Prince Will Come - Cover by Evynne Hollens

Let’s practise our signing with the singing hands.

There was a Princess long ago👸

Image result for singing hands there was a princess long ago

Sing-a-long with Pinkfong while counting those cheeky dwarfs!!!

Snow White Princess Song

Image result for snow white Pink pong


Well there are 7 Dwarfs which we will learn all about this term, and at the end you can pick your favourite. But in numeracy we are going to start with the number 1 and work our way up – now lets find things in our homes that we have only one of? What did you find?

Counting with Rodd Number 1

The Number 1

 Arts and Crafts 🎨

Lets make a mirror – The Pinterested Parent has a lovely idea, but you can come up with your own, send us a photo of you looking into your mirror – just like the Queen!!

Science and the Outdoors 🧪🍁

Outdoor Bingo

Using an empty egg box – we love recycling things in the Pine Room – glue a list of things  you might find out on your walk on the flat side, examples below. And then when you find them pop them in the compartments where the eggs would have been. Make one for everyone on the walk and when you find everything BINGO!!!

Smooth Stone Feather Acorn Small Stick Clover Berry
Smooth Leaf Rough Stone Daisy Pine

Rough Leaf Buttercup

Friday the 26th is Purple Day this date marks the final date of LGBT+ History Month, usually this is a day we celebrate together in school. So we thought you could all listen to this story – we liked this one in class!!

The World needs more Purple People

Image result for the world needs more purple people

Well Pinettes have a lovely week – enjoy the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story.

Take Care

The Pine Ladies



Sungazers Home Learning Week 3

Hello! Hope you are all well and have been enjoying some fun in the snow over the weekend!

Our new literacy booklets will be ready for collection by the end of the week, if you are looking for some new activities to try at home.  Please phone the school before collecting, so we can have them ready for your arrival.

This week is Scottish week and we have some Scottish activities for you to try and enjoy.

Literacy – Have a listen to this Scottish song performed by Singing Hands.  Can you copy and learn some of these signs?

 Youtube – I’m On My Way CarPark Karaoke by Singing Hands)

Numeracy – Simple maths addition. Have a go at counting and join in at home.

Art – Try some of these fun art activities using everyday items you may have at home.

Health and Wellbeing – Here are some Scottish cookery recipes and videos – try to make some delicious treats. Which one was your favourite?

Just For Fun – if you still have any snow (or it might snow again this week), gather some up and make a mini snowman.  Use paints to make him look colourful.

Painting Little Snowmen - Snow Painting - Easy Peasy and Fun


Have a good week! 🙂